Small Wars Journal

4 April SWJ Roundup


Third Day of Afghan Protests Begin - Voice of America

Afghans Protest Koran Burning for Third Day - New York Times

Koran Burning Protests Continue for Third Straight Day - Washington Post

9 More Killed in Protests over Koran-burning - Los Angeles Times

Koran Protests in Kandahar and Jalalabad - BBC News

Quran Protests Spread to Turbulent Afghan East - Associated Press

More Violence Rattles Afghanistan after U.N. Killings - Reuters

Petraeus Says Quran Burning Endangers War Effort - Wall Street Journal

Petraeus Condemns Quran Burning as Protests Rage On - CNN News

22 Killed in Protests over Quran Burning - Christian Science Monitor

Inside the Massacre at Afghan Compound - Wall Street Journal

U.N. Staff Were Hunted Down and Slaughtered - Daily Telegraph

Taliban Exploits Afghan Riots - Los Angeles Times

2 American Soldiers Killed by Afghan Police - New York Times

NATO: 2 Service Members Killed in Inside Attack - Associated Press

Military Spends Billions on ISR Gear in Afghanistan - TG Daily

New Black Hawk Helicopters to Accompany 82nd - Fayetteville Observer

Press Yawns at Story Worse than Abu Ghraib - Washington Times opinion


Bombs Kill 42 at Shrine in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan Sufi Shrine Suicide Attack 'Kills 41' - BBC News

Taliban Twin Bombers Kill 42 at Pakistani Shrine - Associated Press

Suicide Blasts at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan Kill 41 - Reuters

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

2 Qaddafi Sons Said to Offer Plan to Push Father Out - New York Times

Gaddafi Emissary Meets Greek Leader in Athens - Washngton Post

Rebel Leadership in Libya Shows Strain - New York Times

Rebels Just Learning How to Use their Guns - Los Angeles Times

Libyan Rebels Fight Gadhafi Forces in East - Voice of America

Fighting Resumes in Key Cities - BBC News

Gaddafi Envoy in Europe as Turkey Rescues Wounded - Reuters

Italy Says Gadhafi Must Leave Power - Associated Press

A Big Brother World in Tripoli - Washington Post

Obama's Selective Outrage - Washington Times opinion

Bombing by International Consensus - National Review opinion


U.S. Shifts to Seek Removal of Leader, an Ally - New York Times

Yemen Toll Rises as U.S. Said to Press Saleh to Go - Reuters

Yemen Police Fire on Protesters in South - Voice of America

Police Open Fire on Protesters in Taiz - BBC News

At Least 12 Protesters Killed by Gunfire in Yemen's Taiz - Reuters

Activists: Yemeni Police Attack Women With Sticks - Associated Press

Yemen Protesters Clash With Police, 409 Wounded - Reuters

Troops Fire on Yemen Protest, 6 Killed, 30 Wounded - Associated Press


Tense Calm as Latest Crackdown Victims Buried - New York Times

Thousands Gather in Damascus for Funerals - Daily Telegraph

Syria Gets New Government as Demonstrations Continue - VOA

Minister to Form Cabinet as Douma Buries Dead - BBC News

Syrian Ex-Minister to Form Government - Associated Press


Is Iraq the New Forgotten War? - Stars and Stripes

Republicans Slam Obama's Strategy of Contractors - Washington Times

Two U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq - United Press International

