Small Wars Journal

CTC Sentinel on the Death of Usama bin Ladin

West Point's Combating Terrorism Center has released a Special Issue of the CTC Sentinel on the death of Usama bin Ladin. The new issue can be found here.

The Special Issue contains the following articles:

- Bin Ladin's Killing and its Effect on Al-Qa`ida: What Comes Next? By Bruce Hoffman

- Special Operations Forces and the Raid Against Bin Ladin: Policymaker Considerations in Combating Terrorism by Michele L. Malvesti and Frances Fragos Townsend

- How Bin Ladin's Death Will Affect Al-Qa`ida's Regional Franchises by Camille Tawil

- The Impact of Bin Ladin's Death on AQAP in Yemen by Gregory D. Johnsen

- The Impact of Bin Ladin's Death on AQIM in North Africa by Geoff D. Porter

- Bin Ladin's Death Through the Lens of Al-Qa`ida's Confidential Secretary by Nelly Lahoud

- Bin Ladin's Location Reveals Limits of Liaison Intelligence Relationships by Charles Faddis

- What the Experts Say... With Juan C. Zarate, Mark Kimmitt, Elliott Abrams, Michael F. Walker, Frank Taylor, Rohan Gunaratna, Dell L. Dailey and Thomas W. O'Connell