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Getting bin Laden

Getting bin Laden: What Happened that Night in Abbottabad by Nicholas Schmidle, The New Yorker. BLUF: "... Obama and his advisers went into a second room, down the hall, where others involved in the raid-including logisticians, crew chiefs, and SEAL alternates-had assembled. Obama presented the team with a Presidential Unit Citation and said, "Our intelligence professionals did some amazing work. I had fifty-fifty confidence that bin Laden was there, but I had one-hundred-per-cent confidence in you guys. You are, literally, the finest small-fighting force that has ever existed in the world." The raiding team then presented the President with an American flag that had been on board the rescue Chinook. Measuring three feet by five, the flag had been stretched, ironed, and framed. The SEALs and the pilots had signed it on the back; an inscription on the front read, "From the Joint Task Force Operation Neptune's Spear, 01 May 2011: 'For God and country. Geronimo.' ""