Small Wars Journal

8 October SWJ Roundup


Karzai Reaches Out to Taliban in New Afghan Peace Council - Voice of America

U.S. Contractors Employed Taliban - Wall Street Journal

Inquiry Finds Guards at U.S. Bases Are Tied to Taliban - New York Times

Mismanaged U.S. Contractor Money Aids Enemy - Washington Post

Military Security Contracts Aided Taliban - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Security Contractor Oversight Poor - Reuters

'Eyes of the World' on Soliders, Petraeus Says at Ceremony - Washington Post

Marines in Marjah Face Full-Blown Insurgency - Associated Press

Forces Kill, Detain Insurgents in Kandahar - American Forces Press Service

Afghan Governor 'Killed in Blast' - BBC News

Bomb Kills Afghan Governor - Reuters

Blast at Afghan Mosque Kills Many - Associated Press

Leaders Work to Develop Afghan National Police - American Forces Press Service

White House Report: Hold the Optimism - Washington Post opinion

Is Afghanistan Worth Winning? - Washington Times opinion


Pakistan Border Closing Strains Ties As NATO Tankers Burn - Voice of America

NATO Eyes Pakistan Supply Resumption After Apology - Reuters

Mullen Expresses Condolences to Pakistan Army Chief - AFPS

German Militants Training in Pakistani Border Area - Associated Press

Pakistan Military Chief Orders Probe of Execution Video - Washington Post

Pakistan Probes Video of Apparent Army Executions - Associated Press

Blasts Kill 8 at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

Security Raised After Pakistan Sufi Shrine Attack - Associated Press

Pakistan Relief Focus Shifts From Air to Ground - American Forces Press Service

Our Ally, Pakistan - Washington Times editorial

White House Report: Hold the Optimism - Washington Post opinion


Iraq's Political Deadlock May be Nearing End - Voice of America

Iraq's Political Gambits Move to Regional Stage - Associated Press

Face of Defense: Civilian Opts for Deployment to Iraq - AFPS


Iranian Nukes Worry Neighboring Bahrain - Washington Times

Russia to Refund Iran for Canceled Missile Deal - Voice of America

Germany Sees Signals From Iran on Talks - Reuters

United States

Do tell: All Soldiers Anti-terror Informers - Washington Times

Cracks Discovered in Wall at Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Washington Post

Eric Holder's Plan on Interrogations? - Washington Post editorial

State-Secrets Defense: A Privilege Too Far Gone - Washington Post opinion

Militarized Internet Will Trample Freedom - Washington Times opinion

Homosexual Left Flubs Military Culture War - Washington Times opinion


Ex-Commander to Plead Guilty to Dozens of Charges - Associated Press


IMF Warns of Growing Economic Discord - Voice of America


U.N. Security Council Visits South Sudan; Darfur - Voice of America

U.N. Worker 'Kidnapped in Darfur' - BBC News

Somali Pirates Seize Taiwanese Ship - BBC News

Somali Pirates Seize Taiwanese Fishing Vessel - Associated Press

Somali Peace Force 'Gains Ground' - BBC News

Suspect in Nigeria Blast Disowned by Niger Delta Militants - Voice of America

War Crimes Court to Rule on Congolese Warlord's Release - Reuters

Governments Look to End Child Labor in West African Cocoa Farming - VOA

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Aide Slams 'Desperate' PM - BBC News

South Africa's Desmond Tutu Retires From Public Life - Reuters

Americas and Caribbean

Mexican Leader Pushes Police Overhaul - New York Times

Mexico: Calderon Sees a Drug War Success - Associated Press

Mexico: U.S. Wavers in Drug War With Calif. Pot Vote - Associated Press

Colombia Police 'Smash Drug Ring' - BBC News

Ecuador Court Orders 13 Police Held During Probe - Associated Press

Ecuador Police Suspects Detained - BBC News

Officials Say Rescue Shaft Could Reach Chilean Miners by Saturday - VOA

Rescuers Expect to Reach Chilean Miners Saturday - Los Angeles Times

New Sight for Cubans: Blizzard of Pink Slips - New York Times

U.N.'s Haiti Quake Camps Condemned - BBC News

The Experiments in Guatemala - New York Times editorial

Asia Pacific

Liu Xiaobo of China wins 2010 Nobel Peace Prize - Washington Post

Chinese Dissident Awarded Nobel Peace Prize - New York Times

Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Wins Nobel Peace Prize - Los Angeles Times

China Dissident Wins Nobel Peace Prize - BBC News

Between U.S. and China, a Trust Gap - Washington Post

N. Korea Pressing Forward on Nuclear Program - Washington Post

N. Korea Boosts Kim Jong-un's Role - BBC News

N. Korean Official Confirms Kim Jong Un as Leader - Associated Press

North Korea Appears Capable of Jamming GPS Receivers - Voice of America

Thai Leader Defends Crackdown as Way to Ensure Stability - New York Times

Indonesian Military Joins a Local Terrorism Fight - New York Times

Burma Court Agrees to Hear Suu Kyi Appeal - Reuters


Cost of E.U. Rises, Even as Countries Make Cuts - New York Times

Turkey's Kurds: A Peace Role for Rebel Chief? - Associated Press

U.K. In Talks For France to Service Nuclear Warheads - Reuters

Russia Finds Success in 13th Missile Test - Associated Press

Terrorism: How Europe Puts America at Risk - Washington Post opinion

Europe! Europe! Europe! - New York Times opinion

Middle East

U.S. Believes Arab States Won't Scuttle Mideast Talks - New York Times

Palestinians Open to U.S. Proposal on Settlements - Associated Press

For Israeli Army, Tests of Accountability - Washington Post

Israel Kills Two Hamas Militants In W. Bank - Reuters

Israel Kills Hamas Men in Hebron - BBC News