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27 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghanistan to Disband Irregular Police Force - NYT

Afghanistan Sets Ground Rules for Taliban - Reuters

Afghan Leaders Want No Foreign Meddling in Taliban Talks - AP



US Report on Pakistan Strike Reveals Crucial NATO Delays - NYT

Mattis Directs Corrective Actions Following Pakistan Border Incident - AFPS

Pakistan Urged to Share Border-Post Map - Reuters

Pakistan PM Says No Plans to Dismiss Military Chiefs - NYT

PM: ‘No Sack’ for Pakistan Army Chief - BBC

PM Denies Reports Govt Wants to Sack Army, Intel Chiefs - Reuters

Christian on Death Row Cooks Own Meals for Fear of Being Poisoned - TT



Iraq’s Political Uncertainty Intensifies - WP

Shiite Cleric Leading Bloc in Iraq Calls for New Elections - NYT

Sadrists Call for New Elections in Iraq - AP

Iraqi Interpreters for US Military in Dangerous Limbo - LAT

Suicide Car Bombing Near Iraq Interior Ministry Kills 7 - VOA

Fatal Bomb Blast at Iraq Ministry - BBC

Five Killed in Latest Baghdad Bombing - NYT

UN and Iraq Reach Deal on Iranian Dissidents - WT

Iraq Agrees to Move Iran Exiles; Rockets Hit Camp - AP

The Lost Opportunity in Iraq - WP opinion



Observers Urged to Visit Syrian City as Death Toll Rises - NYT

Activists: Syrian Violence Kills 13 in Homs Region - VOA

Syrian Forces Continue Shelling Homs as Monitors Near - VOA

Syria Opposition Says at Least 20 Killed in Homs - LAT

Plea for Help for Homs Amidst Violence - WP

Syria on Course for Showdown with Arab League - TT

Carnage in Homs District as Tanks Open Fire - Reuters

Arab Monitors Head to Syria, Opposition Skeptical - AP

Arab Observers Aim to See Syria's Deadliest City - Reuters

Pope Urges End to Syria Bloodshed - BBC

Syria Refugees Find Sanctuary in Libya - LAT



Iran's Navy Warns Foreign Copter Away from Drill - AP

Ahmadinejad’s Foray into Fashion - WP



Yemeni Leader to Be Admitted Into US for Medical Care - NYT

Military Battle Against Militants in Yemen Kill 9 - AP

Yemeni Women Confront an Uncertain Future - WP



Egypt's PM Urges G8 to Help Unlock Promised Aid - Reuters

Egypt Charge 2 Israelis With Smuggling Weapons - AP

Egypt Indicts Israelis, Ukrainian for Smuggling Gun - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Israel TV Station’s Troubles Reflect Larger Political Battleground - NYT

Israeli Arab Lawmaker Indicted - AP

Gaza PM in Egypt, 1st Visit Since Hamas Takeover - AP

E. Libya Poll: Political Islam will Closely Follow Democracy - CSM


US Department of Defense

Tale of Costs the Pentagon Can’t Afford - WP

US Navy Says Remains of 1804 Crew Will Stay in Libya - S&S

Don’t Go After Military Pensions - NYT opinion


United States

Tracking with the Shadow Wolves on the Mexico Border - TT

Civil War's 150th Stirs a Trove of Memories - AP



Nigeria Arrests Bombing Suspects, Concern Over Islamist Group - NYT

Nigerians Flee Cities Fearing More Violence - TT

Nigerians Fear More Church Attacks After 39 Killed -AP

Nigerian Leaders Rapped After Islamists Attack Churches - Reuters

Pope Benedict Denounces Christmas Attacks in Nigeria - VOA

Deadly Nigeria Attacks Condemned - BBC

Sudan: Darfur Rebels Confirm Death of Their Leader - AP

Troops Fire Weapons in Guinea Bissau Capital - VOA

Guinea-Bissau Quells Attempted Coup, Official Says - AP



Mexico Extradites Suspect in US Consulate Slaying - AP

Mexico: Drug Cartel Security Chief Captured - AP

Mexico Cartel Drug 'Security Chief' Held - BBC

Aide to Top Mexican Drug Boss Guzman Captured - Reuters

Mexican Army: Ally's Arrest Is Blow to 'El Chapo' - AP

Mexico's Cartels Build Own National Radio System - AP

Grim Toll as Drug Trade Expands in Honduras - WP

Colombian Crime-Ring Members Freed After Surrender - AP

Brazil's Economy 'Overtakes UK's' - BBC

Bolivia's Morales Hopes to Build Railway to Peru - AP

Cuba Expands Free-Market Reforms - BBC

Cuba Makes More Reforms to Retail Sector - Reuters


Asia Pacific

China and Japan Agree to New Currency Dealings - NYT

China, Japan Urge Stability on Korean Peninsula - VOA

New North Korean Leader Assumes Another Top Post - VOA

New Signs of Kim’s Ascendance as South Koreans Visit - NYT

S. Korea’s ex-first Lady Meets North’s Kim Jong-un - BBC

New Signs of Ascendance of Kim as South Koreans Visit - NYT

Kim Jong Eun Named Head of Panel - AP

Leading Critic of South Korea’s President Is Jailed - NYT

China Jails Writer for Subversion - NYT

China Imprisons Veteran Activist - BBC

China Official Says Wukan Protest Shows Rights Demands on Rise - AP

Report Condemns Japan’s Response to Nuclear Accident - NYT

Fukushima Accident Report: Disaster Response Failed - BBC

Japan Relaxes Decades-Old Arms Exports Ban -Reuters

Dealing With China’s Troubles - NYT editorial


Central Asia

Deadly Riots Challenge Kazakhstan Stability - AP



Russia's Putin Risks Losing Touch Amid Protests - Reuters

France Won't Arrest War Crimes Court Spokeswoman - AP

Finland Says Ship Can Sail Again, Without Patriot Missiles - AP

Moldovan Separatist Region Elects New President - AP


South Asia

Gandhi Clan Blamed for Keeping India in Poverty - Reuters