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Defence IQ: Top 10 Defence Blogs 2011

Defence IQ Top Blog 2011

Yes, we made the top ten cut at Defence IQ. So did Danger Room, Abu Muqawama, Ares Blog, Kings of War, Michael Yon, War is Boring, Information Dissemination, The Best Defense, and RAF Airman's Blog. Congrats to all!

Here's the write-up on SWJ: "There is nothing particularly small about the topics covered by the Small Wars Journal Blog, which is aimed at engaging small wars practitioners. Run by numerous passionate and high profile contributors, Small Wars Journal Blog offers searing analysis on small wars topics from guerrilla warfare in Colombia to counterinsurgency operations in the Middle East. OK, so we admit that there was a bit of friction as to whether SWJ fell into 'blog' or 'journal' territory. Either way, both are a good read. So add them to your bookmarks."


Thanks Matt, and congrats on over 25,000 in May. You do a great job at Feral Jundi, and even more so since you do it solo. - Dave D.