Small Wars Journal

It was a decent month

Our June beg-a-thon

has come to a graceful conclusion.  With the generous support of a

committed core group of Small Warriors, we raised almost $10,000 -- $9,695 to be

precise. On the one hand, it's a tangible vote of encouragement an impressive

response to a couple of blog posts.  On the other hand, it amounts to 20%

of our goal of $50,000 to close the resourcing gap to support plans for a lot of

the content, responsiveness, and community support improvements we want to make

in the fall.

We have more work to do to resource our efforts and attain our goals. 

In SWJ as well as Afghanistan and the world. ;)

Our site renovation efforts are already budgeted and underway.  We're

looking forward to rolling out those enhancements later in the summer. We'll

then run as far and as fast with those new capabilities as our resources allow.

Thanks again to all our supporters, financial and otherwise -- your

engagement with the site and your active participation in this small wars

community of interest enriches us all.  There are many ways to

support us, and we hope

we are helping you as you work to advance the field of practice.