Small Wars Journal

4 March SWJ Roundup

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

U.S. Prepares for Possible Rise of Islamist Regimes - Washington Post

Terror Quiets Libyan Capital as Rebels Battle in East - New York Times

Gaddafi Forces Launch New Airstrikes - Washington Post

Fear Stalks the Streets of Gadhafi's Capital - Wall Street Journal

Kadafi Forces Show Libya's NW Under Govt. Control - Los Angeles Times

Rebels Say No Talks Unless Gaddafi Goes - BBC News

Rebels Reinforce Key Libyan Oil Port in East - Associated Press

Libyan Rebels, Gaddafi Forces Battle for Oil Sites - Reuters

Obama Tells Qaddafi to Quit, Authorizes Refugee Airlifts - New York Times

Obama Open to Military Role in Libya - Washington Post

Obama: Gadhafi 'Must Leave' - Voice of America

Analysis: No Quiet or Quick Exit Seen for Gaddafi - Reuters

U.S. Senators Advocate No-Fly Zone Over Libya - Voice of America

Key Lawmakers Back No-Fly Zone Over Libya - Los Angeles Times

Retired Brass Oppose Libya Action - Washington Times

Fear Libyan Arms May Find Way to Terrorists - New York Times

Libya's Hidden Wealth May Be Next Battle - New York Times

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Warns Libya - Voice of America

International Criminal Court Begins Libya Inquiry - New York Times

Qaddafi Said to Accept Venezuelan Offer for Help - New York Times

Egyptian PM Resigns Ahead of Protests - Washington Post

Egyptian Military Appoints New PM - Voice of America

Egypt's Generals Struggle in New Role - New York Times

Growing Debate Centers on Tunisia's Islamist Party - Voice of America

Tunisia Interim President Calls for Election - Washington Post

Tunisia President Calls Election - BBC News

Growing Refugee Crisis at Tunisian Border Town - Associated Press

Bahrain's Shiite Opposition Set to Talk to Rulers - Associated Press

A Warning to Would-be Interventionists - Washington Post opinion

Huntington's Clash Revisited - New York Times opinion

From Baghdad to Benghazi - Washington Post opinion

From Lebanon, With Pessimism and Hope - New York Times opinion


'Maliki Starting to Act Like Saddam' - Washington Post

Iraqi Coalition Leader Balks at Post - New York Times

Bomber Kills Nine at Haditha Bank - BBC News

Public Affairs NCO Teams with Iraqi Counterparts - AFPS


Ex-FBI Agent Who Disappeared in Iran is Alive - Washington Post

U.S. Says Lost Former Agent May Be Imprisoned - New York Times

Years After Vanishing in Iran, U.S. Man Proven Alive - Associated Press

Iran's Misfortune? - Washington Post opinion


Violent Spring Looming in Afghanistan - Washington Post

Obama Says He Deeply Regrets Civilian Deaths - New York Times

General Apologizes for Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan - AFPS

'AfPak Hands' Strive for Cultural Awareness - AFPS

Helmand Province Makes Security Gains, Commander Says - AFPS

True-Life Grit - National Review interview with Bing West

One More Afghan Surge - Washington Post opinion


Pakistan: 'Blood Money' Might Win Davis Release - Washington Post

Lawyer Says 'Blood Money' Best Way to Free Davis - Associated Press

Pakistani Court Delays Murder Charges Against American - New York Times

Pakistani Trial for CIA Employee to Go On - Associated Press

U.S. Tried to Protect Pakistani Official Bhatti - New York Times

Mourners to Bury Slain Pakistani Christian Leader - Associated Press

Another Brave Man Killed - New York Times editorial

Frankfurt Airport Shooting

German Officials: Suspect Confesses to Shooting of U.S. Airmen - VOA

Suspect in Fatal Shooting of U.S. Airmen Confesses - Washington Post

Shooting Suspect Had Links to Radical Islamists - Wall Street Journal

Inquiry Eyes Extremism in Attack on U.S. Airmen - New York Times

Suspect in Airport Shooting Recently Radicalized - Associated Press

An Easy Target at Frankfurt Airport? - Stars and Stripes

U.S. Department of Defense

Advice to Rumsfeld, from Gingrich, Wolfowitz & Co. - Washington Post

Budget Provides Funds to Balance Army, Casey Says - AFPS

Navy Seeks New Landing Craft Proposals - Navy Times

Four Senior Enterprise Officers Censured - Washington Times

Navy Admiral Recommends Censures Over Videos - Associated Press

Harvard Welcomes ROTC Back to Campus - Washington Post

United States

Holder: Gitmo May Stay Open Beyond 2012 - The Hill

Police Chiefs Wary of Immigration Role - New York Times


Fighting Continues Along Contested Sudan Border - New York Times

U.N.: Women Flee Sudan's Contested Abyei, Shots Heard - Reuters

Ivory Coast Headed for Civil War, Analysts Fear - Los Angeles Times

Women Said to Be Killed at Ivory Coast Protest - New York Times

Ivorian Forces Kill 7, Post-Election Toll Hits 365 - Reuters

Bomb Explodes at Nigerian Political Rally, Kills 3 - Associated Press

U.N. Panel Calls for Fund to Help Rape Victims in DRC - VOA


WikiLeaks' Severe Damage to U.S.-Mexico Relations - Washington Post

U.S. and Mexico Announce Progress on Trucking - New York Times

Mexico Census: Fewer Migrating, Many Returning - Associated Press

Ex-General's Convoy in Mexico Attacked - Wall Street Journal

8 Mexican Troops Arrested for Transporting Cocaine - Associated Press

U.S., Mexico: Promises to Keep - Washington Post opinion

Morales: DEA Not Coming Back to Bolivia - Associated Press

Colombia: New Gold Rush Fuels Old Conflict - New York Times

Trial Against US Contractor Starts in Cuba - Associated Press

Haitian Candidate Wary of Aristide's Planned Return - Reuters

Asia Pacific

China Beefs Up Military Spending - BBC News

China Defense Budget to Stir Regional Disquiet - Reuters

China Threatens to Expel Foreign Journalists - Voice of America

China Tightens Controls on Foreign Press - New York Times

Vietnam Protests Chinese Military Drills - Associated Press

North Korea: A Nation in the Dark - Los Angeles Times opinion

A Futile Message to Pyongyang - Los Angeles Times opinion


7 More Journalists Detained in Turkey - New York Times

South Asia

Bangladesh Nobel Winner Begins Legal Fight Over Removal - Reuters