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9 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Potential for a Mining Boom Splits Factions in Afghanistan - NYT

Captive US Soldier Safe, says Haqqani Commander - AP

War-Weary US is Numbed to Drumbeat of Troop Deaths - AP

Karzai Warns Against Delay in Handover of US Military Prison - DPA



Clashes Worsen Misery in Syria’s Biggest Cities - NYT

Syrian Clashes Leave Residents Without Water - VOA

Syrian Troops Storm Damascus Refugee Area, Chase Rebels - Reuters

Jihadists Join Aleppo Fight, Eye Islamic State, Surgeon Says - Reuters

Clinton: Syria Resolution 'Needs Teeth' - BBC

Russia Rejects US Push for More Pressure on Syria - VOA

EU May Impose New Syria Sanctions as Assad Clings to Power - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Nuke Talk Questions Await Iranian President at UN - AP

Canada Shuts Down Embassy in Iran - BBC

Iran Says Canada Under Influence of 'Zionist Regime' - VOA

McCain Calls Obama's Handling of Iran a 'Train Wreck' - AP

US Group Hails Release of Pastor in Iran - AP

Report: Official Says Hezbollah will Retaliate if Israel Attacks Iran - DS

British and Dutch Urge Sanctions Against Lebanon's Hezbollah - Reuters

Russia Rebuffs Clinton on Syria, Iran Penalties - AP

Many Dead in Wave of Iraq Attacks - BBC

Bombing in Iraq Kills 7 Police Recruits - AP

Palestinian Authority Faces Cash Crunch, Raising Risk of Unrest - LAT

Palestinian Authority President Abbas Vows Action on Rising Prices - WP

Rocket Fired From Gaza Strikes House in Israel - AP

4 Killed in Clashes in Southern Yemen - AP

'Islamists' Killed in Yemen Clash - BBC

Army in Egypt Reports 32 Deaths in Sinai Crackdown - BBC

Egypt Court Delays Hearing in Constitution Row Case to October 2 - Reuters

New Road Connecting Egypt and Sudan to Open on September 20 - Reuters

Religious War Looms in the Mideast - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Tens of Thousands Protest Osprey Deployment Plan to Okinawa - S&S

Thousands Protest in Japan Against Osprey Aircraft - AP

NC: Neighbors Say Osprey Landing Anything but 'Precautionary' - JDN


United States

How Resilient Is Post-9/11 America? - NYT

Are Americans Safer Now Under Obama? - AP

Homeland Security's BioWatch Upgrade Apparently Delayed - LAT

Obama Marks Anniversary of Sept. 11 Attacks - VOA

Obama Honors 9/11 Victims, First Responders, Troops - AFPS

Poor US Job Numbers Play Key Factor in Presidential Race - VOA

The Cancer at the Core of US Power - FP opinion



Global Conflicts: Geography Strikes Back - WSJ opinion



Summer of Siege for West Africa as Discontent Boils Into Street - NYT

Drug Trafficking Rising in Central Africa, Warns Interpol - VOA

Nigerian Troops 'Kill Boko Harem Militants' - BBC

'Dozens Killed' in Sudan Clashes - BBC

US Indicts 7 From Zimbabwe in Tax Fraud Case - VOA

French Hostages Kidnapped in Niger by Al Qaeda Appear in Video - Reuters

Official: International Aid Stolen in Niger - AP



US Moves to Grant Former Mexican President Immunity in Suit - NYT

Mexican Held Over US Agent Murder - BBC

Mexico Holds Suspect in Death of US Border Officer - NYT

Venezuela: Chavez Ally Says Twitter Account Seized, Recovered - AP

NGO Disputes Official Report on Honduras Shooting - AP

Nicaraguans Flee Erupting Volcano - BBC

Elephant Slaughter - NYT editorial


Asia Pacific / Central

APEC Leaders Meet in Russia - VOA

Deal by Deal, Russia Building Ties with Asia - VOA

Clinton Urges Feuding Asian Neighbors to Cool It - AP

Japan, China Leaders Meet After Tension Over Islands - Reuters

Pacific Rim Leaders Seek to Fortify Food Security - AP

China: Hong Kong Votes in Key Election - BBC

Hong Kong Votes After U-Turn on China Education Plan - Reuters

Bomb Explosion in Indonesia Injures 5 People - AP

Indonesia: Blast at Jakarta 'Bomb Workshop' - BBC



EU Needs to Help Stem Regional Water Conflicts - Reuters

US Seeks Better Russia Trade Ties - BBC

Protesters in Spain Slam Release of Sick ETA Convict - AP


South Asia

India, Pakistan Sign Visa Agreement  - VOA

India and Pakistan Sign Visa Agreement, Easing Travel - NYT

Pakistan, India Sign New Visa Agreement - AP

Pakistani Girl Accused of Blaspheming Islam Released from Jail - VOA

Some Pakistani Women Risk All to Marry Whom They Choose - NYT

Sri Lanka's Ruling Party Wins Provincial Election - AP