Small Wars Journal

30 September SWJ Roundup


Petraeus Fights Time, Enemy in Afghanistan - Washington Times

Top Al Qaeda Figures Reported Killed - Los Angeles Times

NATO Confirms Senior Al-Qaida Commander Killed - Associated Press

U.N. Says Afghan Election a Positive Sign - Associated Press

U.N.: Afghan Opium Production Halved in 2010 - Associated Press

Afghan Opium Production 'Halved' - BBC News

Car Bomber in South Afghanistan Kills 3 Civilians - Associated Press

Grisly Allegations in War-crimes Probe of Army Staff Sgt. - Washington Post

Senator Wants Afghanistan Funds Inspector Fired - Reuters

U.S. Judge Grants Bond to Man In Afghan Murder Case - Reuters


Pakistan Halts NATO Supplies to Afghanistan After Attack - New York Times

Pakistan Blocks NATO's Afghan-bound Supplies - Washington Post

Pakistan Says NATO Copters Kill 3 Soldiers - Los Angeles Times

Pakistan Halts NATO Supplies After Border Attack - Reuters

NATO Chopper Kills 3 Pakistani Troops - Associated Press

Pakistan Says 3 Soldiers Killed In NATO Strike - Reuters

Pakistan Government on Rocky Ground - Washington Post

Musharraf: Pakistan's Military Need Political Role - Associated Press

Video Hints at Executions by Pakistanis - New York Times

Terror Plot in Europe Prompted Palistan Drone Strikes - Associated Press

New Focus on Europeans Who Have Traveled to Pakistan - Washington Post

Obama's Wars

Obama's Wars - Washington Post full coverage

Military Thwarted President Seeking Choice - Washington Post (Pt. 1)

Biden Warned Obama Not to Become 'Locked In' - Washington Post (Pt. 2)

Obama: '... the cancer is in Pakistan' - Washington Post (Pt. 3)

The War Over the War - Washington Post editorial

The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight, or Shut Up - Washington Post opinion


Attacks on Baghdad Green Zone Surge - New York Times

U.S. General: Iraq Political Limbo Fuels Violence - Associated Press

Political Impasse Deters Iraqis From Going Home - Reuters

Failed Bank Heist in Baghdad Leaves 2 Police Dead - Associated Press

Investment A "Success Story" In Iraqi Kurdistan - Reuters

Britain Suffered Defeat in Iraq, Says U.S. General - BBC News


U.S. Sanctions Iranian Officials for Rights Violations - Voice of America

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 8 Iran Officials for Crackdown - New York Times

U.S. Sanctions on Iranian Officials for Human Rights Abuses - Washington Post

U.S. Sanctions 8 Officials Accused of Rights Abuses - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Targets Eight Iranian Officials Over Abuses - Reuters

Sanctions Prompt Concerns about Rial's Value as Currency - Washington Post

Iran Protesters' Kin Give Killers Reprieve, Demand Senior Officials Tried - VOA

In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates: Military Faces Strains After Decade of War - Reuters

Four Suicides in a Week Take a Toll on Fort Hood - New York Times

Virginia Fights Cuts To Defense - Wall Street Journal

Lynn: 'Jointness' Will Continue After Command Closes - AFPS

Carter Details Acquisitions Savings Plan to Congress - AFPS

United States

Gates Fears Wider Gap Between Country and Military - New York Times

DEA: Mail Workers in Puerto Rico Trafficked Drugs - Associated Press

Shady Secrets - New York Times editorial

United Kingdom

U.K. Defense Sec'y Warns Spending Cuts Too Brutal - Associated Press

United Nations

U.N. Summit Ends With Call to Action Beyond Rhetoric - Associated Press


Sudan: Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold - New York Times opinion

