Small Wars Journal

9 November SWJ Roundup


Afghans Can Handle Security by 2014, Say U.S. Officials - Voice of America

Afghan Security Training Program Marks One-year Anniversary - Washington Post

NATO Says 900 Trainers Needed for Afghan Forces - Associated Press

Afghan Government Drops Corruption Charges Against Aide - New York Times

Gates Hopes Taliban Think U.S. Will Leave Afghanistan - AFPS

Afghan, Coalition Forces Wrap Up Helmand Clearing Operation - AFPS

Poll: Majority of Afghans Back Talks With Taliban - Associated Press

Poll: Afghans More Optimistic About Future - BBC News

Australian Ties to Afghan Warlord Harms Stability, Rights Activists Say - VOA

Local Government Official Killed in Afghanistan - Associated Press


Obama Backs India for Permanent U.N. Security Council Seat - VOA

Countering China, Obama Backs India for U.N. Council - New York Times

India Gets Gacking for U.N. Seat - Washington Post

U.S. Backs India Seat on U.N. Council - Wall Street Journal

Obama Backs India's Bid for U.N. Security Council Seat - Los Angeles Times

Obama Backs India for U.N. Security Council - Washington Times

Friendship Parallels a Strategic Partnership - New York Times

With Obama's Visit, India Displays New Power - Associated Press

Will India Step Up? - Los Angeles Times editorial

Pakistan Divides U.S. and India - Los Angeles Times opinion


Wanted Yemeni Cleric Calls for American Deaths - Voice of America

Challenge Heard on Move to Kill Qaeda-Linked Cleric - New York Times

Al-Awlaki Urges More Violence vs. U.S. - Washington Times

Radical Yemeni Cleric Calls for Killing Americans - Associated Press

Yemen Preacher Urges Muslim Scholars to Promote Jihad - Reuters


Rival Iraqi Leaders Hold Meeting to Divide Power - Voice of America

Top Iraqi Political Leaders Discuss Forming New Government - Los Angeles Times

Bombs Rock Iraq as Leaders Seek Power-sharing Deal - Washington Times

Iraqi Forces Make Progress, General Says - American Forces Press Service

Car Bombs Kill 15, Including Iranians, In Iraq - Reuters

Wounded Iraqis Arrive in Paris After France Grants Them Asylum - VOA

Face of Defense: Vietnam Vet Trains for Final Iraq Tour - AFPS


Israel: Threat Of Action Needed to Stop Iran Nukes - Reuters

Iranian Nobel Laureate Says Opposition Growing - Associated Press

Iran Pushes for Nuclear Talks in Turkey - Los Angeles Times

Iran Rejects Accusations Regarding Nuclear Inspections - New York Times


Britain and France Make a Deal - New York Times editorial

U.S. Department of Defense

Congress Should Welcome Defense Efficiencies, Gates Says - AFPS

Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Faces Struggle in Congress - New York Times

White House Reiterates Support for Repeal of 'DADT' - Washington Post

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Report on Track, Mullen Says - AFPS

United States

Gates Cites Encouraging Trends Regarding Iran, China - AFPS

Bush Defends Iraq War, Use of Waterboarding - Washington Post

Imprisoned Former CIA Official Pleads Guilty Again - Washington Post

CIA Worker Pleads to Spying for Kremlin - Washington Times

U.S. Sets New Rules for Packages on Cargo Planes - New York Times

U.S. Expands Cargo Security Ban In Wake Of Bomb Plot - Reuters

Guantanamo Suspect Has Blood on Hands - Reuters

Thwarting Terror Attacks, From the Ground Up - Washington Post editorial

Khadr Case: Warped Justice - New York Times editorial


Regional Security Issues Dominate U.S.-Australia Talks - Voice of America

U.S.-Australia Alliance Never More Important, Gates, Clinton Write - AFPS

U.S., Australia Agree to Cooperation Initiatives - AFPS

United Nations

Change Will Not Come Easily to the Security Council - New York Times


U.S. Offers to Delist Sudan as Terrorism Sponsor - Washington Times

Five Somali Men Face First Recent U.S. Piracy Trial - BBC News

Nigeria: Nationalities of Oil Hostages Released - Associated Press

Morocco Raids Protest Camp in Territory Under Dispute - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico: Dismembered Bodies, Warped Minds - Los Angeles Times

Mexico Police Nab Alleged Sinaloa Cartel Associate - Associated Press

Mexican Leader: Drug Gangs Biggest Threat to Press - Associated Press

Drug Cartels Block Basic Services in Mexico - Associated Press

American Is Freed a 2nd Time in Peru - Associated Press

Flooding Raises New Cholera Fears in Haiti - New York Times

Storm, Cholera Tolls Rise, But Haiti Vote Still On - Reuters

Castro Calls Cuban Party Congress - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Mullen: United States Stands Firm on Stable Pacific Region - AFPS

Obama: Burma's Government Steals Election - Voice of America

Western, Asian Nations Criticize Burmese Election - Voice of America

Pro-military Poll 'Win' in Burma - BBC News

Burmese Opposition Lowers Election Expectations - Voice of America

Tribal Guerrillas Attack Burmese Troops - Washington Times

Thousands Flee Post-Election Fighting in Burma - Voice of America

Burma Refugees Spilling into Thailand - New York Times

Troops Regaining Control in Eastern Burma - Voice of America

Sporadic Fighting Continues at Myanmar Border - Associated Press

Obama Visits Indonesia to Press Trade, Security Ties - Voice of America

Barack Obama on Indonesia Visit - BBC News

Indonesian Volcano May Cut Obama's Stay Short - Washington Post

Next Stop on Obama's Asia Tour: Indonesia - Associated Press

Obama Indonesia Stop to Echo Themes of India Visit- Voice of America

Obama's Visit to Indonesia Mixes Pride with Dose of Reality - Washington Post

Obama to Visit a Nation That Knew Him as Barry - New York Times

China Bars Mo Shaoping From Exiting the Country - Associated Press

Summit Fever Grips South Korea - Los Angeles Times

Obama Presses to Complete Free-Trade Deal With S. Korea - New York Times

South Korea Drops Its Call for Apology From North - New York Times


Despite Protests, Nuclear Waste Arrives in Germany - New York Times

For Russian Journalists, One Beating Too Many - Washington Post

Video of Russian Journalist's Beating - New York Times

Middle East

Israel Plans 1,000 Housing Units in East Jerusalem - New York Times

Israel Plans Housing in East Jerusalem - Washington Post

Israel's Lieberman Denounces Settlement Boycott - Reuters

Jordanians Vote for New Parliament - Associated Press

South Asia

Kashmir's Young Generation Expresses Frustration With Stalemate - VOA

Kashmir's Fruits of Discord - New York Times opinion