2 Dead, 20 Wounded in Separate Attacks - CNN News

U.S. Works To Help Iraq's Air Force Take Off - NPR

Time Runs Out in Iraq - Washington Post editorial

Iraq Remains in State of Paralysis - Gulf News opinion


Gulf Bloc Strongly Condemns Iran Over Bahrain - Associated Press

Gulf Arabs States Reject Iran 'Interference' - Reuters


Bahrain Says Suspends Opposition Paper Over 'Lies' - Reuters

Editors Quit to Save Bahraini Newspaper From Ban - Associated Press


Libyan Intervention May Be a Turning Point - New York Times

Israel / Palestinians

Gaza Report Author Softens Conclusions - Los Angeles Times

Israel Grapples With Retraction on U.N. Report - New York Times

Israel Lauds War Crimes Investigator's Reversal - Associated Press

Israel Panel to Approve New East Jerusalem Flats - Associated Press

Israel at the Mercy of Multilateralism - The National opinion

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

Middle East: After the Uprising - The New Yorker opinion

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Efforts to Plug Japanese Reactor Leak Failing - New York Times

Long-term Radiation Release Predicted - Washington Post

Nuclear Plant Continues Radioactive Spill into Ocean - Los Angeles Times

Fukushima Plant Could Leak Radiation for Months - Voice of America

Japanese Nuclear Crisis Could Go on for Months - The Guardian

Engineers Pin Hopes on Polymer to Stop Nuke Leak - Associated Press

Another Bid to Stop Radioactive Leak Fails - United Press International

Japan to Release Radioactive Water Into the Sea - Reuters

At Chernobyl, a Model and Warning for Japan - Washington Post

United States

Deadline Looms for Federal Budget - Washington Post

President Intervenes in Budget Standoff - Los Angeles Times

GOP Asks for Troops to Remain at Border - Washington Times

House Subpoenas ATF Documents in Agent's Death - Washington Times

Fake Medals: Free Speech? - Christian Science Monitor


Ivory Coast Prepares for Another Day of Battles - Voice of America

U.N. Alarm at Ivory Coast Massacre - BBC News

France Takes Control of Airport in Ivory Coast - New York Times

Ivory Coast: French Forces Take over Abidjan Airport - BBC News

Armed and Ready, Ouattara Forces Await Ivory Coast End Game - Reuters

Ivory Coast: Abidjan Holds Its Breath, Awaiting Final Battle - Associated Press

Ivory Coast Calm as Rivals Hold Positions - Reuters

U.N. to Relocate Ivory Coast Staff - Washington Post

U.N. Evacuates Staff After Attacks in Ivory Coast - Reuters

Army Chief for Ivory Coast Strongman Leaves Refuge - Associated Press

Last-minute Halt to Nigeria Polls - BBC News

Nigeria Further Postpones Elections Over Problems - Associated Press

Somalia Creates New State, Azania - Associated Press

Allied Somali Forces Seize Town Near Kenya - Associated Press

Dutch Marines Kill 2 Pirates Off Somali Coast - Associated Press


Mexico City Street Gangs Mimic Cartel Violence - Associated Press

Mexican Police Catch Man Who Planted 'Whisky Bomb' - Associated Press

Venezuela Touts Agreements Signed on Chavez Tour - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

China: Dissident Artist Held as Crackdown Spreads - New York Times

Chinese Artist Arrested in Crackdown - Washington Post

Generation Change in N. Korean Army - Chosun Ilbo

Destination DMZ: Tourist Spot Offers Close-up Look - Stars and Stripes

Wide Support for Democracy Activist in Vietnam - New York Times

Vietnamese Dissident Lawyer Gets 7 Years in Prison - Associated Press

Clash Between Filipino Rebels, Rivals Kills 11 - Associated Press

Central Asia

Nazarbayev Wins Landslide Victory in Kazakhstan - New York Times

Kazakh Hails Win, OSCE Urges More Reform - Reuters

International Monitors Slam Kazakh Vote - Associated Press


Defense Officials Discuss Black Sea Security - Associated Press

N. Ireland Leaders Seek Plan to Stop IRA Dissidents - Associated Press

German Foreign Minister to Quit Party Post - Associated Press

Italy: Berlusconi Faces Trial Battles as Ruby Case Looms - Reuters

South Asia

Cricket Victory Brings Relief From Scandal in India - New York Times

Bangladesh Protest Against Women's Rights Left One Dead - BBC News