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30 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Director: Agency to Get Aggressive with Fraud, Waste in Afghanistan - VOA

Contractor Crackdown in Afghanistan - WP

US Mulls Transfer of Taliban Prisoner in Perilous Peace Bid - Reuters

Two French Troops Shot Dead by Afghan Soldier, Officials Say - LAT

2 French Soldiers Killed By an Afghan In Uniform - NYT

Afghan-NATO Raids Kill, Capture Taliban Commanders - AP

Afghan, Coalition Forces Partner to Destroy Explosives - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistani Officials Acknowledge Closer Ties with China - VOA

Police Surgeon Gunned Down in Pakistan - VOA

Gunmen Kill Prominent Pakistani Police Surgeon - AP



Syrian Forces Kill 25 as Monitors Visit More Regions - VOA

Dozens of Protesters Killed as Regime Forces Open Fire - TT

Syria Observers Face More Criticism - NYT

Syria Activists Urge Mass Rallies - BBC

Foreign Monitors Energize Syrian Protests - AP

Syrians Plan Friday Protests as Monitors Visit - Reuters



Iran Warns US Over Strait of Hormuz - Reuters

Iranian Hormuz Oil Threat is Mostly Bluster, Observers Say - S&S

Iran Tweaks Tensions While Avoiding Fight - USAT

Iran Rejects US Warning Against Closing Strait of Hormuz - VOA

US Warns Iran Against Closing Hormuz Oil Route - AP

For Iran, Cost of Closing Strait May Outweigh Gain - AP

Iran Says it Recorded Video of US Aircraft Carrier - AP

Israeli Spy Chief Downplays Iranian Nuke Threat - WT

Iran and the Strait - NYT editorial

The Coming War with Iran - WT opinion



Egypt Raids Offices of Nonprofits, 3 Backed by US - NYT

Security Forces Raid Offices of US, Other Democracy Groups - WP

Egyptian NGO Group Offices Raided - BBC

Egypt Raids Foreign Organizations' Offices in Crackdown - LAT

Egypt Forces Storm Charity Buildings Across Country - TT

Egypt Rights Groups Condemn Raids on Their Offices - AP

A Threat to Egypt’s Hopes - WP opinion


Saudi Arabia

US Announces Saudi Arms Deal Amid Gulf Tensions - VOA

US to Sell F-15 Fighters to Saudi Arabia - AFPS

With $30 Billion Arms Deal, U.S. Bolsters Saudi Ties - NYT

US Touts Saudi Arabia Jet Deal as a Security, Economic Boon - WP

US Sells $30bn in Jets to Saudis - BBC

US finalizes deal to sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Settlement Outposts at Root of Jewish Violence in West Bank - LAT

Gaza and Israel: Unlikely Trade Partners - AP

Israeli Air Strike Kills Leader of Al Qaeda Affiliate in Gaza - Reuters

Israeli Airstrike on Gaza Kills 1 Militant - AP

UN Complains to Iraq Over Attack on Dissident Camp - Reuters

Bahrain to Try 5 Police Officers for Torture - AP


US Department of Defense

Civilian Contractors Playing Key Roles in US Drone Operations - LAT

For Troops, Many Happy Returns - WT

Challenging the Navy’s Numbers - WP opinion


United States

No Military Custody for Al Qaeda - WP opinion



'Air Raids' Kill South Sudanese - BBC

Foreign Aid Worker Killed, Colleague Wounded in Somali Capital - NYT

Somalia: Wounded MSF Worker Dies; 5 Shabab Killed - AP

Partial Results: Congo Legislative Races Close - AP

'Record Year' for Ivory Seizures - BBC



US Targets Money Laundering Activity for Mexican and Colombia Cartels - AP

Drug War Challenges Costa Rica - WP

Venezuela: US Rejects Chavez Cancer Comments - BBC

Across Brazil, Plummeting Birth Rates - WP

Jamaican Opposition Wins Election - BBC

Jamaica's Opposition Wins Elections in a Landslide - AP


Asia Pacific

Space Plan From China Broadens Challenge to US - NYT

China Warns of Slowing Economic Growth Rates - VOA

China's Factories Falter, Pro-Growth Policies Eyed - Reuters

At Least 8 Dead in Ethnic Fighting in Western China - LAT

US-Trained China Official Behind Blind Activist's Jailing - Reuters

China Executes 12 People in Single Day - AP

At Huge Rally, North Koreans Declare Kim Their Leader - NYT

Ceremonies Cement Kim as 'Supreme' in N. Korea - WT

N. Korea Vows No Engagement With South’s President - NYT

North Korea: 'Expect No Change' - BBC

North Korea Vows No Softening Despite New Leader - AP

N. Korea's New Leaders Lash Out at South Korea and Allies - Reuters

North Korean Refugees Seek Freedom Via Thailand - VOA

Trapped in North Korea - WP opinion



Russians Rally for Activist in Hopes of Inspiring a Movement - NYT

Russia: Disputed Voting Turns Church, a Kremlin Ally, Into Critic - NYT

Russian Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire - VOA

Russian Firefighters Submerge Nuclear Sub to Control Blaze - NYT

Russian Nuclear Submarine Fire Contained But Not Out - BBC

No Radiation Threat in Fire on Russian Nuclear Sub - AP

Some Crew Still Aboard Burning Russian Nuclear Sub - AP

Civilian Deaths Claimed in Turkish Airstrike -VOA

Turkish Airstrikes Kill Smugglers Mistaken for Kurdish Separatists - NYT

Turkey: Strikes Kill 35 People Mistaken for Rebels - AP

Italian Premier’s Plan to Stimulate Growth in Struggling Economy - NYT

Spain Set to Fire Opening Salvos in Austerity Drive - Reuters

Ukraine Ex-PM Tymoshenko Moved to Jail-Prison Service - Reuters


South Asia

Bill to Create Anticorruption Agency Stalls in India - NYT

Vote Delayed on Indian Anti-graft Bill - WP

India Graft Bill Delay Condemned - BBC