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25 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


General Tells Crowd How US Hacked Enemy in Afghanistan - AP

Key Pakistani Taliban Figure Killed in Afghanistan - AP

NATO Airstrike Kills 12 Militants in Afghanistan - AP

3 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Insurgent Attack - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

A Durable Peace in Afghanistan - WP opinion



Militant Leader Believed Dead in Pakistan Drone Strike - NYT



Syrian Forces Strike Again in Suburbs of Damascus - NYT

Syrian Crisis Escalates, Refugee Exodus Swells - VOA

Syrian Refugees Rise to 200,000 - BBC

Torrent of Syrian Refugees Strains Aid Effort and Region - NYT

US Concerned Syrian Violence Will Impact Lebanon - VOA

Syrian Rebels Try Win the Hearts of Countrymen - AP

New Syria Envoy Brahimi Hints at Difficult Mission - AP

Chief of UN Observers Leaves Syria - AP


Middle East / North Africa

USS Stennis Sailors: Early Deployment Tough, But ‘We’re Needed’ - AFPS

Diplomacy With Iran Still Is Viable, US Says - NYT

No Progress in Iran Nuclear Talks - VOA

Diplomats: Iran Shrouds Suspected Nuclear Site - AP

New Sectarian Clashes Break Out in Lebanon - VOA

Sunni Cleric Killed in North Lebanon Clashes - BBC

Attacks on Palestinians Raise Alarm - WP

Egypt's Mursi Bans Pre-trial Detention of Journalists - BBC

Libya Seizes Gaddafi Militia's Tanks - BBC

President Morsi and His Critics - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

General Amos: Asia-Pacific Shift Won’t Overlook Other Regions - AFPS

Marines Remain America’s Crisis Response Force, Amos Says - AFPS

In Hampton Roads Exercise, the Army Reaches to the Sea - DP

Admiral McRaven Tells Troops to Pipe Down - AP

Services Meet Fiscal Year Recruiting Goals Through July - AFPS

‘Hurricane Hunters’ Track Isaac as SOUTHCOM, NORTHCOM Prepare - AFPS

Army Study Finds Troops Suffer Concussions in Training - NPR


United States

Al-Qaeda Call for Death of SEAL Who Wrote bin Laden Book - Reuters

Riverside, Calif. Veterans Object to Vietnam Sister City Plan - TPE

How Hate Gets Counted - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Assange Supporters Hold 24-Hour 'Vigil' Outside Ecuador Embassy - VOA



Kenya Red Cross: Clashes Signal Violent Election Year - VOA

Report: Food Available in Northern Mali Despite Conflict - VOA

UK Launches Sierra Leone Cholera Plan - BBC

South Africa Trial Ends in Prison Sentence for Life - VOA

Gambia’s Leader Declares Plans for Mass Executions - NYT

Nine Executed in Gambia, Says Amnesty International - BBC



2 US Employees Wounded in Ambush on Mexican Road - NYT

2 US Government Workers Injured in Shooting Near Mexico City - WP

Mexico Police Fire on US Embassy Staff - BBC

Mexican Navy: Federal Police Fired on US Embassy Vehicle - AP

Nicaraguan Police Seize $7m from fake Mexico Journalists - BBC

Nicaragua Seizes $7 Million From Fake Journalists - AP

Retired Colombian General Guilty of Murder - AP

Julian Assange: Americas Give Ecuador Partial Support - BBC

Tropical Storm Isaac Lashes Haiti, Still Crippled by Earthquake - NYT

Tropical Storm Lashes Haiti Coast - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan Increases Rhetoric Against S. Korea Over Island Dispute - VOA

Japan Places Pressure on South Korea Amid Islets Dispute - NYT

Japan Condemns China, South Korea for Island Landings - AP

China Is Said to Be Bolstering Missile Capabilities - NYT

Collapse of Bridge Underscores Worries About China Infrastructure - NYT

China Extradites Gangster Suspects From Angola - AP

Chef’s Redemption Tells of a Softening North Korea - NYT



Russia: Putin Shows Some Openness to New Missile Reductions - NYT

Putin Says Russian Nuclear Cuts to Hinge on US Missile Shield - Reuters

Greek PM Seeks More Time for Reforms, Cuts - VOA

Greek PM Holds Key Paris Talks - BBC

Merkel Vows to Help Greeks Stay in Euro Zone - NYT

Ukraine Investigates Suspected Smuggler Tunnel - VOA

Germany Admits Training Belarus Security Forces - BBC

Norwegian Mass Killer Found Sane, Gets Max Prison (21 Years) - VOA

Norway Mass Killer Gets the Maximum: 21 Years - NYT


South Asia

India Defends Itself Against Charges of Internet Censorship - VOA

Indian Government Calls for End to Deadlock Over Coal Scandal - VOA