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25 February SWJ Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


Pakistan Calls on Taliban to Join Peace talks to End War in Afghanistan - WP

Pakistanis Press Taliban to Start Talks With Afghans - NYT

Pakistan Calls on Afghan Taliban to Talk - BBC

Fresh Anti-US Protests Erupt in Afghanistan - VOA

Koran Protests Resume in Afghanistan Despite US Apology - NYT

More than 20 Killed in Koran Burning Protests in Afghanistan - WP

New Afghan Koran Burning Protests - BBC

Fifth Day of Afghan Quran Protests Quickly Turns Violent - AP

Obama’s Apology Resonates in Kabul, on Campaign Trail - WP

DepSecDef Carter’s Walk Through Marjah Market Shows Progress - AFPS

Carter Concludes Afghan Trip With Visit to Kajaki Dam - AFPS



US Ambassador to Afghanistan Complains about Haqqani Havens - VOA

Secret US Cable Warned about Pakistani Havens - WP                



In Tunis, Calls for Syrian Aid Corridor - VOA

'Friends of Syria' Condemn Assad but See More Killing - Reuters

Obama: Every Tool Eyed to Stop Slaughter in Syria - AP

Hillary Clinton: Syrian Military May Oust Assad - LAT

US, Others Join Forces Against Syria, Stop Short of Aiding Opposition - WP

Nations Press Halt in Attacks to Allow Aid to Syrian Cities - NYT

UN-Arab League Syria Envoy Annan Has Near-Impossible Job - Reuters

In Break, Hamas Supports Syrian Opposition - NYT

Evacuations in Syria as Diplomatic Pressure Mounts - Reuters

Red Cross Resumes Homs Rescue Bid - BBC

Red Cross in Syria Fails to Evacuate Reporters - AP

At Least 50 Killed in Syria as Regime Pounds Homs - AP

Syria’s Horrors - NYT editorial

Syrian Intervention a Moral Imperative - TNR opinion



US Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Nuclear Bomb - NYT

UN: Nearly 50% Jump in Iran’s Uranium Production Since Fall - WP

Atomic Agency Says Iran Is Making Fuel at Protected Site - NYT

UN Atomic Agency: Iran Rapidly Expands Nuke Work - AP

UN Nuclear Agency Faults Iran for Not Answering Key Questions - LAT

Bombing Iran Is Not the Answer - TE editorial

GOP's Reckless Saber-rattling on Iran - LAT editorial

The Day After Israel Attacks Iran - FA opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Palestinians Clash With Police at Jerusalem Holy Site - NYT

Al-Qaida in Iraq Warns of Looming War With Shiites - AP

Yemen Gets New Leader as Struggle Ends Calmly - NYT

New Yemen President Takes Oath of Office - AP

Yemen's Saleh in Ethiopia, Foreign Ministry Says - AP

Southeast Libya Clashes Resume Despite Army - Reuters

Egypt's Brotherhood Claims Majority in Parliament Vote - Reuters

Egypt Court to Issue Verdict in Mubarak’s Trial in June - NYT

US-Egypt Alliance on Trial - WP editorial


Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda Is On the Ropes - FP opinion



Army Charges Manning With Leaking Intelligence - AFPS

In WikiLeaks Cache, Echo of Warnings on Iran - WP


US Department of Defense

Odierno: Army Could Drop to 32 Brigades - AT

Army Eyes Deeper Brigade Combat Team Cuts - AOLD

Commandant: Coast Guard’s Wide-ranging Mission Set Increasing - AFPS

Coast Guard Commandant Details Arctic Security Issues - AFPS

Probe of Marine Helicopter Crash to Look at Preventive Tech - S&S

Third Marine to be Court-martialed in Hazing is Found Not Guilty - S&S

Guard Leaders Used ‘a Range of Tactics’ in Alleged Misconduct - S&S

Branding a Soldier With ‘Personality Disorder’ - NYT

Guantánamo Conditions Slip, Military Lawyers Say - NYT



Somalia Conference Stirs Range of Sentiments - VOA

Nervously, World Powers Eye Greater Somalia Action - Reuters

7 al-Shabab Militants Killed in Somalia Airstrike - VOA

Somalia Strike 'Kills Militants' - BBC

US Drone Strike Kills 4 in Somalia - AP

South Sudan Future Dicey After Oil Money Loss - Reuters

Five Worshippers Killed in Nigeria - VOA

Deadly Blasts Rock Nigerian City - BBC

Ivory Coast Rivals Hail ICC Move - BBC

Senegal Votes Amid Turmoil Over Presidential Controversy - VOA

Strangling Democracy in Senegal - NYT opinion

World Has a Stake in Somalia - G&M opinion



Mexico: Border State Safety Secretary Fired After Massacre - AP

4 Bodies Abandoned Near Mexican City Hall - AP

Senators Urge Castro to Release American - NYT

US Senators Meet Cuba's Castro About Contractor - AP

Venezuela’s Chavez Arrives in Cuba for Urgent Tumor Removal - AP

Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille Resigns - VOA

Haiti’s Prime Minister Quits After 4 Months - NYT

Haiti's Prime Minister Resigns - BBC

Haiti PM Resignation Threatens Reconstruction - AP


Asia Pacific

US, North Korea Hold ‘Substantive’ Talks in Beijing - VOA

Talks Between US and North Korea End - NYT

US Nuclear Talks with N. Korea: Small Progress, No Breakthrough - WP

US Envoy Sees Bit of Progress in N. Korea Nuke Talks - AP

US Envoy Calls for Better Ties Between 2 Koreas - AP

Chinese Party Chief Visits Areas of Tibetan Protest - NYT

US Treasury Dept. Penalizes Japan’s Largest Organized-Crime Group - NYT

Japan Uneasy about Quake Forecasts - WP

ASEAN Secretary-General Assesses Burma’s Reforms - VOA

US Holds Talks in Burma on Recovery of WWII Soldiers - AP

US Could Break N. Korea By Dumping $100 Bill - Time opinion



Russia's Prime Minister Vows Military Spending Hike - VOA

Russia: Putin Touts Nukes, Urges US to be More Positive - AP

Russia: For Putin, Winning is Not Enough - WP

US-Russian Trade Ties Face Some Political Snags - NYT

Italy: Berlusconi Gives Signs That He Will Be Convicted - NYT

Italy: Verdict Due in Berlusconi Trial - BBC

UK: Occupy London Set to be Evicted - WP


South Asia

India’s Leader Blasts Foreign NGOs - WP

2 Foreign Telecom Companies Close Shop in India - VOA