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6 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Aid Agencies in Afghanistan Fear Reversals After US Exit - NYT

Nations Vow Continued Support after Troops Leave - S&S

Afghanistan's Allies Pledge to Stay for Long Haul - Reuters

At Conference, Afghans Say They’ll Need Aid for Years - NYT

Afghanistan to Need Financial Support Until 2024 - AP

Analysts: Time to Switch US Troops to Advisory Mission - S&S

Clinton to Afghans: ‘More Work to Do’ - WP

Bonn Conference Focuses on Afghan Transformation - VOA

Official: Sustainment Skills Key in Iraq, Afghanistan - AFPS

Afghanistan Opens Bids on Gold, Copper Deposits - AP

Explosion Rocks Shrine in Kabul - BBC

Kabul Blast Kills 48, More Than 100 Injured - Reuters

Roadside Bomb Kills at Least 5 Afghan Civilians - AP

Afghan Policemen Killed in Fight With Taliban - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistan PM Sees Progress in US Ties - AP

Pakistan Holds Firm to Afghanistan Conference Boycott - VOA

US Officials Say Pakistan Leaving Liaison Centers - AP

US Forces Begin Leaving Pakistan Drone Base - Reuters

Pakistan Fans the Flames - NYT editorial



Americans Face Kidnapping Risk in Iraq - WP

Iraq Bombings Kill 28 Shiite Pilgrims - VOA

Multiple Bomb Attacks in Iraq on a Day Holy to Shiites - NYT

Iraq Attacks Target Shia Pilgrims - BBC

Attacks Kill 21 Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq - AP

Turf Battle Forms Over Hussein's Palaces - WSJ



Iran, Facing New Sanctions, Warns of Oil at $250 a Barrel - NYT

Congress Sees Shipping Certification Firms as Tool to Tighten Noose - WP

US Ramps Up Warnings on Iran Strike Risks - Reuters

'Cold War' With Iran Heats Up Across Mideast - Reuters

US Official Says Iran Becoming a Pariah State - Reuters

Australia Expands Sanctions Against Iran  - AP

CIA Drone's Crash in Iran Could Give Away US Secrets - LAT

Iran Says its Military has US Drone in its Possession - LAT

US Officials: Drone Belonged to CIA - WP



Runoff Vote in Cairo, Alexandria for Egypt's Parliament - VOA

Egyptians Vote in Run-off Polls - BBC

Turnout Falls as Egypt Casts Runoff Ballots - NYT

Islamist Rivals in Egypt Election Stand-Off - Reuters

Egypt Runoff Exposes Tensions Between Islamists - AP

Short-lived Shibboleth of a Moderate Egypt - WT opinion



Violence Flares as Damascus 'Positive' Towards Observers - VOA

Syrian Activists Report Killing of 34 Civilians by Assad’s Loyalists - VOA

'Bodies Dumped' in Syria's City - BBC

Syria Offers to Allow Observers, With Strings - NYT

Syria Agrees to Arab Observers Under Conditions - AP

Syria Says 'Would Like' to Accept Arab Deal - Reuters

Clinton to Meet With Syrian Exiles - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Hezbollah Leader Makes Rare Public Appearance - Reuters

New Violence Erupts in Yemeni City - NYT

Yemen: Protester Shot Dead as Snipers Stay in Taiz, Tanks Quit - Reuters

Russia Downgrades Ties With Qatar - AP

Come Home to Israel - NYT opinion



Assange Can Appeal Extradition Again - WP

WikiLeaks Founder Can Make Final Bid to Avoid Extradition - NYT

Manning WikiLeaks Defense Focuses on Mental State - AP


US Department of Defense

Will the Military Force Out Troops with Criminal Convictions?  - S&S

Suspected Frankfurt Airport Shooter Described as Quiet, Not Violent - S&S

Defense Contractors Preach Caution, Not Panic - WP

Senate to Navy: Study Keeping Frigates - NT

Navy to Demonstrate Biofuel Use During Exercise - AFPS

Navy, USDA Tout Largest Government Biofuel Purchase - S&S

Component of Unarmed Ballistic Missile Damaged in Accident - WP


United States

Critics Target Cost of Troops on Mexico Border - WP

Mich. Man Pleads to Firearm Charge in Militia Case - AP

Past Due on Handling Finances of War - WP opinion


United Kingdom

UK Auditors Warn Olympic Budget is On the Edge - AP



Report: Rich, Poor Gap Widens in Most Countries - VOA



Tensions Rise in Congo’s Capital as Ballots Pile Up - NYT

DR Congo Election: Joseph Kabila Ahead of Tshisekedi - BBC

Clashes Erupt in Congo Ahead of Vote Results - Reuters

Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Before International Court - VOA

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo in The Hague - BBC

Former Ivory Coast Strongman Appears at Hague Court - NYT

UN Toughens Sanctions on Eritrea - BBC

UN Council Expands Eritrea Sanctions Over Somalia - Reuters



Mexican Contender in 'Name-Book Gaffe' - BBC

Uruguay Army: No Crimes Cover-up - BBC


Asia Pacific

North Korea Making Missile Able to Hit US - WT

US Envoy to North Korea to Visit South Korea, China, Japan - AP

Filipino Cops Find Blood in Search for Kidnapped Australian - AP

Indonesia Ratifies Global Ban on Nuclear Tests - AP

UN Expert Urges Vietnam to Close Rehab Centers - AP



Europe at Crossroads - WSJ

Ratings Agency Warns Euro Nations - BBC

Sarkozy, Merkel Agree on Steps to Save Euro Currency Union - VOA

Sarkozy and Merkel Push for Changes to Europe Treaty - NYT

Merkel, Sarkozy Call for New Euro-Zone Treaty - WP

Majority Narrows for Putin's Party in Russia, Violations Mar Vote - VOA

Voters Watch Polls in Russia, and Fraud Is What They See - NYT

Monitors Find Russian Elections Flawed - WP

Clinton Cites Serious Concerns in Russia Voting - AP

US Voices 'Serious Concerns' About Russia Vote - Reuters

Thousands Protest Russian Election - LAT

Thousands Protest Against Putin After Russia Vote - AP

Russian Protesters Accuse Putin's Party of Rigging Vote - AP

Russia: Party’s Losses Raise Concerns About Putin’s Bid - NYT

Putin's Dilemma: How to Win Back Russian Voters? - Reuters

Spring in the Russian Air? - WP editorial

France to Test Nuclear Plant Security After Greenpeace Occupation - VOA

World Court Rules Against Greece in Macedonia Case - AP

Voters Oust Governments In Croatia, Slovenia - VOA

Belgium Finally Appoints Cabinet - BBC

Belgium's Government to Be Sworn in After 541 Days - AP


South Asia

India Urges Screening of Internet - BBC