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Independence Day 2008

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Bill Keller (not verified)

Thu, 07/03/2008 - 10:31pm

On the morning of 4th July 2008, Mother Teresas Missionaries of Charity sisters will have their annual barbeque at their kitchen at Jay and Sussex Streets in Newark, NJ. Over 100 men and women who daily receive breakfast there will eat hot dogs and chicken served by volunteers from Spain, Minnesota and across the state of New Jersey.

As is the work of missions and faith, there, before the meal, will prayers and lessons and a singing of a single hymn. Normally the hymn sung is one of praise to God in all times, an American classic of hope. But on the 4th, it is shifted to one of American thanksgiving, America the Beautiful.

If his health holds and his VA doctors approve, the guest of honor will be the honorable 2nd LT Norman M. Mohamed, NJ Army National Guard also a kitchen volunteer with over 25 years of self contribution there to Newark.

Thru the efforts of the Governor, Mayor of Newark and NJ Adjutant General, this man (now 88) who over 62 years ago had a commission, due to racism, denied while serving in WWII was recently in April awarded his gold bars at the VA Hospital in East Orange.

For a brief period of song, "crown thy good with Brotherhood" will have the fullness of meaning from those who pledged their sacred honor, 232 years ago, to holding the endowments of the Creator self evident.

Godspeed to all of us.