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Fiasco at the Army War College?

We've been tracking two Posts by Tom Ricks at his new blogosphere home (The Best Defense) at Foreign Policy. The first post, Fiasco at the Army War College, concerns one of our Small Wars Council members -- Dr. Steven Metz. In that post, Ricks asks - Did faculty members at the Army War College curtail their criticism of the Iraq war for fear of institutional retaliation? The second post, an offshoot of the first, Fiasco at the Army War College: The Sequel concerns Mark Perry, an author of several books on defense issues, who wrote to say that a series of experiences two years ago at the college so concerned him that he sent a letter outlining his worries to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mike Mullen.

If you feel compelled to comment here or at the Council on either post keep it professional and in context of the issues presented by Ricks -- personal attacks won't cut it. Thanks much.

Ex at Abu Muqawama is also tracking...