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4 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Coalition Forces in Afghanistan Work to Prevent Insider Attacks - VOA

US Seeks More Scrutiny to Stop Afghan Insider Attacks - WT

Afghan Commander Suspected of Acting as Crime Boss - S&S

SC National Guard Soldiers in Farmer-to-Farmer Afghan Aid - AP

British Soldier in US 'Friendly Fire' Afghanistan Death - BBC

Why Australia Must Bear Karzai a Bit Longer - SMH opinion



Pakistan Blast Injures 2 US Diplomats - WP

US Vehicle Is Rammed by a Bomber in Pakistan - NYT

Suicide Bomber Wounds 2 Americans in Pakistan - AP

Clinton Condemns Attack on US Personnel in Pakistan - VOA

Clinton Decries Violence in Northwestern Pakistan - AP



Syria Says No Dialogue Before it Crushes Rebels - AP

Syrian Activists: Air Strike Kills 18 in North - VOA

'Deadly Strike' in Syria's Aleppo - BBC

Damascus Car Bomb Kills Four People - WP

Rebels Hit Army Headquarters in Damascus - Reuters

France Warns Syria on Chemical Weapons Use - VOA

Syrian Children Offer Glimpse of a Future of Reprisals - NYT

Syrian Minister Assails Egyptian and Turkish Leaders - NYT

China Says Syria Situation Worsening, Still Opposes Intervention - Reuters

Red Cross Chief Holds Aid Talks With Syria's Assad - Reuters

Philippines Steps Up Repatriations from Syria - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Stronger Red Lines for Iran Could Prevent Conflict, Netanyahu Says - DPA

Hezbollah: Iran Could Strike U.S. Bases if Israel Attacks - Reuters

Hezbollah Chief Says Group Has No Chemical Weapons - AP

Bahrain Rejects Activists' Appeal - BBC

Bahrain Upholds Life Sentences for Opposition Activists - AP

Jordan’s King Cancels Fuel Price Rise in Face of Protest - NYT

Israeli Police Say Vandals Deface Monastery - AP

Egypt and US Near Deal on Debt Relief - WP

US Prepares to Cut $1 Billion From Egypt’s Debt - NYT

Veiled Female News Anchor May Signal Waning of Secular Egypt - VOA

Algeria Appoints New PM After Months of Delay - Reuters


US Department of Defense

With Military at ‘Turning Point’ Panetta Avoids Bold Moves - WP

Budget Cuts Loom Over Plans for F-35 at Nellis AFB - AP


United States

Will Looming Defense Cuts Play Role in Elections? - S&S

Budget Cuts Mean No Live 'Taps' at NY Military Funerals - Newsday

Former Navy Swimmer, Blinded by Bomb, is Golden at Paralympics - VOA

Labor Day: A Changed US Holiday - VOA

The 50 Most Powerful Republicans on Foreign Policy - FP opinion

50 Most Powerful Democrats on Foreign Policy - FP opinion

When It Pays to Talk to Terrorists - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

UK Calls for Ecuador Talks on Assange - BBC

UK: Ecuador Must Resume Talks Over WikiLeaks’ Assange - AP

Police Fire Baton Rounds in Belfast Riot - BBC

47 Officers Hurt During Belfast Riot Over Parade - AP



South Africa Mine Strikes, Shootings Spread - VOA

South Africa Police Fire Teargas as Mine Unrest Spreads - Reuters

South Africa Frees Marikana Miners - BBC

Kenya Government Spokesman Resigns, Runs for Governor - VOA

Dos Santos, MPLA Claim Big Win in Angola - VOA

Disappearing Herds Threaten Culture, Livelihoods in Uganda - VOA

Charity Warns on Liberia Logging - BBC

Shady Deals Threaten Liberian Rainforest - Reuters

Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits - NYT

Madagascar: 67 Alleged Cattle Rustlers Killed - AP



Mexico Pres Seeks to Cement Legacy in Last Address - AP

Colombia: FAEC Rebels Confirm Peace Talks - BBC

Colombia 'Queen of Cocaine' Shot Dead - BBC

Shooting Injures 4 After Venezuela Vote Drill - AP

Venezuela, Indigenous Groups Dispute Amazon Massacre - Reuters

Brazil: The World’s Best Foreign Minister - FP opinion


Asia Pacific / Central

In China, Clinton Will Push for Talks Over Disputed Islands - NYT

Clinton to Urge ASEAN Unity on South China Sea - AP

Clinton Urges ASEAN Sea Row Unity - BBC

Chinese Leadership Reshuffle Revives Another High-level Scandal - WP

Chinese Ship Goes to Honolulu for 1st US Visit - AP

China: Military Official Suspended in Assault Case - BBC

China Faces New Scandal Over Crash of a Ferrari - NYT

Playboy Death New Wrinkle in China's Power Shuffle - AP

China Gives Cambodia Aid and Thanks for ASEAN Help - Reuters

Glint of Economic Reform in North Korea - WP

Philippine Police Tighten Security in Manila After Bomb Parts Found - AP

What to Do About China’s Arms Sales to Africa - WP editorial

World's Gaze Turns to the South Pacific - TD opinion

Canada Cozies Up to China - NI opinion



New Energy Between Cold War Foes Turkey, Russia - WT

Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain - NYT

In Ruined Apartments, a Symbol of Ireland’s Fall - NYT

French Far Right to Campaign Against Euro Treaty - AP

Romania Government Support Slips but Set to Win Election - Reuters

OSCE Decries Azerbaijan-Armenia Tensions - AP

Azeri Killer Safarov: Concern Over Armenian Anger - BBC


South Asia

China, India Defense Chiefs Meet in Sign of Thaw - AP

Crops in India Wilt in a Weak Monsoon Season - NYT

India: Assam Refugees Afraid to Return - WP

Indian Police Raid Mining Firms - BBC

Companies Raided as India's 'Coalgate' Scandal Widens - Reuters

Israel Wants Hitler Clothing Shop in India Renamed - AP