Small Wars Journal

29 January SWJ Roundup

Days of Unrest

Anti-Government Protests Spread in Egypt - Voice of America

Egypt's Regime on the Brink - Wall Street Journal

Egypt Protests Continue as Government Resigns - New York Times

Cairo in Near Anarchy as Protesters Push to Oust President - Washington Post

Egypt's Anger Spills into Streets for a 5th Day - Los Angeles Times

Egypt Protests: Hosni Mubarak Faces Fifth 'Day of Rage' - BBC News

Mubarak Vows Cabinet Shift but Defends Deploying Army - New York Times

Egyptian Military Deploys as Protesters Defy Curfew - Washington Post

Egyptian President Dismisses Cabinet Following Massive Protests - VOA

Amid Massive Protests, Egypt Leader Fires Cabinet - Associated Press

New Clashes Erupt as Egyptians Spurn Mubarak Speech - Reuters

Egyptians' Fury Smoldered Beneath Surface for Decades - New York Times

Egypt: President Obama's Remarks - Los Angeles Times

Obama Phones Mubarak, Urges Reforms - Voice of America

Obama Urges Egypt to Heed Protests, Pursue Reforms - Washington Post

Egypt: Obama Cautions Embattled Ally Against Violence - New York Times

Egyptian Military Chiefs Cut Pentagon Visit Short - New York Times

Before Uprising, Decades of Poverty and Resignation - Los Angeles Times

Egypt: A Nobelist Has an Unfamiliar Role in Protests - New York Times

Egyptian Hopes Converge in Fight for Cairo Bridge - New York Times

Chaos And Calm, Fury And Rejoicing Mark Egypt Protests - Reuters

In Alexandria, Protesters Rout the Police, for Now - New York Times

Egypt's Military Is Seen as Pivotal in Next Step - New York Times

U.S. Backs Rights of Protesters in Mideast Upheaval - VOA

Egypt Protests: America's Secret Backing for Rebels - Daily Telegraph

Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners - New York Times

Al Jazeera Covers Protests Despite Hurdles - New York Times

Egypt Cuts Off Most Internet and Cell Service - New York Times

U.S. Warns Against Blocking Social Media - Washington Post

Complete Coverage: Unrest in Egypt - Stars and Stripes

Thousands Protest for Reform in Jordan - Voice of America

In Tunisia, Luxurious Lifestyles of the Corrupt - Washington Post

Protests Unsettle Jordan, Most Other Neighbors Stay Calm - New York Times

U.S. Needs to Break with Mubarak Now - Washington Post editorial

Washington and Mr. Mubarak - New York Times editorial

Cairo's Restless Streets - Los Angeles Times editorial

A New Beginning - Washington Post opinion

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mubarak? - New York Times opinion

How to Respond - Washington Post opinion series


Kabul Suicide Bomber Targets Foreigners - Voice of America

Deadly Attack in Kabul Sought to Kill Head of Blackwater - New York Times

Deadly Explosion in Kabul Diplomatic District - Washington Post

Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Afghan Capital - Associated Press

ISAF, Karzai Condemn Kabul Suicide Attack - AFPS

Kandahar Deputy Governor Killed in Suicide Attack - BBC News

Prominent Afghan Family Died in Grocery Bombing - Associated Press

Germany Extends Afghan War Mission - Stars and Stripes

Germany Plans Start of Troop Withdrawal - New York Times

American Interpreter Takes a Stand in Afghanistan - Stars and Stripes

Afghan Killings Case Referred to Court Martial - Associated Press


American Charged in Pakistan Killing - New York Times

American Diplomat Faces Murder Charges in Pakistan - Washington Post

American Facing Possible Murder Charge in Pakistan - Associated Press

U.S. Demands Release of Diplomat in Pakistan - Associated Press


Bomb at Baghdad Funeral in Shia Muslim Area Kills 48 - BBC News


Davos Panel Sees Huge Iranian Response to Attack - Associated Press

Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners - New York Times

Iran Hangs Dutch Woman Detained in Election Unrest - Associated Press

Dutch Foreign Minister Summons Iranian Ambassador - Associated Press


NATO Says Danish Warship Rescues 2 From Pirates - Associated Press


WikiLeaks Founder Says Enjoys Making Banks Squirm - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates Says Nuclear Forces Have Fixed Slips - Associated Press

Kehler Succeeds Chilton as Strategic Command Chief - AFPS

Pentagon Plans for End to 'Dont' Ask, Don't Tell' - Washington Post

'Don't Ask' Repeal Plan Progressing Quickly, Officials Say - AFPS

DADT Repeal Plan Requires No Major Policy Overhaul - Stars and Stripes

United States

President Is Likely to Discuss Gun Control Soon - New York Times

Plugging the Airport Security Gaps - Los Angeles Times opinion


U.S., Canada Discuss Defense Cooperation - AFPS


Rival Ivory Coast Governments Lobby for Support Before A.U. Summit - VOA

African Union In New Move to End Ivory Coast Crisis - Reuters

Darfur: Sharp Rise in Violence - BBC News

Rights Groups Demand Impartial Probe Into Ugandan Activist's Death - VOA

Nigerian Electoral Candidate Shot In Northeast City - Reuters

Nelson Mandela Returns Home From Hospital - New York Times


Mexican Cartels Suspected in American's Slaying - Los Angeles Times

33 Ex-Mayors Accused of Corruption in Mexico - Associated Press

Mexico Charges Police Who Killed Mayor's Bodyguard - Associated Press

Guerrero Election Kicks Off Weighty Mexico Political Year - Los Angeles Times

Venezuelan Court Orders Trial of Chavez Opponent - Associated Press

Haiti Vote Planned for March, Ballot Set Next Week - Associated Press

Cuban Dissident Farinas Released a Third Time - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Joint Exercise Testing Army's Newest Units in Pacific - Stars and Stripes


Russia Adopts Color-Coded Terror Alert System - New York Times

Russia Says Caucasus Man Was Airport Bomber - Associated Press

Ireland, Mired in Crisis, Will Dissolve Parliament - New York Times

Middle East

Analysts Say Leaked 'Palestine Papers' Will Impact Prospects for Peace - VOA

Palestinian Shot in Head in Clash With Israeli Settlers - New York Times

South Asia

India Maoist Rebels 'Killed in Gunbattle' - BBC News