Small Wars Journal

29 December SWJ Roundup


Insurgents Set Aside Rivalries on Afghan Border - New York Times

Militia Ties Undercut Security Steps in Afghanistan - Stars and Stripes

U.S.: No Way to Seal Afghan-Pakistan Border - Associated Press

Iran Providing Training, Weapons to Afghan Insurgents - Washington Examiner

Accounts Diverge Sharply in Night Raid Gone Wrong - New York Times

NATO Disputes Afghan Authorities Over Deadly Raid - Reuters

Colonel Cites Measurable, But Fragile, Afghan Progress - AFPS

Afghan, Coalition Forces Capture Haqqani Leader - AFPS

No White House Action on Afghanistan Oversight - Foreign Policy

Army Edits its History of the Deadly Battle of Wanat - Washington Post

700 NATO Soldiers Killed in 2010; New Firefights - Associated Press

French Hostages in Afghanistan Appeal for Freedom - Associated Press

Honing Our Plan for Afghanistan - Washington Post opinion


Major Political Party to Pull Out of Pakistan's Federal Cabinet - Washington Post

Pakistan President Holds 'Crisis Talks' with MQM - BBC News

Turmoil in Pakistan as Party Quits Cabinet - Associated Press

Pakistan's Ruling Party in Crisis Negotiations - Associated Press

NATO Trucks Attacked in Pakistan, Driver Killed - Agence France-Presse


Navy Bomb Experts Head for a Final Mission in Iraq - Los Angeles Times

Iraq to Remove Some Checkpoints from Baghdad - Associated Press

Basra Mulls Breaking Away from Baghdad - Associated Press

Iraqi Kurds Demand OK for Oil Deals Made in Self-ruled Area - Associated Press

Iraq Suicide Bombers Kill Police Commander in Mosul - BBC News

Bombers Attack Iraqi Police Station - Associated Press

Suicide Bombers Kill Police Chief In Mosul Attack - Reuters

An Iraqi Government, Finally - New York Times editorial


India Joins U.S. Effort to Stifle Iran Trade - Wall Street Journal

Israeli Minister: West Has 3 Years to Rein In Iran - Reuters

Iran Executes 2 Men, Saying One Was Spy for Israel - New York Times

Iran Hangs Alleged Spy, Militant - Los Angeles Times

Relatives See Detained German Journalists in Iran - New York Times

Germans Imprisoned in Iran Get First Family Visit - Associated Press

Korean Peninsula

S. Korean President Faces Conflicting Pressures - Washington Post

S. Korea Seeks N. Korea Disarmament Progress Next Year - Associated Press

S. Korea's Lee Says Talks The Answer to Nuclear Crisis - Reuters


Assange to Keep WikiLeaks Afloat with Book Deal - Christian Science Monitor

Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers - Wall Street Journal opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Defense-Related Businesses Try To Survive Cutbacks - NPR

National Guard Highlights Top 10 Missions of 2010 - AFPS

United States

Line-of-duty Deaths Among Law Enforcement Officers Rise - Washington Post

Pilot Who Posted Video Says Officials Ignoring Threat - Washington Post

Ratifying the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty - New York Times editorial

The Guantanamo 48 - Los Angeles Times editorial

United Nations

Israel, Canada to Boycott Conference Against Racism Fete - Epoch Times


More Than 100 Journalists Killed in 2010 - Voice of America


Private Firm Trains Somalis to Scuttle Pirates - Washington Times

African Presidents Urge Ivory Coast's Gbagbo to Resign - Voice of America

Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Unmoved by Mission - BBC News

ECOWAS Envoys: More Talks Needed In Ivory Coast Crisis - Reuters

Delegation Leaves Ivory Coast Without Gbagbo - Associated Press

Arab League Chief Sees No Desire for War in Sudan - Associated Press

Southerners in Northern Sudan Going Home - Los Angeles Times

Jos Bombing: Politicians 'Fuel Nigeria Unrest - BBC News

Islamic Sect Claims Nigeria Attacks, Toll At 86 - Reuters

Islamist Sect Kills 3 in Fresh Nigeria Attack - Reuters

Zimbabwe Pins Hopes on Mining Sector to Revive Economy - Voice of America

Rebels Attack Southern Senegal Village - Voice of America

Tunisian President Criticizes Rioters, Urges Calm - Associated Press


In Mexico, Only One Gun Store but No Dearth of Violence - Washington Post

A Modest Plan to Stem Gun Flow to Mexico - Washington Post editorial

Last Police Officer in Mexican Border Town Missing - Associated Press

41 Mexican Prison Guards Charged in Mass Jailbreak - Associated Press

Drug Gang Suspects Threaten 'War' in Guatemala - Associated Press

Colombia Drug Lord Pedro Guerrero 'May be Dead' - BBC News

Venezuela's Chavez Dares U.S. to Cut Diplomatic Ties - Associated Press

Radio Reporter Killed Outside His Home in Honduras - Associated Press

Cuba Commutes Death Sentence Against U.S. Man - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Suspicious Death Ignites Fury in China - New York Times

China Calls on Vatican to Repair Rift - Voice of America

12 Chinese With Fake U.S. Visas Arrested in Bangkok - Associated Press

Report: Laos Deports Uighurs Back to China - Associated Press

Top Indonesian Terror Suspect Goes on Trial - Associated Press

Thai Government Seeks to Heal National Divisions Before Elections - VOA


French Deal to Sell Ships to Russians Is Criticized - New York Times

After Dismissal of Jury, Judges Convict Russian - New York Times

Russia Rejects Criticism of Former Tycoon's Trial - New York Times

Russia Rejects Criticism of Khodorkovsky's Trial - Associated Press

Russia: What Rule of Law? - New York Times editorial

Greece-Italy Anarchist Link Seen in Letter Bombs - New York Times

European Anarchists Grow More Violent, Coordinated - Associated Press

Belarus' Authoritarian Leader Appoints New Premier - Associated Press

Middle East

Some Israelis Question Benefits for Ultra-Religious - New York Times

Israeli Companies to Help Build Palestinian City - Associated Press

Abbas Fatah Faction Bans Former Leader From Meetings - Reuters

Rarity in Region, Lebanese Paper Dares to Provoke - New York Times

Kuwait Sets Vote on Political Fate of PM - Associated Press

South Asia

Activists in Nepal Make Inroads Against Servitude for Girls - Los Angeles Times