Small Wars Journal

6 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP

US Department of Defense

Obama Unveils Strategy for Smaller, Agile Future US Military - VOA

Smaller Military, Narrower Capabilities Highlight Strategy Review - S&S

Obama Describes Refocused Strategy for Leaner Military - NYT

Obama Plans a Leaner, Cheaper Military - WP

President Obama Calls for Leaner Military - LAT

New Defense Strategy Sets Obama's Gaze on Asia - AP

Obama: Future Force Will be Smaller, Agile, Ready - AFPS

Sept. 11 Case a Litmus Test for Military Commissions - NPR

Court-martial to Begin for Marine in Iraqi Killings - LAT

Rules Restrict Political Activity by DOD Personnel - AFPS

A Leaner Pentagon - NYT editorial

America's New Lean Fighting Machine - LAT editorial

One War at a Times - WP opinion

Cuts Threaten the Military - WP opinion



Afghanistan Closes Firm Providing Security - NYT

Karzai Demands Afghan Control Over Biggest Military Prison - WP

Karzai Calls for Coalition to Cede Control of Afghan Prisoners - NYT

NATO: 5 Troops Killed in South Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Senators: Stop Harassing Former Pakistan Envoy - WP



Iran’s Sense of Gloom Contrasts with US Hope - WP

Iran Responds With Anger to Proposals by Europe - NYT

Screws Tighten on Iran as Big Buyers Shun Its Oil - Reuters

EU Governments Consider Delay on Any Iran Oil Ban - Reuters

EU Officials Try to Agree on Iran Oil Embargo - AP

Iran to Hold New Naval Exercises - AP

UK Signals Ready to Use Force to Keep Strait Open - Reuters

Analysis: Iran Could Close Hormuz, but Not for Long - Reuters

Iran Under Pressure - WP opinion



Hundreds Tortured in Syria, Human Rights Group Says - NYT

Qatar Asks UN to Help Monitors in Syria - LAT

Qatar Says Arab Monitors in Syria Made Mistakes - AP

Syrian Media Awaken Despite Risks - Reuters

Deadly Explosion in Damascus, Says Syria State TV - BBC

Explosion Targets Police Bus in Damascus - AP

Suicide Bomber Kills Several in Damascus - Reuters



Political Role for Militants Worsens Fault Lines in Iraq - NYT

Scores Dead as Bombings Shake Iraq During Political Crisis - VOA

Explosions Across Iraq Kill Dozens Amid Political Crisis - NYT

Bombs Targeting Iraqi Shiites Kill 72 - WP

Iraq Bombings Targeting Shiites Kill 71 - LAT

Iraq Bombings Leave Scores Dead - BBC

Bombs Target Iraqi Shi'ites, Kill at Least 73 - Reuters

Iraq Militia Says Kidnapped Briton Killed in Escape - Reuters



US Pro-Democracy Policy Faces First Major Test with Islamists - WP

Prosecution Demands Death Penalty for Egypt's Mubarak - VOA

Prosecutors in Egypt Call for Mubarak to Be Hanged - NYT

Death Penalty Sought for Mubarak - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Israel, Palestinians to Meet on Monday, U.S. Says - Reuters

Former Israeli Premier Is Indicted on Bribery Charge - NYT

Israel Plans New Rules on Exchange of Prisoners - NYT

12 Israeli Settlers Banned from West Bank - WP

Eighteen Militants, 4 Troops Killed in Yemen Clashes - Reuters

UN Criticizes Sharp Rise in Saudi Executions - AP

Libyan Soldiers Demand Salaries - Reuters


United States

Recent Fights in Congress Could Be Just Warm-Ups - NYT

Rule Would Let Undocumented Stay in US During Application - LAT

Easier Route to Green Card to Be Proposed for Some - NYT

Foreign Money Swaying US Voters? - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain and US to Scale Down Military Capability Due to Debt Crisis - TG

Bomb Defused Under Soldier's Car in Northern Ireland - Reuters

UK PM David Cameron Criticizes 'The Iron Lady' - AP



Accounts Emerge in South Sudan of 3,000 Deaths in Ethnic Violence - NYT

Deadly Shooting at Nigeria Church - BBC

Gunmen Kill 6 in Nigeria Church Attack - Reuters

Q&A: Zimbabwe's 'Cold War, Which Is a Racial War' - VOA

In New Control Over Diamonds, Smugglers Pay in Mozambique - NYT

Somalia: Ethiopian Troops 'to Hand Over to AU Force' - BBC

Kenya Seizes Explosive Equipment Near Somali Border - Reuters



Migrants’ New Paths Reshaping Latin America - NYT

Mexico Turns Up the Heat on Drug Lord Guzman - Reuters

Police Detain 20 in Deadly Mexico Prison Riot - AP

Guatemalan Judge Suspends Trial Against Ex-Leader - AP


Asia Pacific

China Must Assert Itself Despite New US Strategy - Reuters

US Asks China to Press N. Korea To Avoid Military Provocations - NYT

US and S. Korea Discuss Leadership Change in N. Korea - AP

Sometimes, It's a Crime to Praise Pyongyang - NYT

Tax Case Against China's Ai Weiwei to Get Review - AP

Kidnappings Point to Security Breakdown in Southern Philippines - NYT

Britain's Hague Says Burma Needs More Reforms  - AP

Burma's Suu Kyi, UK's Hague in Tune on Sanctions - Reuters



Ex-Chief of Turkish Army Arrested in Widening Case Alleging Coup Plot - NYT

Turkey's Ex-army Chief Arrested - BBC

Turkish Ex-Army Chief Held in Jail - Reuters

Turkey: Ex-Military Chief Arrested Over Plot - AP

German President Retreats on Openness - NYT

Ex-Minister Urges Russian Parliamentary Vote Rerun - AP


South Asia

Indians' Ordeal Rattles New Delhi-Beijing Ties - LAT

Indian Kashmir Shuts to Protest Killing of Student - AP