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A Conversation and Book Signing with Dr. David Kilcullen

A Conversation and Book Signing with Dr. David Kilcullen

***Thanks to all who attended last night's conversation and book signing with Dr. David Kilcullen. Your contributions to the conversation during Q&A were most appreciated and added a lot to the discussion on counterinsurgency -- both the "little c and the Big C". The Marine Corps Association will be formatting and editing the video from the event and we hope to have it posted in the near future.***

Thursday, October 14, 2010

7:00 to 10:00 pm (EST)

Gari Melchers Home and Studio (Studio Pavilion)

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Please join the Small Wars Foundation, the Marine Corps Association, Noetic, and Caerus Associates for a conversation on counterinsurgency with Dr. David Kilcullen on Thursday, October 14, 2010. Dr. Kilcullen will be addressing contemporary issues in regards to counterinsurgency and taking questions and commentary from participants. A reception (no cost to attendees) and book signing of Dr. Kilcullen's latest book, Counterinsurgency, will follow the conversation. Counterinsurgency will be available for purchase at the event. Space is limited so we ask that you please register early at the event information and registration page.

David Kilcullen is one of the world's most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas "are revolutionizing military thinking throughout the west" (Washington Post). Indeed, his vision of modern warfare powerfully influenced the United States' decision to rethink its military strategy in Iraq and implement "the Surge," now recognized as a dramatic success. In Counterinsurgency, Kilcullen brings together his most salient writings on this vitally important topic. Here is a picture of modern warfare by someone who has had his boots on the ground in some of today's worst trouble spots-including Iraq and Afghanistan-and who has been studying counterinsurgency since 1985. Filled with down-to-earth, common-sense insights, this book is the definitive account of counterinsurgency, indispensable for all those interested in making sense of our world in an age of terror.

Dr. Kilcullen is a dear friend and supporter of Small Wars Foundation's Small Wars Journal and is a member of the Foundation's Advisory Board. His Small Wars Journal postings can be found here.


Bob Howard (not verified)

Sat, 10/16/2010 - 9:28am

Many thanks to the SWJ, the MCA and Dave K for making this event happen.

I've been watching/attending a number of Kilcullen's events over the years. Without a doubt, he stands above and beyond the COIN community in terms of intellect combined with common sense.

About the journal...this is the best one-stop shop for Situational Awareness (SA). I remembered monitoring this site when it first started out years ago. Thank you for all you do.

Semper fidelis,

I also enjoyed the discussion last night, as I always do when Dave K. speaks. We had a good crowd who contributed a lot to the discussion during Q&A. Be looking back here for the video, it should be posted late next week.

Ken (not verified)

Fri, 10/15/2010 - 12:38pm

I really enjoyed the discussion last night. It would be great to have more discussion like this on a regular basis.

JMA (not verified)

Fri, 10/15/2010 - 2:31am

To get an insight into the thinking of Kilcullen I would suggest one takes a little time to watch some of his Charlie Rose interview footage.

The one question I would have for him (if I were able to attend the book launch conversation) is his change of attitude about the Karzai government from the positive comments of 2007 to the dire in 2010.