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9 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Karzai’s Ultimatum Complicates US Exit Strategy - NYT

Germany's Afghan Mission Shifts to Engaging Enemy - S&S

Afghan Soldier Kills NATO Colleague - VOA

Gunman in Afghan Uniform Kills US Soldier on Base - AP

Afghanistan's Poor Face Difficult Decisions Amid Winter Cold - LAT

Talking to the Taliban - LAT opinion



Former Pakistan President Announces Plans to Return Home - VOA

Militants Kill 10 Soldiers in Pakistan - AP

Grim Exchange of Bodies After Pakistan Army, Taliban Clash - Reuters



Iran to Start Enrichment at Underground Site This Month - VOA

Panetta, Dempsey Discuss Iran Situation - AFPS

Panetta Warns Iran to Keep Strait of Hormuz Open - LAT

Iran Trumpets Nuclear Ability at a Second Location - NYT

Panetta: Iran Has Not Yet Decided to Build Nuclear Bomb - AP

Iran Sentences US Citizen to Death for Spying - WP

Iran Sentences American Man to Death in CIA Case - AP

Iran Death Sentence for 'CIA Spy' Amir Mirzai Hekmati - BBC

Ahmadinejad Begins Visit to Latin America - VOA

Iran Looks for Friends in Latin America - WP

Iran's Leader Arrives in Venezuela to Meet Chavez - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Welcomes Ally Ahmadinejad - Reuters

Iran Divided on US Navy's Rescue of Iranian Fishermen - LAT



Arab League Officials Vow to Continue Syria Mission - VOA

Arab League Extends Syria Mission - WP

Arab League Refuses to Withdraw Observer Mission - TT

Arab League to Increase Number of Monitors in Syria - LAT

Arabs Urge End to Syria Bloodshed - BBC

Arab League Tells Syria Again: Halt Violence - AP

Arab League Raps Syria Again; No Call for UN for Now - Reuters

Assad Foes Lose Unity Over Foreign Intervention - WT


Middle East / North Africa

Mideast Governments Fail to See Scale of Change - Reuters

Israel to Boost Defense Budget - VOA

Israel Charges 5 Settlers in West Bank Army Base Clash - NYT

5 Indicted in Israeli Military Base Riot - AP

Iraq: Explosion Kills 2 Shiite Pilgrims South of Baghdad - AP

Yemeni Government Approves Immunity for President - VOA

Yemen Drafts Saleh Immunity Law - BBC

Yemen Proposes Immunity Law to Speed Saleh's Exit - Reuters

In Yemen's Political Crisis, Children Suffer Most - WP

Bahrain Under Pressure to Investigate Shia Activist Beating - TT

Bahrain Eyes Reforms to Boost Parliament's Powers - Reuters

Islamists Back Timing of Egypt’s Military Handover - NYT

The US: MIA in the Mideast - LAT opinion


US Department of Defense

Obama Administration Says No US Military Retreat Despite Defense Cuts - VOA

Panetta: ‘Sequestration’ Would Upend Military Strategy - AFPS

DOD Leaders: US Will Remain World’s Strongest Military - AFPS

Military Probes Missing `Sensitive' Equipment - S&S


United States

Obama’s War Plan Pins Hopes on Peace - WT

Jobless Rates for Young and Female Vets Climbed in Late 2011 - USAT

TSA Finds More Guns at Airports - USAT

Obama’s Foreign Initiatives Have Been Failures - WP opinion



Nigeria President Fears Some Officials Back Boko Haram - BBC

Faced With Attacks, Strikes, President Pleads Nigerians For Support - VOA

Nigeria Strikes Over Fuel Costs - BBC

Nationwide Strike Begins in Nigeria Over Gas Costs - AP

A Revered, and Divided, Liberator of South Africa - NYT



In Infiltration Effort, US Aided Mexican Drug Trafficker - NYT

Mexican City Worker Who Wrote for Weekly Killed - AP

Gang Threatens Colombian Police - BBC

US Orders Venezuelan Envoy in Miami to Leave - NYT

US Expels Venezuelan Diplomat after Cyberattack Allegations - AP

US Expels Senior Venezuela Diplomat - BBC

Venezuela Will Not Recognize World Bank Ruling in Exxon Case - Reuters

Haiti’s Slow Recovery - NYT editorial

Haiti Can Be Rich Again - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific

China Slams US Defense Strategy With Asian Slant - AP

North Korea Tries to Build New Leader’s Image - NYT

N. Korean TV Shows Young Kim Threatening War in 2009 - AP

N. Korea Kim Jong-un Stars in Documentary - TT

South Korea's Lee in China Visit - BBC

South Korean President Arrives in China for Talks - TT

China, South Korea Nuclear Envoys to Meet During Lee Visit - Reuters

Taiwan’s Opposition Makes Gains Ahead of Presidential Elections - VOA

Philippines Set for Possible Terrorist Attack - VOA

Philippine Catholics Gather Despite Terror Warning - AP

Malaysia Opposition Leader Acquitted - BBC

Malaysian Opposition Leader Acquitted in Sodomy Trial - TT

Is a Chinese Economic Slump on the Horizon? - WP opinion



Merkel, Sarkozy to Seek Growth, Jobs for Euro Zone - Reuters

How Threat of Loose Soviet Nukes was Avoided - AP

UK Cabinet to Discuss Scottish Vote - BBC