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Via the New America Foundation - Starting today, Foreign Policy magazine and the New America Foundation are launching The AfPak Channel, a special project taking readers inside the war for South Asia. The site features daily news reports, original features, blogging, and analysis from prominent journalists and experts from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and around the world. It's available at

As the regional crisis heats up and the U.S. administration pours additional resources into the most dangerous and complex challenge facing American foreign policy, the AfPak Channel will become a daily repository of sharp thinking, information, and debate helping shape the conversation. Regular features include: the AfPak Daily Brief, a sharp morning compendium of the most important news coverage coming out of the region, available on the site or by e-mail to your inbox and a daily blog moderated by New America senior fellow Peter Bergen, the journalist and author of The Osama Bin Laden I Know. Contributors include some of the world's leading authorities on South Asia.

With Afghan presidential elections approaching on Aug. 20, the AfPak Channel will be a go-to place for election coverage, starting with a guide to the candidates by Jean MacKenzie of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Afghanistan. New America's extensive - and regularly updated - research presenting a portrait of the unfolding conflict will also be featured in the site's Jihadistan section. And every day on the AfPak Channel, look for original articles and blog posts from's acclaimed stable of writers.

Readers can sign up for RSS feeds for the site, follow the AfPak Channel on Twitter, and participate in the conversation by commenting.


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