Small Wars Journal

25 December SWJ Roundup



Karzai Warms to Idea Of Talking to Taliban In Turkey - Reuters

NATO Night Raid in Kabul Leaves Afghan Guards Dead - New York Times

Afghan Officials Probe NATO Raid - Associated Press

ISAF: Kabul Raid Kills Two After U.S. Embassy Threat - Reuters

Afghanistan, Pakistan Hold Trust-Building Talks - Associated Press


Deadly Clashes Erupt in Pakistan Border Region - Voice of America

Pakistani Outposts Struck by Large Taliban Assault - New York Times

Taliban Launch Attacks Along North Pakistan Border - BBC News

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 42 Seeking Food in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

Dozens Killed in Pakistan Bombing - BBC News

Burqa-Clad Suicide Bomber Kills 40 In Pakistan - Reuters

Al Qaida-allied Fighters Seek New Pakistan Haven - McClatchy Newspapers

Son of Notorious Insurgent Leader Arrested - CNN News

Pakistan's Christians Not Cowering Amid Rising Intolerance - Washington Post

Korean Peninsula

Report Calls for Talks on Korean Maritime Boundary - Voice of America


Iraqi Christians Lie Low on Christmas - New York Times

Iraqi Christians Mark Somber Christmas in Baghdad - Associated Press

For Some Iraqi Christians Shelter in Istanbul - New York Times

U.S. Troops in Iraq Celebrate Christmas - Associated Press

Iraqi Dad Says Killed Daughter Linked to Al-Qaida - Associated Press


Iran President Says Nuke Sanctions Have Failed - Voice of America

Resentment Builds in Iran over Price Hikes - Washington Post


Assange's Accusers Are WikiLeaks Fans, Lawyer Says - Associated Press

U.S. Department of Defense

Updated Department of Defense Directive 5100.01 - Small Wars Journal

United States

Arms Talks Now Turn to Short-Range Weapons - New York Times

Obama's Foreign Policy Spine - Washington Post opinion


Pope Urges End to Conflicts in Christmas Message - BBC News


African Nations Hold Emergency Talks About Ivory Coast Election Crisis - VOA

ECOWAS Bloc Threatens Ivory Coast's Gbagbo with Force - BBC News

West African Bloc Threatens Force In Ivorian Crisis - Reuters

U.N.: Ivory Coast Gunmen Block Possible Mass Grave - Associated Press

Biden Reminds Sudan U.S. Sees On-Time Vote as Vital - Reuters

Sudan Says Troops Kill 40 Darfur Rebels - Associated Press

Sudanese Police Beat, Gas Opposition - Reuters

As Al Shabab Looms, Somali Government Running Out of Time - VOA

At Least 11 Killed in Blasts in Nigeria - Associated Press

Man Dies as Tunisian Police Open Fire In Clashes - Reuters

African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power - New York Times

Spotlight in Africa on Malaria Prevention - Los Angeles Times


New Laws in Venezuela Aim to Limit Dissent - New York Times

Flurry of Laws Boost Chavez's Power in Venezuela - Associated Press

Ousted Bolivian Governor Seeks Refuge in Paraguay - Associated Press

Voodoo Killings Reportedly Rise in Haiti Epidemic - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Military Strength Eludes China, Looks Overseas for Arms - Washington Post

Bombing Wounds 11 at Christmas Mass in Philippines - Associated Press

Blast At Catholic Church In Philippines - Reuters


Russia to Buy Warships from France in Major Military Deal - Washington Post

Russia's Medvedev Praises Obama for New Start Treaty - New York Times

Russia Gives Preliminary Approval to Nuclear Pact - Voice of America

Arms Treaty Clears First Hurdle in Russia Parliament - Associated Press

Medvedev Appeals for Restraint in Discourse on Oil Tycoon Case - Washington Post

Medvedev Says More Time Needed For Russian Reforms - Reuters

Russia's Medvedev: WikiLeaks Won't Harm U.S. Ties - Associated Press

Rome on High Alert After Bomb Attacks - Voice of America

Revenge Cited in Rome Embassy Attacks - New York Times

Italy: Anarchists Wanted Revenge on Chile, Swiss - Associated Press

Pope Celebrates Christmas Eve Amid Security Fears - Associated Press

Pope Says Christmas Mass Amid Security Concerns - Reuters

Belarus President Re-elected, Others Cry Fraud - Associated Press

Bavaria Booms, but Germans Feel Economic Malaise - New York Times

Middle East

Thousands Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem - Voice of America

Bethlehem Celebrates Merriest Christmas in Years - Associated Press

Hamas: Committed to Truce With Israel - Voice of America

Hamas Confirms Commitment to Cease-Fire - New York Times

Hamas Strongman Against Escalation With Israel - Associated Press

Hamas Says Committed to Mutual Truce With Israel - Reuters

U.S. Urges Need For Action Against Al Qaeda In Yemen - Reuters

Saudi Police Kill Al Qaeda Suspect In Shootout - Reuters

South Asia

India: Terror Fears Put Mumbai on Alert - New York Times

'High alert' in India: Search for Terrorism Suspects in Mumbai - Washington Post

Police Search Mumbai for 4 in Alleged Terror Plot - Associated Press

India Sentences Doctor to Life for Aiding Rebels - New York Times