Small Wars Journal

3 Jan SWJ News Roundup





Al-Qaida, Taliban Seek Pakistani Militants' Help   AP


 In Afghanistan, Poppy Growing Proves Resilient    NYT


Tortured Afghan Girl to Go to India for Treatment AP





NATO Hopes for Reopening of Pakistan Supply Route AP


 Iranian Border Guards Still in Pakistani CustodyBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AP


Pakistani Panel Begins Inquiry Into Memo





Arab League Sees Progress in Syria Mission; Snipers Remain 


Syria unrest: Arab League calls for end to shooting


Killings Go On in Syria, Arab League Says


Arab League Says Syria Withdrew Tanks From Cities    NYT


Arab League Says Syria Monitors Are Helping


Rebels Capture Syrian Troops in North: Opposition




American Awaits Verdict After Iran Spy Trial, Report Says


Iran Tests Naval Cruise Missile  NYT





Deadly Turkish Strike Felt by Kurdish Refugees in Iraq


Reports Differ of Attack on an Iraqi Minister


Iraq Official Warns of Abuse of Security Forces  AP


Analysis - Blocs Pursue Short-Term Fixes for Iraq Political Crisis


Iraqi Civilian Deaths Climb in 2011-Study



 How Iraq Can Define Its Destiny  NYT





American Groups Rebut Egyptian Accusations


Prosecutors to Sum Up in Mubarak Case



 *Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia Seeks Arrest of 23 Shi'ites for Unrest


Saudi to Apply Law for Women Only to Sell Lingerie AP



*Middle East / North Africa


Israeli Protest’s Invocation of Holocaust Is Condemned


Israelis, Palestinians to Meet but Prospects Bleak


Palestinians Hope Peace Efforts Can Be Salvaged  


Gaza Premier in Turkey, in First Official Trip Abroad


Tunisia Seeks Guarantee to Extradite Libyan Ex-PM  Reuters


American Groups Rebut Egyptian Accusations


Somali Militants Gather, Recruit at Border Town   AP

Libya Begins Plan to Elect Assembly


French Journalist Found Dead in Yemen   AP


Bahrain Says to Review Some Verdicts Over Unrest



*US Department of Defense

 Defense Bill Affects Pay, Separation Bonuses, More


*United States


Four Attacks in Queens With Homemade Firebombs  NYT


Authorities Probe Fire Attacks on 4 NYC Sites   AP


Fire Attacks at NYC Homes, Islamic Center Probed


Cars Are Set on Fire, and Los Angeles Is Set on Edge  NYT


‘Person of Interest’ Detained in LA Car Arson Case   AP


Occupy Protest Follows 123rd Annual Rose Parade   AP


Evidence Collected in Fire at Fla. Abortion Clinic   AP


Federal Officials Join Abortion Clinic Fire Probe


Acting Out War’s Inner Wounds  NYT





Militants Warn Southerners to Leave Northern Nigeria


Outcry in Nigeria as Fuel Prices More Than Double   AP


Nigerian Anger Heats Up as Petrol Prices Rocket     Reuters


Ex-Warlord Warns of South Nigeria Backlash at Boko Haram


Up to 50,000 Flee South Sudan Violence: U.N.


South Sudanese flee to escape deadly ethnic vendetta


South Sudan, UN Deploy Troops to Curb Ethnic Clashes


Congo Senate Chief Hospitalized in Paris After Attack





Venezuela Shrinks Nationalization Payment to Exxon


Mexico Gas Station Attendant Dies Seen as Hero  AP


Cuban Prisoner Dies During Hunger Strike




A Dilemma for Russian Leaders: To Suppress Protests or Not  NYT


Five Hurt in Cyprus in Protest Over British Bases


Tens of Thousands Protest Against Hungary Government


Russian Art Group Claims Attack on Police Van



 *South Asia


South Korea Says 'New Era' Possible for Koreas  AP


Myanmar Reduces Sentences for Many Prisoners   AP


Myanmar Cuts Prison Terms but No Political Amnesty