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General Barry McCaffrey: Mexico Trip Report

General Barry McCaffrey (USA, Ret.) an Adjunct Professor at West Point, visited Mexico 5-7 December 2008 as part of an International Forum of Intelligence and Security Specialists.

In his report, General McCaffrey notes that drug-related violence in Mexico is as severe as terror-related violence in Afghanistan and calls on the new Administration to urgently focus on the growing security threat to the US southern border.

Latest Academic Mexico Trip Report - December 2008 (Full AAR)


We should make a full court press, to include using US Armed Forces as necessary, to secure our border both ways - Law Enforcement taking the lead, but with our assets made available.

By both ways - if we are supplying that much arms, cash and precusor chemicals, then we need to clean our own house. This would entail some economic hardship on both sides - the slowing of commerce for inspections, etc.

As far as to the South - nice people, corrupt elites. Don't expect much, despite the Generals glowing reviews. Some of us have heard this before.