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27 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Effort Under Way to Bring Back US Sailors Buried in Libya - Philadelphia Inquirer

Remains of ‘First Navy SEALS’ Lie in Tripoli - Washington Post

War Dead from 1804 Could be Repatriated - Washington Times

Why Are 13 US Navy Commandos In Libyan Mass Graves? - The Intrepid Project

13 US Sailors Remain Buried in Libya - American Legion

Bring Home 13 American Heroes - Sign the Petition

Senators of the 112th Congress - Contact Them Please



Karzai to Announce Next Round of Afghan Security Transition - VOA

Afghans to Take over Security in 17 New Areas - LAT

Afghan Forces Soon to Take Charge in More Areas - AP

Karzai Invites General McChrytsal Back to Afghanistan - NYT

Stryker Brigade to Deploy to Afghanistan without Strykers - S&S

Bomb Leads to Fatal Fire on Tanker Near Kabul - NYT

Insurgents in Zabul Launch Series of Attacks; One Injured - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Musharraf: US Merits bin Laden Details - WT

Pakistan Sacks Police over Russian Deaths - BBC

Some Pakistani Industries View India Trade With Alarm - Reuters

Indian Doctors Help Pakistani Patients - LAT



NATO Postpones Libya Decision - WP

NATO Delays Formal Decision to End Libya Mission - AP

Libya Seeks Delay in Ending UN No-Fly Zone - VOA

UN Council Plans Swift End to Libya Mandate - Reuters

Libya Leader Wants NATO Presence Through 2011 - NYT

Libya Asks NATO to Extend Mission - BBC

Libya ex-Spy Chief Denies Torture - BBC

Sudan 'Supported Libyan Rebels' - BBC

Gaddafi Son Wants to Surrender to ICC, Says NTC - Reuters

Official: Gadhafi's Intelligence Chief in Niger - AP

Gaddafi's Driver: 'He Didn't Seem to Know What to Do' - TG

Rebels Said to Find Qaddafi Tie in Plot Against Iraq - NYT

Hugo Chavez: 'There Is No Government in Libya' - AP



Tunisia’s Islamists Flourish with Democracy - WP

Leader of Tunisian Islamist Party Eyes Prime Minister Role - VOA

Tunisian Islamists to Propose Their Man for PM's Job - Reuters

Tunisia Islamists 'Ready to Govern' - BBC



Syria's Assad Meets With Arab Officials Trying to Halt Violence - VOA

Arab Officials Meet Syria's Assad - BBC

Twenty Killed in Syria, Assad Meets Arab Ministers - Reuters

Arab Delegation Says Syria Eager to End Crisis - AP

Syrian Defectors Claim Deadly Attack on Military - NYT

Ending the Syrian Bloodbath - LAT editorial



Clinton Concerned Over Trend Toward Military Rule in Iran - VOA

Iran’s Power Struggle Goes to Future of Presidency Itself - NYT

Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Future - WP opinion


Israel / Palestinians

Mideast Envoys Make No Breakthroughs - AP

Israel, Palestinians to Offer Peace Proposals - Reuters

The Almost Peace Deal - WP opinion



At Least 19 Killed in Yemen Fighting - VOA

Yemen Women Burn Veils in Protest - BBC

Yemeni Women Burn Their Veils to Protest Crackdown - AP

Awlaki Family Angered by US Silence - WP



Egyptian Court Jails 2 Policemen in Death of Activist - VOA

Officers Get 7 Years for Killing That Helped Inspire Revolt - NYT

Egypt Jails Police over Activist Khaled Said's Death - BBC

Outcome of Police Trial in Egypt Angers Activists - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Influences Region's Filmmakers - NYT

Saudi Cleric Offers Cash for Israel Soldier Kidnap - Reuters

Jordan's King to Give Lawmakers a Say in Cabinet - AP

Congress Backs Bahrain Protesters, White House Won’t - WP editorial

Out of Iraq - LAT editorial


US Department of Defense

Panetta Reassures Troops in Pacific About Budget Cuts - S&S

US Keeps its Lead over Russia in Nuclear Weapons -WP

Inside the Ring - WT


United States

Napolitano Queried on Lack of Fast and Furious Probe - WT

Homeland Security Adding 3 Drones Despite Lack of Pilots - LAT

Free Speech Instruction Sought in Terror Trial - AP

Puerto Rico Top Drug Dealer Sentenced to Life - AP

State Department Defends Bulk Buys of Obama’s Books - WT

Cities Crack Down on ‘Occupy’ Protests - NYT

TSA’s Power Grope - WT editorial



Kenya Planned Somalia Incursion Far in Advance - NYT

Somali Deployment Hampering Aid - BBC

Kenya Arrests Terror Suspect Following Nairobi Attacks - VOA

Kenyan Admits Grenade Attack, Al Shabaab Membership - Reuters

Somali Aid Worker Quizzed on Westerner Kidnappings - Reuters

Somalia: S. African Hostages Plead for Release - BBC

Gbagbo's Party Will Not Be in Ivory Coast Legislative Election - AP

Zimbabwe: Officials Denied Visas, Mugabe Cancels UN Trip - Reuters

US to Seize Assets from Equatorial Guinea - BBC

US Could Face Chill by Seizing Equatorial Guinea Assets - AP



Mexican Presidential Hopeful Vows Drugs War Shift - Reuters

Mexico Nabs Alleged Zetas Local Chief, 5 Others - AP

Mexico City Opens Massive Public-Surveillance Center - LAT

Argentina, Uruguay Take Aim at 'Dirty War' Figures - AP

12 Agents Get Life for Argentina Dirty War Crimes - AP


Asia Pacific

Defense Chief Says US Shifting Focus to Asia - WT

Panetta Calls South Korea Key US Global Partner - AFPS

Panetta Affirms Commitment to South Korea's Defense - VOA

Panetta Pledges Security Support for South Korea - AFPS

Panetta to Assure South Koreans of US Support - AP

Panetta Lauds Japanese-US Relief Effort - AFPS

China Cracks Down on Bloggers and ‘Excessive’ Entertainment - NYT

China Touts Its Legal System as Protecting Rights - AP

Critic of S. Korean Leader Elected as Seoul Mayor - NYT

Indonesia Radical Cleric's Jail Term Cut - BBC

Thai PM Warns Swollen River Could Flood Inner Bangkok - VOA

Thai Capital Warned 'Massive' Water on the Way - Reuters

Clashes Between Tribes and Agribusiness Increase in Malaysia - NYT

Burma's Release of Prisoners Leaves US Cautiously Optimistic - WT

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Defendant Won't Testify - AP



European Leaders Struggle to Resolve Debt Crisis at Summit - VOA

European Leaders Agree on Plan to Shore Up Banking System - WP

Europe Agrees to Basics of Plan to Resolve Euro Crisis - NYT

Italy: Struggling Berlusconi Pledges Reforms to EU Summit - Reuters

Germany to Shut Military Bases in Austerity Drive - Reuters

Irish Election Offers Signs of Reconciliation - NYT

Irish Presidential Race Attracts Motley Crew of Candidates - WT

3 More Quake Survivors Pulled From Rubble in Turkey - NYT

Turkey Struggles to Shelter Thousands After Quake - Reuters

Turkish Premier Faults Shoddy Construction - AP