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3 December SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan Says Needs Billions Long After Troops Go - Reuters

ISAF Transfers Parwan Province Security to Afghan Forces - AFPS

Pentagon Will Teach Afghans to Prospect for High-Tech Minerals - S&S

2.6 Million Afghans at Risk of Hunger From Drought - AP

Kabul's Poor Demand Attention of Bonn Delegates - Reuters

Afghan Woman, Jailed for Being Raped, Wins Pardon - Reuters

Afghan Rape Victim 'Need Not Marry' - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills Civilian, Injures 60 Near US Base - LAT

NATO Says 3 Troops Killed in Eastern Afghanistan - AP



Pakistan to Respond ‘Instantly’ to Any Border Aggression - VOA

Pakistan Refuses to Help as US Sorts Out a Fatal Attack - NYT

Pakistani Model's Nude Photo Causes Fury - NYT



After an Explosion, Competing Ideas About the Target - NYT

Iraq PM: Green Zone Bomb Was Assassination Attempt - AP

Iraq Says PM Possible Target in Green Zone Bomb - Reuters

US Hands Over Former Military Hub to Iraq - VOA

US Hands Over Camp Victory to Iraq - WP

US Hands Camp Victory to Iraqis - BBC

Biden Expresses Gratitude to US, Iraqi Forces - AFPS

Logisticians Position State Department for Success in Iraq - AFPS



Attack on UK Embassy in Iran 'Had Support of the State' - BBC

British Ambassador Describes Mob Attack in Tehran - LAT

Expelled Iranian Diplomats Leave London - VOA

Expelled Iran Envoys Return Home - BBC

France to Bring Home Staff From Embassy in Iran - AP



Egypt Announces Record-High Voter Turnout - VOA

Egypt Announces 62% Poll Turnout - BBC

Egypt Election Turnout 62 Percent, Protesters Honor Dead - Reuters

Egypt's Islamists' Success: A Sign of Nation's Future, or Past? - VOA

Ultraconservative Party to Push for Islamic Egypt - AP

Egypt Islamists Tell Rivals to Accept Vote Result - Reuters



UN Says Action Needed to Prevent Civil War in Syria - NYT

UN Human Rights Council Condemns Syria - VOA

UN Rights Chief Seeks 'Urgent' Measures to Protect Civilians - LAT

UN Passes Tough Syria Resolution - BBC

Rights Body Condemns Syria; Shell Pulls Out - Reuters

Syrians Say They Are Feeling the Grip of Sanctions - NYT

Syria Bans iPhone to Stop Flow of Protest Footage - WP

French-Based Syrian Opposition Threatened - VOA

Syrian Activists: 18 Dead in Fresh Violence - AP

Fifteen Dead After Syrian Army Clashes With Rebels - Reuters

Sanctions Force Shell to Leave Syria - WP


Israel / Palestinians

Panetta Chides Israel Over Stalled Peace Process - WP

Defense Chief Says Israel Must Mend Arab Ties - NYT

Panetta: Israel Must Get to the 'Damn' Peace Table - Reuters

Israel Urged to End 'Isolation' - BBC

US Jewish Outcry Over Israeli Expat 'Return' Ads - BBC

Israel Ends Ad Campaign Aimed at Expatriates - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

In Turkey, Biden Talks About Iran and Syria - NYT

Panetta to Speak on Strategic Challenges in Middle East - AFPS

'New Wave of Repression' in Saudi Arabia - LAT

Saudi Report Claims Women at Wheel Will Have Sex - AP

Bahrain Hires US Ex-Police Chief - BBC

Yemen’s Opposition May Be Caught by Its Own Double Game - NYT

Two Dead as Shelling of Yemeni City Continues - Reuters

Troops and Tribesmen Battle in Central Yemen - NYT

Libyan Hospital Offers Refuge for Wounded Gaddafi Loyalists - WP

UN Mission in Libya Extended by 3 Months - AP

Islamists and Secularists in Tunisia Stand-Off - Reuters

The Arab Winter - WP opinion


United Nations

Preserving UNESCO - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

6th Fleet to Get Four Destroyers to Build Missile Defense System - S&S

The Risks of Military Cutbacks, The End of COIN - WP opinion

Hanging Up My Uniform to be a High School Teacher - WP opinion


United States

Police Officers Find Dissent on Drug Laws May Come With Price - NYT

VA Takes Heat for Suicide Prevention Struggles - S&S

Veterans Unemployment Rate Drops Again - S&S

The True Meaning of American Exceptionalism? - LAT editorial

The American Century: That Was Then - LAT opinion



Firebrand Attracts Votes in Congo, Dismaying West - NYT

Congo's Kabila Leading in Early Results - AP

DRC: Kabila Guards 'Shot Protesters' - BBC

Protect Our Vote, Congolese Plead - Reuters

ICC Seeks Sudanese Official’s Arrest in Darfur Violence - NYT

ICC Seeks Sudan Minister's Arrest - BBC

Ex-Police Chief Loses Appeal of Conviction in South Africa - NYT



Mexico's Ex-Ruling Party Leader Quits Amid Scandal - AP

Mexico Activist in Juarez Women Killings Wounded - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez Opens Summit of Regional Leaders - VOA

Venezuela’s Chavez Hosts Summit Minus US - BBC

New US Call to Cuba to Free American Citizen - BBC


Asia Pacific

US Experts Question Report on China Nuclear Arsenal - VOA

Clinton Ends Burma Trip With Pledge of Support - VOA

Clinton, Suu Kyi Discuss Burma’s Road to Democracy - WP

Burma's Suu Kyi Embraces US, with a Nod to China - LAT

Dissident Leader in Burma Endorses US Overtures - NYT

Suu Kyi Hopeful on Burma Progress - BBC

New Burmese Law Allows Protests - BBC

Japan's Defense Minister Faces Growing Calls to Quit - Reuters

Rights Group Says Thai Monarchy Laws Need Reform - AP

US Strikes Right Tone on Burma - WP editorial

Will China Stumble? Don’t Bet on It - NYT opinion



US Official Says Missile-Defense Shield Will Move Forward - NYT

Merkel: Solving Europe Crisis will Take Years - WP

Merkel Seeks Swift Action to Save the Euro - NYT

German Bank Chief Sticks to Hard Line on Euro Support - NYT

Europe's New Rules will be Mostly Made in Germany - LAT

Germany's Merkel Fights for Euro, Cameron for UK - Reuters

Italian Prime Minister Is Set to Unveil New Austerity Plans - NYT

Russia Election Widens Crack in Putin’s Power - WP

As Putin Plans to Stay, Many Russians Want Out - AP

Russian Chief Poll Monitor Held - BBC

Russian Court Fines Election Monitor $1,000 - NYT

France: Sarkozy Launches Reelection Bid - WP

Serbia Agrees to Kosovo Border Deal - BBC

FRY: Mladic Charges Cut to Speed Trial - BBC


South Asia

The New Face of India’s Ruling Dynasty - WP

India's Population Hurtling Toward the Top - LAT

Indian Police Charge 12 in Journalist's Murder - AP