Small Wars Journal

25 July SWJ Roundup


New US Envoy to Afghanistan: No Rush for the Exits - AP

New US Envoy: No Permanent US Bases in Afghanistan - Reuters

Toll Climbs to 80 in NATO Raid on Insurgent Camp - NYT

Afghans Gradually Take Over Security in Several Areas - LAT

NATO Transfers Control of Panjshir Province to Afghans - VOA

NATO Hands Control of Mazar-i-Sharif to Afghans - AFP

Afghan Transition Tempered by Continuing Violence - AP

Report Finds Vast Waste in US War Contracts - WSJ

US Wastes $34 billion in Afghan and Iraq Contracting - Reuters

US Trucking Funds Reach Taliban - WP

Taliban Blamed in Death of Afghan Officer's 8-Year-Old Son - NYT

Afghan Insurgents Hang 8-Year-Old Boy - AP

Militants Hang 8-Year-Old Boy in S. Afghanistan - CNN

Sergeant Bragged of Killing Unarmed Man - AP


Anti-US Backlash Seen in Pakistan - WP

Militants Ship Bomb Materials in NATO Trucks - MCOM

Pakistan FM Says No Need for Cajoling on Militancy - Reuters

Suicide Bomber Kills Soldier in NW Pakistan - AP

American Fast Food on the Menu in Pakistan - WP


Report Finds Vast Waste in US War Contracts - WSJ

US Wastes $34 billion in Afghan and Iraq Contracting - Reuters

Iraqi Forces Arrest 16 Suspected Al Qaeda Members - Reuters

We Can't Abandon Iraqis Who Aided the US - WP opinion


New Loyalties and Old Feuds Collide in Syria - NYT

Activists Report Arrests in Syrian Capital - VOA

Assad Replaces Eastern Governor After Demonstrations - Reuters

Syrian Government Passes New Political Parties Law - Reuters


Blasts Rock Tripoli, NATO Targets Gaddafi Compound - Reuters

Rebels Repulse Attack by Gaddafi Forces - SMH

Germany Loaning $144 Million to Libyan Rebels - AP

Captured Kadafi Soldiers Tell Rebels They Have Doubts - LAT


Yemen on the Brink of Hell - NYT

Car Bombing in Yemen Kills at Least 9 Near Military Base - VOA

Suicide Bomber Hits Troops at Port City in Yemen - NYT

Car Bomb Kills 8 Soldiers in Yemen - AP

Woman, Girl Killed in Yemen Government-Opposition Fighting - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Netanyahu Pledges Reform Following Major Demonstration - VOA

Israel's Lieberman Won't Quit on Apology to Turkey - Reuters

Abbas: UN Statehood Recognition Is Only Choice - VOA

Israel 'Intercepts Weapons Boat' - BBC


Doubts Grow in Egypt About Trial for Mubarak - NYT

Uprisings in Egypt Take Violent Turn - WP

Clashes at Egypt Demonstrations for Political Change - BBC

Tensions on Rise Among Egyptian Factions Following Clashes - VOA

Egypt After Mubarak: Opposition Defiant Despite Clashes - BBC


Nuclear Scientist or Student Killed in Tehran? - CSM

Nuclear Scientist 'Shot Dead' in Tehran - BBC

Iran Blames US, Israel for Killing of Scientist - Reuters

Iranian Media Deny Connection to Nuclear Program - WP

Middle East / North Africa

International Panel Begins Probe of Bahrain Unrest - AP

Bahrain Commission to Investigate Army, Torture Claims - Reuters

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Norway PM Leads Memorial Service for Victims of Attacks - VOA

