Small Wars Journal

28 January SWJ Roundup


Afghan Troop Proposal May Cost $2 Billion More - Reuters

Different Accounts of the Afghan War - New York Times

Explosion Hits Supermarket in Kabul - New York Times

Blast at Kabul Supermarket Kills 8 - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Police: 9 Die in Kabul Supermarket Blast - Associated Press

Panoramic Views From Kunduz - New York Times

Obama: Reluctant Warrior - Washington Post opinion


U.S. Official Shoots Two Pakistanis to Death - New York Times

Pakistan Detains American in Shooting of Two Men - Washington Post

U.S. Diplomatic Worker Faces Murder Charges - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Official on Pakistan Murder Charge - BBC News

Russia Bomb Suspect May Have Been Trained in Pakistan - Bloomberg

Days of Unrest

Egypt: Crowds Clash with Police in 'Angry Friday' Protests - Washington Post

Egypt Protests Escalate in Cairo, Suez, Other Cities - BBC News

Massive Protests Sweep Across Egypt - Los Angeles Times

Clashes in Cairo Extend Arab World's Days of Unrest - New York Times

Egypt: Protesters Feel World Has Passed Them By - Washington Post

Egypt's Leader Uses Old Tricks to Defy New Demands - New York Times

Yemenis Join in Anti-government Protests - Washington Post

Waves of Unrest Spread to Yemen, Shaking a Region - New York Times

As Protests Swell Middle East Faces Uncertainty - Washington Post

As Arabs Protest, U.S. Offers Assertive Support - Washington Post

Muslim Brotherhood May Change Tone of Protests - New York Times

Egypt Imposes Night Curfew After Day of Riots - Associated Press

Al Jazeera Galvanizes Arab Frustration - New York Times

The Day Part of the Internet Died: Egypt Goes Dark - Associated Press

Most Members of Old Cabinet in Tunisia Step Down - New York Times

Israel Watches Arab Turmoil Closely, Comments Cautiously - Washington Post

Warily Eyeing Egypt, Israelis Feel Like Spectators - New York Times

Arab Rebellion - Washington Post opinion

Getting it Right on Egypt - Washington Post opinion

What Can the Protests in Egypt Achieve? - New York Times opinion series

Revolutionary Arab Geeks - New York Times opinion


Protests Erupt after Car Bomb Kills 48 in Baghdad - Washington Post

After Bombing, Iraqis Direct Anger at Police - New York Times


Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona - FOX News

U.S. Department of Defense

Gates Says Pentagon Faces Spending 'Crisis' - Washington Post

Gates Says Budget Impasse Threatens Readiness - New York Times

Army Commanders Told Not to Send Manning to Iraq - McClatchy Newspapers

WikiLeaks Suspect's Atty Hopes for Custody Changes - Associated Press

No Rush in ROTC's Return to Campus - New York Times

Gates Says New Military Policy on Gays Can Start Soon - New York Times

Pentagon to Outline Training for Gay Ban Repeal - Associated Press

United States

Administration to Replace Color-coded Terror Alerts - Washington Post

FBI Warrants Into Service Attacks by WikiLeaks Supporters - New York Times

FBI: 40 Warrants for WikiLeaks 'Hacktivists' - McClatchy Newspapers

GAO Questions U.S. Missile Defense Plans in Europe - Stars and Stripes


Muslim Population Gains Will Outstrip Non-Muslim Growth - Washington Post


Tunisia: Luxurious Lifestyles of a Corrupt Government - Washington Post


Chilean Judge Orders Investigation Into Allende's Death - New York Times

Haiti's President Urges His Candidate to Drop Out - New York Times

Asia Pacific

China Pushing Back Against Online Army - Washington Post

Chinese Journalist Who Wrote About Corruption Fired - New York Times

Malaysia: Fear Sends Some Worship Underground - New York Times

U.S. Pledges Help For Philippine Navy - Defense News


U.S., E.U. Eye Anti-satellite Weapons Pact - Washington Times

New Film Disrupts Turkey's Holocaust Day - New York Times

Moscow Police Seek Possible Suspect in Airport Bombing - Washington Post

Inquiry in Moscow Bombing Focuses on Caucasus - New York Times

Why Russia Can't Stop Terrorists - Washington Post editorial

Middle East

Next Premier of Lebanon Tries to Set His Own Course - New York Times

Lebanon: Mr. Mikati's Choice - New York Times opinion

Is This Lebanon's Final Revolution? - New York Times opinion

Olmert Memoir Cites Near Deal for Mideast Peace - New York Times

Cables Show Delicate U.S.-Egypt Relations - New York Times