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7 October SWJ Roundup

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In Afghanistan, a Rare Story of Trust - WP

Panetta: Karzai Owes Allies More Gratitude, Less Criticism - AP

2 US Troops, 2 Afghan Policemen Killed in Fighting - AP

Russia Plays the 'Great Game' in Kabul - DC opinion



Citing US Fears, Arab Allies Limit Syrian Rebel Aid - NYT

Turkey Says Syria Fires Again Across Border - VOA

Turkey Fires Back at Syria a Fourth Day in a Row - NYT

Turkey 'in New Syria Retaliation' - BBC

Turkey Strikes Back at Syria After Erdogan Warning - Reuters

Turkey Warns War is Near as Forces Continue to Pound Syria - McClatchy

Panetta Voices Concern Over Syrian-Turkish Clashes - AP

Tensions Rising Between Syria and Turkey - Dawn editorial

Syria's War Must Not Ignite the Mideast - TI editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Salafists’ Power Surges Throughout Arab World - WP

Israeli Jets Down Drone that Entered Airspace - AP

Israel Downs Unmanned Aircraft - BBC

Israeli Leaders Confront Political Rift as Election Looms - Reuters

Iran Denies Plan to End Nuclear Standoff - NYT

Iran Denies Offering New Plan on Nuclear Impasse - Reuters

Iran 'Confidence' Bid Shifts Uranium to Fuel Stock - AP

Iran's Grand Bazaar Reopens, Currency Trade Still Frozen - Reuters

Iran's Secret Service Launches Website - AP

Yemen 'Foils Attack on Air Base' - BBC

Egypt’s President Gets Mixed Reviews - WP

Egypt's Leader Defends His 100-day Record - AP

7 Iranian Red Crescent Workers Released in Libya - AP

Political Islam and the Fate of Two Libyan Brothers - NYT

Tunisia Clashes Over Rubbish Dump - BBC

Dozens Injured in Clash on Tunisian Tourist Island - AP

Judges in Morocco Lead Sit-In Calling for Autonomous Judiciary - NYT

Moroccan Judges Demonstrate for More Independence - AP

Start the Revolution in Iran - NYDN editorial

Why Israel May Go It Alone - TNI opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Extradited Terror Suspects Appear in US Court - VOA

Extradited Cleric, 4 Other Terror Suspects Appear in American Courts - NYT

Terror Suspects Before US Court - BBC

Alleged al-Qaeda Backers Extradited to US - WP

Extradited Terrorism Suspects Appear in US Courts - AP

Pakistan Freed of Anti-Terrorism Obligations; US Billions Flow - McClatchy

French Police Kill One, Arrest 10 in Anti-Terror Sweep - VOA         

Man Killed by French Police During Antiterrorism Raid - NYT

Gunman Killed in French Terror Raid - BBC


US Department of Defense

How Much Military Can You Buy for $720 Billion a Year? - FP

DOD Clarifies Civilian Overseas Assignment Policy - AFPS

Officials Confirm Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay Deadline - AFPS


United Nations

Wanted: A New United Nations - JP opinion



Nigerian Christians, Muslims Protest Against Common Enemy - VOA

Protest Follows Firing of 12,000 South African Miners - VOA

S. Sudan Refugee Camp Braces for New Arrivals - VOA

Somali President Names PM - VOA

Somalia President Picks Businessman, Political Newcomer, as PM - NYT

Women Protest Shariah Law in Mali - AP



Venezuela: Chavez Fights for His Political Life - WP

Venezuela: Chavez Ducks Tough Questions at News Conference - AP

Chavez's Fate Lies in Venezuela's Divided Barrios - AP

News Guide: Venezuela's Presidential Vote - AP

Mexico Takes 48 Police for Questioning on Slaying of Governor's Nephew - AP

Panetta Hails New Era for Security in the Americas - AFPS

US, Peru to Update 60-Year-Old Defense Cooperation Accord - Reuters

Peru Rebels Burn Down 3 Helicopters - BBC

Rebels Burn 3 Helicopters in Peru - AP

Peru's Gas Pipeline at Risk After Rebels Destroy Helicopters - Reuters

Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez Freed From Detention - AP

How Venezuela’s Chavez Does Business - FA opinion


Asia / Pacific

Tibetan PM-in-Exile 'Ready to Engage' in China Talks - VOA

Tibetan Man Self-Immolates, Dies in Latest Protest - AP

Latest Self-Immolation in Tibet Brings Total to 54 - VOA

North Korean Soldier Kills 2 Before Defecting to South - VOA

North Korean Soldier Said to Cross Demilitarized Zone to Defect - NYT

North Korea Soldier 'Flees to South' - BBC

South Korea, US Agree on Boosting Missile Capability - Reuters

Burmese President to Visit South Korea - VOA



Thousands March to Protest Austerity Cuts in Spain - AP

Polish Opposition Overtakes Ruling PO as Growth Slows - Reuters

Europe’s Richer Regions Want Out - NYT opinion


South Asia

Pakistan: Khan Leads Drone Protest in Taliban Territory - VOA

Pakistan: Khan Drone March Halts for Night - BBC

Americans Join Pakistan Convoy to Protest Drone Strikes - NYT

U.S. and Pakistan's Elusive Cooperation - RCW opinion