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8 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Report: Allen Backs Pause in Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2013 - S&S

NATO Commander Pushes for Year Pause in Troop Drawdown - TT

Afghans Uneasy Despite Security Gains Made by US Troop Buildup - LAT

Rare Attacks on Shiites Kill Scores in Afghanistan - NYT

Afghan President Vows to 'Confront Pakistan' Over Holy Day Terror Attack - VOA

Pakistani Group Claims Role in Deadly Suicide Attack on Shiites - WP

Afghan Leader Seeks to Discuss Attacks on Shiites With Pakistan - NYT

Karzai: Attack Plotted in Pakistan - WP

Afghan President Says Attack Came from Pakistan - AP

Afghanistan's Karzai Blames Pakistan Group for Attacks - Reuters

Attacks on Shiites in Afghanistan: Why this is Different than Iraq - CSM

Bombing Sets Back Efforts to Stabilize Afghanistan - AP

Afghan Bombs Kill 78 in Two Days - Reuters

Mine Attack Kills 19 Civilians in Afghanistan - NYT

At Least 19 Civilians Killed by Roadside Bomb - BBC

US Rerouting Some Afghan War Supplies - AP

DOD Helps Afghans Develop Mineral Enterprise - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistani President's Dubai Trip Spurs Rumors - VOA

Pakistani President’s Trip Abroad Sparks Rumors - WP

Rumors of 'Silent Coup' - CSM

Pakistani President's Medical Trip Fuels Rumors - AP

Pakistan's President in Hospital - BBC

Virginia Man Accused as Pakistani Agent Pleads Guilty - WP

US Citizen in Pakistan Lobbying Case Pleads Guilty - Reuters



Commander: Success of Iraq Security Forces Remains to be Seen - S&S

General Calls Iraq Operations ‘Worth It’ in Final News Briefing - AFPS

US Base a Funnel for Troops and Equipment Heading Out - LAT

Signs of Looming US Troop Drawdown Abound in Iraq - AP

US Warns Iraq Against Eviction of Foes of Iran - WT



Use of Surveillance Drones Reflects Tougher US Strategy - WP

Drone Crash in Iran Reveals Secret US Surveillance Effort - NYT

Experts Argue Over Iran Nuclear Bomb Timeline - Reuters

Iran Blocks American ‘Virtual Embassy’ - NYT

Virtual US Embassy in Iran is Blocked - AP

Iran Says US 'Virtual' Embassy Will Fail - AP

Global Media Accuse Iran Over Signal Jamming - AP

GOP Lawmakers Want Iranian Group Off Terrorism List - NYT

What to Do About Iran - WS opinion



General Reasserts Military’s Power in Post-Election Egypt - NYT

Military to Appoint Council to Oversee Drafting of Constitution - TT

Egypt's Islamists Claim Most Seats in Run-Offs - Reuters

Egyptian PM Receives Some Presidential Powers - VOA

Cabinet Sworn In, Calls to Curb Military Power Continue - LAT

Egypt's New Cabinet is Sworn In - BBC

Egypt's Rulers: Parliament Won't Be Representative - AP

Democracy Dial-Back? - CSM

Out of Protest, an Anthem for Egypt's Revolution - NYT

Mubarak Trial Set to Resume After Appeal Rejected - Reuters

Amnesty Criticizes US Arms Shipments to Egypt - AP

Joining a Dinner in a Muslim Brotherhood Home - NYT opinion



Assad Denies Responsibility for Syrian Protest Deaths - VOA

No Guilt Over Crackdown, Says Assad - BBC

In Rare Interview, Assad Denies Ordering Crackdown - NYT

Assad Denies Ordering Crackdown - WP

Syria's President Denies Ordering Crackdown - AP

Assad Says Only 'Crazy' Leaders Kill Own People - Reuters

Syria, Under Siege Inside and Out, Does Not Budge - NYT

Algeria: Arab League Only Way to Syria Transition - Reuters

Hamas Reduces Presence in Syria Amid Violence - LAT

Giving Cover to Assad - WS opinion

Obama Must Consider Bolder Intervention - CSM opinion



Yemen VP Forms New Unity Government - VOA

Yemen Vice President Sets Up Unity Government - Reuters

Unity Government Created in Yemen - BBC

Rights Group Urges Yemen to Ban Child Marriage - Reuters



US Reaches Out to Help Rebuild Libyan Military - USAT

Libya: Plot to Smuggle Qaddafi’s Son Into Mexico Disrupted - NYT

Mexico Says it Foiled Plot to Sneak in Gaddafi Son - LAT

Libya: Gaddafi Son 'in Mexico Entry Bid' - BBC

Mexico Says Gadhafi Son Tried to Enter Country - AP

Libyan Civilians Hold on to a Deadly Legacy - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Palestinians' Statehood Bid Part of Christmas - AP

Avowing Innocence, Israeli Ex-President Enters Prison - NYT

Israel Attorney General Won't Back Funding Limits - AP

Violence Feared Over Repairs at Jerusalem Shrine - AP

Vandals Leave Burning Tire at West Bank Mosque - AP

Moroccan Justice: Sold to Highest Bidder - AP

Obama’s Israel Problem - WT editorial

Obama’s Unlikely Turkish Alliance - WP opinion


United Nations

Rumors of the UN’s Benefits Have Been Greatly Exaggerated - WS opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon: Al-Qaida Sympathizers Pose Threat to Troops in US - S&S

