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28 June SWJ Roundup

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General Named to Head US Afghan Force OKs Drawdown - AP

US Steps Up Efforts for Talks with Taliban - LAT

US, Afghan Forces Take Mission to Insurgent-filled Mountains - USAT

Afghans Build Security, and Hope to Avoid Infiltrators - NYT

Afghan Govt Says Cenbank Governor on Prosecution List - Reuters

Fearful Afghan Central Banker Quits Post - NYT

Top Afghan Banker Flees Country, Karzai Govt Says - AP

Afghan Central Banker Resigns, Fearing for Life - Reuters

Refugee Group Finds 250,000-plus Afghans Displaced - AP

Is the Taliban Using Girls in Suicide Bombings? - CSM

Ex-contractor to Serve 2.5 Years in Afghan's Death - AP

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS

Obama as Risk Manager of Afghanistan War - CSM editorial

Obama's Afghan Numbers - WP opinion

Afghanistan Withdrawal: Sign of America's Decline? - CSM opinion


Pakistan 'Can't Protect Atomic Arsenal from Islamic Extremists' - DT

US: Pakistan Must Show it Wants Afghan Peace - AP

Gunmen Kill Senior Pakistani Taliban Commander - AP

Pakistan Military Denies It Intentionally Targets Afghan Territory - VOA

Pakistan Denies Rocket Attacks on Afghan Border - BBC

US Drones Kill 21 Militants in NW Pakistan - Reuters

Pakistan Saleem Shahzad Murder Inquiry Starts - BBC


Syrian Activists Meet in Damascus, Seek to End Violence - VOA

Syria Allows Opposition to Meet in Damascus - NYT

Syria Dissidents Meet in Damascus to Discuss Transition - BBC

Syrian Opposition Meet in Damascus - AP

Syria Activists Meet, Call for Change to Avert Crisis - Reuters


ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Gadhafi - VOA

International Court Issues Gaddafi Arrest Warrant - WP

Hague Court Issues War Crimes Warrant for Qaddafi - NYT

Court Issues Gadhafi Warrant - WSJ

Arrest Warrant Issued for Gaddafi - BBC

Court Orders Arrest of Gadhafi, Son, Key Aide - AP

International Court Orders Gaddafi's Arrest - Reuters

Eastern Libyans Welcome ICC Charges Against Gadhafi - VOA

Libya Rejects ICC Arrest Warrant for Gaddafi - BBC

Arrest Warrant for Kadafi May Complicate Libya Conflict - LAT

UN: Libya Rebels Have Upper Hand in War on Gaddafi - Reuters

Libya: Hospitals in Rebel-held Benghazi 'Face Crisis' - BBC

Timing Is Questioned in Seeking House Vote on US Role - NYT


Yemen Foils Qaeda Attack, Saleh Speech Seen on Tuesday - Reuters

Yemen Islamists Tighten Grip on Southern Cities - AP

Yemen Says It Foils Planned Qaeda Attack in Aden - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Analysis: Two Months on, Palestinian Unity Proves Elusive - Reuters

Israel Orders Military to Stop Gaza Aid Flotilla - VOA

Tension Builds as Israel Warns Planned Gaza Aid Flotilla - VOA

Israel Drops Warning to Foreign Journalists on Gaza Flotilla - WP

Israel Rescinds Threat to Reporters on Flotilla - NYT

Activists: Israel Presses Greece to Halt Flotilla - AP

Israel Preparing for September West Bank Violence - AP

Germany: Israel Accepted Swap With Hamas - AP

The Floating Gaza Strip Show - WT editorial


Iran Unveils Missile Silos as It Begins War Games - NYT

Iran Unveils Underground Missile Silos - AP

2 Women Activists Arrested; Political Prisoners End Hunger Strike - WP

Iranian Filmmaker Reportedly Arrested in Tehran - AP

Middle East / North Africa

Google Chairman Warns of Censorship after Arab Spring - BBC

Bahrain Tries More Medics Accused in Protests - AP

Egyptian Policeman Sentenced to Death for Killing Protesters - LAT

Tunisia Islamists Say Fear Election Delay Planned - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