Norway Attacks Shatter a Nation's Innocence - LAT

Norway Mourns, Ponders Impact of Terror Attacks - CSM

Tiny, Prosperous Norway Searches for Answers - WSJ

Norway Gunman Says He Acted Alone - VOA

Norwegian Attacker 'Acted Alone' - BBC

Police Say Oslo Suspect Admits 'Facts' in Massacre - NYT

Suspect Admits Involvement, Denies Responsibility - WP

Norway Suspect Wanted European Anti-Muslim Crusade - AP

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in US - NYT

Norwegian 'Crusader' Details Months of Preparation - WP

Treatise: Europeans Must be Punished for 'Cultural Suicide' - LAT

Norway's Mass Killer Pursuing Anti-Islam Crusade - Reuters

Norway Gunman Wants to Appear in Court in Uniform - AP

Norway Suspect: Serbia Bombing 'Tipped the Scales' - AP

Excerpts From Norway Gunman's Manifesto - AP

US Department of Defense

Gen. John Shalikashvili, Former CJCS, Dies - WP

Gen. John M. Shalikashvili, Former CJCS, Dies at 75 - LAT

You Hack, We Shoot: Armed Counterstrikes to Cyberattacks - CSM

DOD Approves Army Plan On New Fighting Vehicle - S&S

Revamped Humvee Draws Military's Eye - WP

Rare Ailment Found in Iraq, Afghanistan Vets - DFP

Tricare Among Coburn's Targets - WP

United States

Deadline Passes as Debt Ceiling Talks Languish - NYT

Boehner Hints at a Unilateral Debt Plan - WP

Boehner Says GOP Is Ready to Act Alone on Debt Deal - NYT

Boehner: GOP Ready to Act Alone on Debt Deal - AP

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in US - NYT

World Trade Center Cross Moved to Permanent Home - AP

Illegal Immigration is Way Down and Falling Fast - WP editorial

The FBI's New Tools - WP editorial

United Kingdom

UK Muslims Vigilant After Norway - AP


UN Talks on Africa Drought Crisis - BBC

Aid Reaches Drought Victims in Islamist Area of Somalia - BBC

Australia Urges World to Work on Somalia Famine Relief - Reuters

Italian Tanker Anema e Core Seized by Pirates off Benin - BBC

Bomb Blast in Nigeria Wounds 3 Soldiers - VOA

Bomb in Nigeria Kills 8, Witness Says - AP

Sudan Launches New Currency - VOA

Sudan Currency Move Heightens Differences With South - Reuters

Malawi: President Reshuffles Military Leadership - AP

South Africa Youth League Leader Under Fire - AP


Unraveling Mexico's Sinaloa Drug Cartel - LAT

Gunman Kill Two Mexican Cops Who Guarded US Diplomats - Reuters

6 Presumed Cartel Members Killed in Mexico Battle - AP

Mass Arrests in Mexico Human Trafficking Raids - BBC

Venezuela: Chávez Returns, Saying Cancerous Cells Not Found - NYT

Venezuela's Chavez Will Run for Re-election in 2012 - Reuters

Asia Pacific

North Korea Diplomat to Visit US for Nuclear Talks - VOA

US Invites North Korea to Talks on Nuclear Impasse - BBC

US Invites N. Korean Official to New York for Talks - WP

N. Korean Official to Go to US for Nuclear Talks - AP

Australia: N. Korea's Missiles Could Hit Us, Warns Rudd - SMH

South Korea Approves Flour Aid to North Korea - AP

Quiet Digital Revolution Under Way in North Korea - AP

US, Indonesia, Urge Further Action on South China Sea - VOA

Clinton: Indonesia Can Be Democratic Role Model - AP

Thousands Rally Amid Filipino Leader's Key Report - AP

Deadly Chinese Bullet Train Crash Spawns Anger, Safety Concerns - LAT

China Sacks 3 Senior Officials After Train Crash - Reuters


Norway Massacre Exposes Incendiary Immigration Issue - Reuters

Kurdish Rebels Kill 3 Turkish Soldiers - VOA

Russia Says Three Rebels Killed in Dagestan Raid - Reuters

Last Fugitive of Yugoslav Wars to Appear in Court - AP

South Asia

Muslim Seminary Chief in India Is Fired - NYT

India: Legendary Islamic School Ousts Reformist Leader - AP

Tamil Alliance Post Win in Sri Lankan Election - VOA

Tamil Parties Make Strong Showing in Sri Lanka - NYT

Sri Lanka: Tamil Party Wins in Former War Zone - BBC

Sri Lanka's Northern Tamils Elect Ex-Rebel Tamil Party at Polls - Reuters