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8 June SWJ Roundup

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Report: Afghan Nation-building Programs Not Sustainable - WP

Gates Says NATO Forces Ready for Decisive Blow in Afghanistan - VOA

Gates Says Coalition, Afghans Can Turn Corner in Conflict - AFPS

Obama Thanks Germany for Work in Afghanistan - AFPS

Marines Struggle to Convince Afghans they Won't Abandon Them - S&S

Beheading of Politician Seen as Message from Insurgents - LAT

Leaving Afghanistan - WP opinion


US and Pakistan Authorities Dispute Militant's Death - Reuters

Pakistan 'Failing on Minorities' - BBC


As More US Troops Die End of Mission Remains Unclear - S&S

US Plans Private Guard Force for Iraq - WSJ

A Gold Rush, Deep in a City's Sewers - NYT


Syrian Mutiny, Loss of Town Shows Cracks in Regime - AP

Syrians Brace For Government Backlash Over Killings - VOA

Fighters Shoot Protesters at a Palestinian Camp in Syria - NYT

Assad Brother Plays Big Role in Syria - NYT

EU Allies Seek UN Action on Syria - BBC

Syrian Envoy Resigns on TV, or Perhaps It Was Impostor - NYT

Syrian Ambassador to France Denies Resignation - Reuters

Syrian American Blogger Detained - WP


NATO Attack Destroys Much of Qaddafi Compound - NYT

NATO Planes Bomb Tripoli for Hours on End - LAT

Daytime Airstrikes Rock Libyan Capital - VOA

NATO Unleashes Blistering Airstrikes in Libya - AP

Obama, Merkel Expect Gadhafi To Leave - VOA

Obama and Merkel Tell Qaddafi to Go - NYT

Gaddafi: 'We Will Not Surrender' - WP

Gaddafi Vows to Fight to the Death - BBC

Obama: Gadhafi Must Step Down as 'Arab Spring' Resumes - AFPS

People in Battle-Torn Libya Facing Critical Shortages - VOA

Libyan Minister Visits Beijing After China Talks With Rebels - VOA


Yemen's Interim Leadership Rules out Transition Deal for Now - VOA

Yemeni Leader's Condition Raises Doubts About Rule - NYT

President Reported in Serious Condition, Deadly Clashes Continue - WP

Yemen's Saleh 'Gravely Wounded' - BBC

US Officials: Yemen Leader Heavily Burned in Blast - AP

Israel / Palestinians

France to Pursue Mideast Peace Conference - VOA

France to Move Forward on Mideast Conference - AP

Arsonists Damage and Deface Mosque in West Bank Village - NYT

Mosque Torched in West Bank - WP

Israeli Settlers Suspected of Setting Fire in West Bank Mosque - VOA

Syria Warns of More Marches on Israeli Border - AP

Pro-Syrian Palestinian Group Kills 11 Refugees - Reuters

Middle East

Ahmadinejad Criticizes IAEA Chief - AP

Iran Says No Offer Can Stop It Enriching Uranium - Reuters

Obama Supports Efforts by Bahrain to Ease Crisis - VOA

Bahraini Clerics Accuse Police, Unease Continues - Reuters


Next Generation Internet Addresses Gets Test Flight - VOA

United States

Poll: Global Support for US Killing of Bin Laden - Reuters

A New Voice of America for the Age of Twitter - NYT

After 40 Years, the Complete Pentagon Papers - NYT

Chicago: A Witness Overshadows a Terrorism Defendant - NYT

Chicago: Jury to Begin Deliberating in Mumbai Attacks Trial - AP


East Africa 'Faces Food Crisis' - BBC

11 Die in Sect Attacks in Nigeria's Northeast - AP

Deadly Attack on Nigerian Police - BBC

Residents Flee Sudan Flashpoint State Clashes - Reuters


OAS Promises to Tackle Drug Trafficking and Crime - NYT

Hard to Draw Line on Mexico Border Drug Violence - HC

Mexican Cartels Using 'Narco Tanks' - WP

Monster Trucks on the Road, From Gangs in Mexico - NYT

Mexico: Juarez Top Cop Offers Results by December - AP

429 Bodies Found So Far in 2 North Mexico States - AP

Mexican Police Chief Arrested in Rancher's Killing - AP

Gunmen Kill 11 at Drug Rehab Center in Mexico - AP

Ex-Mexican Governor Arrested in Embezzlement Case - AP

Asia / Pacific

China: Execution in a Killing That Fanned Class Rancor - NYT

EU Team Visits North Korea to Assess Food Aid Needs - VOA

North Korea Test Fired Short-Range Missile Last Week - Reuters

Communist Rebel Attacks Kill 6 in Philippines - AP

Malaysia Considers Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants - NYT

Injustice May Spark Fresh Kyrgyzstan Violence - BBC


Obama, Merkel Disagree on Libya, Economics - WP

Obama Cites Value of US-German Alliance - AFPS

Obama, Merkel Pledge to Cooperate on Libya, Economy - LAT

Obama Presses Europe, Pledges Help for Greek Crisis - Reuters

Germany Faces Criticism Over E. Coli Outbreak - NYT

EU Sets E. Coli Aid at 150m Euros - BBC

UK Outlines Fresh Anti-Extremism Tactics - AP

NATO-Russia Drill Aims to Prevent September 11 Attack - Reuters

Rector at Muslim University in Russia Is Shot to Death - NYT

Bomb Blast Hits Russian Railway Line in Siberia - Reuters

Georgia Diplomat: Peace Talks with Russia at Risk - AP

Russia and Norway in Arctic Deal - BBC

Serbia: Mladic Out of Hospital, in Regular Prison - Reuters

South Asia

India Remains Non-Committal on IMF Job - VOA

Indian Activist Plans New Protest - BBC