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3 November SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan Consults Neighbors on Security - NYT

Karzai: Afghanistan Needs Help to Fight Terrorist Groups - VOA

Karzai Terror Warning as Afghanistan Summit Begins - BBC

Afghanistan’s Neighbors Pledge Aid - WP

NATO, Afghans Struggle to Replace Private Security Firms - AP

Suicide Bomber, Insurgents Attack Afghan Company - AP

Blast, Fighting Heard Near West Afghan NATO Compound - Reuters

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Four Soldiers Killed in Kabul Convoy are Identified - S&S

Evidence Points to US Soldier's Hand in Afghan Atrocities - VOA

Pentagon Adds Phase for Afghanistan Campaign Medal - S&S



Senators: Next Weeks is Key to US-Pakistan Ties - AFP


Pakistan / India

Pakistan to Normalize Trade With Rival India - VOA

Pakistan Boosts Trade Ties with India - WP

Pakistan Grants India 'Most Favored Nation' status - CSM

Pakistan Boosts India Trade Links - BBC

Pakistan Grants Trade Concessions to India, Boosting Peace - Bloomberg



Three Explosions Kill at Least 7 in Southern Iraq - LAT

Triple Bombings in Southern Iraqi Oil City Kill 7 - AP

Bombs Kill at Least Six in Iraq's Baquba - Reuters

Iraqi Officials: Bombings Kill 6 Security Guards - AP

As Troops Leave, US Seeks Custody of Key Detainee - Reuters

Iran’s Waning Influence on Iraq - WP opinion

Iraq’s Looming Massacre - WT opinion



Arab League Says Syria Accepts Plan for Talks - NYT

Syria Agrees to Arab League Peace Plan - WP

Syria Signs Arab League Deal to Pull Back Military - LAT

Syrian Acceptance of Arab League Plan Met with Skepticism - TG

US Cautions on Syria Deal, Says Assad Must Go - Reuters

Pressure on Syria's Assad to Implement Peace Deal - Reuters

Syrian Army Defectors 'Kill 15' - BBC

Can the Arab League and Turkey Stop the Slaughter? - WP editorial



UN Chief in Libya on First Visit Since Uprising - VOA

Ban Says UN Stands by New Libya on Tripoli Visit - AFP

UN Chief to Libya: Secure Weapons - WP

UN Chief Offers Libya Help With Nuclear Material - Reuters

Libya Struggles to Secure Loose Weapons - AP

Prosecutor Will Investigate All Sides in Libya - AP

Gaddafi Son Saif 'Trying to Flee' - BBC

ICC: Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi May Try to Flee Libya - Reuters



Diplomat Says Yemeni Transition Deal Imminent - VOA

Ancient City Anchors Political Standoff in Yemen - NYT

9 Killed in Clashes in Central Yemen - AP



'UK Speeding Up Planning for Potential US-led Iran Attack' - JP

Israeli Missile Test, Air Drill Heat Up Talk of Attack on Iran - WT

Poll Shows Strong Israeli Support for Iran Attack - AP

Iran Vows to 'Punish' Israel for Any Attack - LAT

Khamenei Accuses US of 'Terror' Attacks in Iran - Reuters

Iranian Soccer Players Could Face Lashing after Victory Groping - WP

Iran’s Waning Influence on Iraq - WP opinion

Will Israel Really Attack Iran? - WP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

US, Peace Talks Hurt Most by Palestinian UNESCO Bid - Reuters

PLO to Pursue Statehood Despite Israeli Measures - Reuters

US Vexed by Israeli, Palestinian Actions - AP

Anger at Israeli Settlement Plan - BBC

E. Jerusalem Construction 'Not a Punishment,' Says Netanyahu - CNN

Israeli PM Defends East Jerusalem Construction - AP

Israel Tests a Long-Range Missile - NYT

Israeli Army Tests Rocket System - BBC

Pro-Palestinian Activists Sail From Turkey to Gaza - Reuters

Israeli Navy Tracking Small Gaza-bound Flotilla from Turkey - JP

Israel Ready to Stop Boats Heading for Gaza - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Libya and Tunisia Share a Goal: Development - NYT