After Bin Laden, Militants Flood Net With Threats - Reuters

US Department of Defense

Lessons from the Gates War Room - WP

Gates' Tenure Successful, Contradictory - WT

Gates: MRAPs Save 'Thousands' of Troop Lives - USAT

Army to Soldiers: Take Concussions Seriously - AT

Optics Added for Entry-level USMC Rifle Training - MCT

Supreme Court Deals Devastating Blow to Feres Doctrine Opponents - S&S

Bethesda Medical Prepares for Walter Reed Arrivals - AFPS

Defense Department, Services Monitor Arctic Melting - AFPS

Most DOD School Buildings Below Military Standards - S&S

United States

US Expands Human Trafficking Blacklist - AP

Human Trafficking: Scourge Needs Greater Attention - WP editorial

US Foreign Policy: War Fever Subisdes - LAT opinion

Obama's Illusory 'Peace Dividend' - WT opinion

Rage Against the TSA Machine - LAT opinion


UN Approves Troop Deployment in Sudan - NYT

Sudan: UN Authorizes Peacekeepers for Abyei - BBC

UN Council Approves Ethiopian Troops for Abyei - Reuters

Confusion as Sudan President Arrives Day Late in Beijing - LAT

Sudan President Arrives in China After 1 Day Delay - AP

Delayed Sudan Leader Omar al-Bashir Arrives in China - BBC

China Says Sudan Split on Agenda as Bashir Visits - Reuters

Eastern Zimbabwe Plantations Face Grim Future - VOA

Mauritania, Mali Military Attack Al-Qaida Base in Sahel - VOA

Nigeria Boko Haram Islamists 'Bomb Maiduguri Drinkers' - BBC

Somalia: Increase in Refugees Fleeing to Kenya - BBC

Islamic Banking Controversy in Religiously-divided Nigeria - CSM


Mexican Priest: Mass Kidnapping of Central Americans - LAT

Priest: 80 Migrants Kidnapped in Mexico - AP

Gunmen Kill Police Chief Inside His Mexico Office - AP

Venezuela: Allies Say Chavez Is Improving After Surgery - AP

Venezuela Opposition Demand Info on Chavez's Health - Reuters

Venezuela NGO Urges Mediation to End Prison Revolt - AP

Peru: Prosperity Brings Remarkable Change to Lima - LAT

Bolivia Moves to End Dependence on Foreign Seed Firms - BBC

Clashes after Argentina's River Plate Club Relegation - BBC

Chilean Begins as UN Peacekeeping Chief in Haiti - AP

Uruguay: President Mujica Backs Military Rule Inquiries - BBC

Asia Pacific

Southwestern Chinese City Leading Red Revival - WP

China Warns Britain Against 'Finger-pointing' - DT

China's Wen Calls for Greater Democracy, Reforms - Reuters

Museum in DC Focuses on Human Rights Abuses in China - WP

China's Claim on Sea Leads Neighbors to Strengthen US Ties - S&S

South China Sea Disputes Could Lead to War in Asia - Reuters

Philippines Local Disputes Complicate Peace Talks with Separatists - VOA

Long-Awaited UN Tribunal Opens in Cambodia - VOA

Top Surviving Khmer Rouge Leaders Go on Trial - AP

Cambodia: KR Leader Leaves Court, Sign of Wrangling to Come - NYT

Suu Kyi Sees Burma Parallels With Arab Spring - Reuters


Finance Minister Calls for Reforms to Bolster Russia's Power - NYT

Russian Officer Convicted of Treason - VOA

Officer Who Exposed Russian Spies Is Sentenced in Absentia - NYT

Russian Convicted of Treason in Sleeper Agent Case - BBC

Former Russian Spymaster Convicted of Treason - LAT

Russian Officer Guilty of Betraying Spy Ring in US - AP

Bosnia Flounders as Powers Argue - NYT

Greece: Papandreou Urges MPs to Back Austerity Plan - BBC

Greece General Strike: Unions Act Amid Cuts Debate - BBC

South Asia

Bangladesh Jails 657 Border Guards for 2009 Mutiny - AP