Terrorists Said to be Infiltrating Military - WT

Remains of Hundreds of Troops Left in Landfill - WP

Brutality of 1994 Panama Fight Still Resonates with US Troops - S&S

The Mark Center: The Defense Department in Their Midst - NYT

Inside the Ring - WT

The USS Karl Marx - WT editorial


United States

US Pauses to Remember Pearl Harbor - BBC

Pearl Harbor Survivors Group Says it will Disband - AP

To State Dept., WikiLeaks or Not, Secrets Are Secrets - NYT

Gingrich: John Bolton will be My Secretary of State - WT

Dozens Arrested at Occupy DC Protests - WP

Occupy San Francisco Camp Cleared by Police - TT

Blagojevich Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison - NYT

New Orleans Struggles to Stem Homicides - NYT

Hobbling the Fight Against Terrorism - NYT editorial


United Kingdom

Britain Suffers as a Bystander to Europe’s Debt Crisis - NYT

Combat Boots that Deflect Blast of Roadside Bombs Being Designed - TT

New Arrest in British Phone Hacking Scandal - NYT

Private Eye Arrested in UK's Newspaper Hacking Probe - Reuters

Bring the Iron Lady Back - NYT



Kenya to 'Join AU Somalia Force' - BBC

Official: Explosion in Central Nigeria Kills 7 - AP

South Sudan in Withdrawal Demand - BBC

Congo on Edge While Election Results Delayed - VOA

After Vote, Congo Braces for Expressions of Discord - NYT

Partial Results Give Kabila 14-Point Lead in Congo - AP

Nine Fugitives Sought by Rwanda Genocide Court - AP

More Than 550 Ivorian Refugees to Repatriate - AP

UN: Russia Air Firms' Staff Guilty of Africa Sex Abuse - Reuters



Brutality of 1994 Panama Fight Still Resonates with US Troops - S&S

Gunmen Attack Ambulance in Mexico, Kill 4 People - AP

Peru's Shining Path Admits Defeat - BBC

Peru Guerilla Leader Pledges No More Attacks - AP

US Donation to Help Paraguay Fight Guerrillas - AP

Venezuela Prosecutor: Judge Must Stay in Custody - AP

Honduras Media at 'Growing Risk' - BBC

Noriega to Be Extradited to Panama on Sunday - AP

Brazil Launches Program to Curb the Use of Crack - AP


Asia Pacific

US and China Meet in Annual Military Review - NYT

US Official Says Military Pacts Not Aimed at China - AP

At Climate Talks, Familiar Standoff Between US and China - NYT

China Rescues 178 Children in Trafficking Bust - AP

Donations to Charities in China Plunge After Scandals - Reuters

Lawmakers Concerned over N. Korea's Ballistic Missile Capabilities - S&S

US Envoy Hopes for More Talks With North Korea - AP

Thailand: Fugitive 'Red Shirt' Leader Surrenders in Bangkok - VOA

American Gets 2.5 Years in Prison for Defaming Thai King - LAT

While Burma’s Chinese Businesses Thrive, Competition Worries Locals - VOA

Japan FM Feels 'Deep Emotion' About Pearl Harbor - AP

North Korea's New Course - LAT opinion

Fear of China Pushes Burma Out of Isolation - CSM opinion



Gorbachev Calls for New Elections, Russian Security Forces Patrol Streets - VOA

Gorbachev Calls for New Vote in Disputed Russian Elections - NYT

Gorbachev Calls for New Russia Election - BBC

Gorbachev Calls for Re-run of Russian Election - TT

Anti-Vote Fraud Protests in Russia for 3rd Night - AP

Russian Police Block New Anti-Putin Rally - Reuters

Russia: Social Media Makes Anti-Putin Protests 'Snowball' - Russia

Russia: Putin Accuses Clinton of Inciting Protests - TT

Putin Accuses Clinton of Encouraging Russian Protesters - AP

NATO, Russia at Odds Over Missile Defense Shield - VOA

NATO Chief Rebuffs Russian Threats to Counter Missile Shield - WP

NATO: Russian Missile Counter-Measures a Waste of Money - Reuters

Reports: Russia to Deploy S-400s in Kaliningrad - AP

Top NATO Official Counters Russia Threat as Waste - AP

S&P May Downgrade European Union, Large Euro-Zone Banks - Reuters

Leaders Gather for Summit to Save the Euro - WP

On Eve of Key Meeting, New Rifts on Euro Emerge - NYT

Germany, France Scale Back Ambitions of Summit - AP

France and Germany Seek Support for Crisis Plan - Reuters

Gangster in Italy Arrested After 16-Year Manhunt - NYT

Italian Police Dig Through Bunker to Arrest Senior Mafia Boss - TT

Swedish Police Give New Details About 2010 Bomber - AP

Europe 2.0? - WP editorial

Putin’s Canny Politics - WP opinion

Obama’s Unlikely Turkish Alliance - WP opinion


South Asia

India Suspends Plan to Let In Foreign Retailers - NYT

India Shuts Door to Foreign Chains - WP

India Police Charge Tibet Holy Man in Money Probe - AP