Army Role Eyed as Egypt Election Campaign Begins - Reuters

Egypt's Military Promises Pardon for Hundreds of Civilians - TG

Rights Coalition Says UAE Activist Trial 'Unfair' - AP

The New Mideast Game - WP opinion

The Overblown Islamist Threat - NYT opinion



WikiLeaks Founder Can Be Extradited to Sweden in Sex Abuse Case - NYT

Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal - WP

Wikileaks' Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal - BBC

Assange Extradition Appeal Denied - CSM

UK Court: Assange Can be Extradited - Reuters

Assange Weighs Options After Losing Extradition Appeal - LAT

Assange Prepares Supreme Court Challenge in Extradition Battle - TT

Assange Must Go to Sweden, High Court Extradition Loophole - TG

Secrecy at the Heart of Assange's World - Reuters

WikiLeaks: A Look Back at Developments in the Case - VOA

Timeline: WikiLeaks Saga - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Service Chiefs: Sequestration Damage Could be Irreversible - AFPS

Joint Chiefs Warn of Proposed Cuts - WP

Military Chiefs Warn Against Cuts - WP

Military Chiefs Warn Against Bigger Defense Cuts - AP

Leon Panetta: Don’t Gut Our Defenses - Politico

Navy to Review Carrier Move Over Budget Concerns - S&S

GAO: Defense Language Training Program Needs Improvement - GovExec

Faster, Meaner Apaches Allow Pilots to Control Drones During Battle - S&S

For Some Families, Marines Fall Short on Friendly-fire Protocol - WP

Military Policeman Held in Spy Case - AND

Inside the Ring - WT


United States

Russian Is Convicted in Arms-Trafficking Case - NYT

Arms Dealer Viktor Bout Convicted - WP

Viktor Bout Guilty of Arms Deal - BBC

Federal Jury in New York Convicts Russian Arms Dealer - AP

TSA to Expand Test for Faster Airport Security - AP

Georgia Men Held in Plot to Attack Government - NYT

Georgia Terror Plot Said to be Inspired by Novel - WP

Fed: 4 Georgia Men Got Terror Ideas from Underground Novel - AP

Ricin Plot in Georgia was a Long Shot, Experts Say - WP

Targeted Killings: An Effective Way to Fight Terrorism? - LAT opinion



Eritrea Says 'Not Flying Arms to al-Shabab' - BBC

Djibouti Adds 850 Soldiers to Peacekeeping Force in Somalia - NYT

Somalis Brace for Kenyan Air Assault - Reuters

Rebels Say Still Fighting in Sudan Oil State - Reuters

Nigeria Forces Search Homes for Boko Haram Weapons - Reuters

Rights Group Blasts Chinese Mines in Zambia - AP

US Concerned About Uganda’s Human Rights Record - VOA

Swelling Refugee Flows Stress Ethiopia Aid Camp - VOA



Some Hackers Fear Cyberattack will Provoke Mexican Drug Gang - WT

Mexico Mayor Slain Campaigning for President's Kin - AP

Mexico Finds 2 Tons of Marijuana in the Ocean - AP

Venezuela: Riot Kills 8 Inmates; 4 Police Hostage - AP


Asia Pacific

Chinese Spacecraft Dock in Orbit - BBC

China Allows Facial and Neck Tattoos to Join Army - NYT

North Korea Economy Contracts Again as Sanctions Bite - Reuters

Philippines Bans its Workers From 41 Countries - BBC

Philippine Govt, Rebels in Standoff Over Commander - AP

Thailand Police Say Insurgent Bomb Kills 6 in South - AP

Fears of Fission Rise at Stricken Japanese Plant - NYT



Greece Giving Voice to Euro-skepticism - WP

Pressure on Greece Ahead of G20 - BBC

At G-20 Summit, Greece Still the Problem - LAT

Greek Premier Pledges Vote in December on Debt Deal - NYT

Italy Strains to Resist the Tug of the Debt Whirlpool - NYT

Crisis Mounts Around Italy's Berlusconi - Reuters

Russia Declares Deal to Join Trade Group - NYT

Dempsey Calls for Increasing US Partnership with Turkey - AFPS

US Military Aids Quake Relief in Turkey - S&S

Satirical Magazine Is Firebombed in Paris - NYT

French Magazine Fire Bombed Ahead of 'Muhammad Edition' - FOX

French Satirical Paper Charlie Hebdo Attacked in Paris - BBC

Fire at French Newspaper after Muhammad Issue - AP

Croatia Arrests Ex-Minister for 1945 War Crimes - Reuters


South Asia

Nepal Takes Major Step Forward in Historic Peace Process - VOA

Nepal to Integrate 6,500 Maoist ex-Rebels into Army - LAT