Sudan Delays Voters' Registration - BBC News

Spain Holds 'Africa al-Qaeda Funder' - BBC News

Constitution Meetings Spark Human Rights Abuses in Zimbabwe - VOA

Nigerian President Orders Police to Rescue Kidnapped Children - VOA

U.N. Lifts Arms Embargo on Sierra Leone - Associated Press

Congo Sex Abuse Victims to Speak - BBC News

Americas and Caribbean

Central American Leaders Plead for More U.S. Anti-drug Help - Washington Post

Hitmen Kill Mexican Mayors as Drugs War Intensifies - Reuters

Mexican Marines Capture 30 Drug Suspects - Associated Press

Mudslide in Mexico Less Severe Than Feared - New York Times

Final Results Give Chavez Slim Venezuela Vote Win - Reuters

Gang Battle in Venezuela Prison - BBC News

Chile Mine Rescue Hopes Raised - BBC News

As Cuba Prepares to Drill for Oil, Fears Surface - New York Times

U.S. Names Special Coordinator for Haiti Response - Associated Press

Murder Charge for Leader of Trinidad Islamic Group - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Korean Military Talks End With No Progress - New York Times

Korean Talks End With No Progress - Associated Press

North Korea Vows to Strengthen "Nuclear Deterrent" - Reuters

Top U.S. Diplomat Heads to Asia as N. Korea Addresses Leadership - VOA

North Korean Supreme Leader's Son Elevated to Key Posts - Voice of America

North Korean Defectors Not Surprised by Promotion of Leader's Son - VOA

Young Kim's Debut Isn't Exactly Picture-perfect - Los Angeles Times

N. Korea Prints Photos of Heir Apparent Kim Jong Un - Associated Press

North Korea's Leader-In-Waiting Goes on Show - Reuters

U.S., China Resuming Military Dialogue - Reuters

Japan Defence Chief Eyes China Talks - Reuters

China Reportedly Releases 3 Japanese - New York Times

China Releases 3 Japanese But Isle Dispute Lingers - Reuters

Chinese Developers Tap Into Japanese Insecurity - New York Times

China Vows to Continue to Reduce Carbon Emissions - Voice of America

Indonesia Mulls Moving Its Bursting Capital - Associated Press

Indonesian Militant Hurt by Bicycle Bomb Blast - Associated Press


Commando-Style Terror Plot Targeted Europe - Voice of America

Coordinated Militant Attack Plot Disrupted - Reuters

Europeans Play Down Reports of New Qaeda Threats - New York Times

Terror Plot in Europe Prompted Pakistan Drone Strikes - Associated Press

New Focus on Europeans Who Have Traveled to Pakistan - Washington Post

Mayor's Fall Doesn't Settle Who Rules in Russia - New York Times

Russia Reopens Probes Into Journalist Killings - Reuters

Clinton Sets Balkans Trip to Advance Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue - VOA

Europe Hit by Widespread Strikes - Voice of America

Workers in Europe Protest Austerity Measures - New York Times

France Escapes E.U. Discrimination Charge Over Roma Gypsies - VOA

France Faces European Action After Expulsions - New York Times

Middle East

U.S. Envoy Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Rescue Mideast Talks - VOA

Mitchell and Ashton Bid to Save Middle East Peace Talks - BBC News

Palestinians Dig in Ahead of Talks With U.S. Envoy - Associated Press

U.N. Endorses Report Accusing Israel of Flotilla Executions - Washington Post

U.N. Rights Body Backs Critique Of Gaza Flotilla Raid - Reuters

Al-Qaida Suspects Ambush Yemeni Governor's Convoy - Associated Press

Hezbollah to Block Financing for Hariri Tribunal - Associated Press

Web Tastes Freedom Inside Syria, and It's Bitter - New York Times

How Obama Can Help Foster Democracy in Egypt - Washington Post editorial

South Asia

India, Pakistan Trade Barbs on Kashmir - Voice of America

India's New Identification Efforts Aimed at the Poor - Voice of America

India Braces for Violence Amid Holy Site Verdict - Associated Press

Mosque Verdict Keeps India on Security Tenterhooks - Reuters