Small Wars Journal

25 April SWJ Roundup


Classified Files Offer New Insights Into Detainees - New York Times

Documents Reveal al-Qaeda's Post-9/11 Moves - Washington Post

Guantanamo Bay Terrorist Secrets Revealed - Daily Telegraph

Leaks Lift Lid on World's Most Controversial Prison - The Guardian

WikiLeaks Unveils Details on Inmates at Guantanamo - Los Angeles Times

Many at Guantanamo 'Not Dangerous' - BBC News

Judging Detainees' Risk, Often With Flawed Evidence - New York Times

As Acts of War or Despair, Suicides Rattle a Prison - New York Times


Taliban Help Hundreds Tunnel Out of Prison - New York Times

Hundreds Escape from Prison, NATO Says - Los Angeles Times

Hundreds Escape from Kandahar Prison - BBC News

Taliban Break More than 450 Inmates Out of Prison - Associated Press

Insurgents Tunnel Into Kandahar Jail, Freeing Nearly 500 - Reuters

Afghan Police Seek to Stop Illicit Trade in Uniforms - New York Times

Marines Turn Tide in 'Fallujah of Afghanistan' - San Diego Union-Tribune

In an Afghan Village, Living in Fear of Both Sides - New York Times

Taliban Killer Speaks to the BBC of His 'Appalling Crime' - BBC News

Blasts Kill 3 NATO Troops, Joint Forces Kill 3 Top Insurgents - VOA

Roadside Bomb Kills 2 NATO Soldiers - Los Angeles Times

The Mirage of an Afghanistan Exit - Washington Post opinion

Police Force Creating Accidental Guerillas - The Independent opinion


Pakistanis, Angered by US Drone Strikes, Block NATO Supply Route - VOA

Pakistani Drones Protest Keeps NATO Trucks at Bay - Associated Press

Why Pakistan will Betray Us - Washington Times opinion


U.S. Seeks to Raise Heat on Syria - Wall Street Journal

More Syrians Missing, Hinting at Wider Crackdown - New York Times

'New Deaths' as Dissidents are Seized - BBC News

Syrian Forces Raid Pro-Democracy Campaigners - Voice of America

Syrian Army 'Attacks Protest City of Deraa' - BBC News

Syria Targets Activists in Pinpoint Raids - Associated Press

U.S. Senators Urge Non-Military Intervention in Syria - VOA

Syrian Crisis Tests Mettle of Its Autocratic Ruler - New York Times

Shameful Inaction on Syria - Washington Post editorial

Assad Must Change Course, Fast - Daily Star editorial

Freedom Movement Comes to Syria - Wall Street Journal opinion

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

McCain Raises Specter of Libyan Stalemate - New York Times

Gaddafi Shells Misurata; NATO Hits Complex in Tripoli - Washington Post

U.S. Drones Hit Targets in Libya - Wall Street Journal

Libyan Rebels Say They Have Control of Misurata - New York Times

Misrata Firing Despite Army 'Halt to Operations' - BBC News

Gadhafi Unleashes Rocket Barrage on Rebel City - Associated Press

NATO Jets Strike Inside Gaddafi Compound - Reuters

Libyan Shifts From Detainee to Rebel, U.S. Ally of Sorts - New York Times

Drones May Provide Psychological Edge in Libya - Los Angeles Times

Libya's Rebel Council Says Gets $177 Million From Kuwait - Reuters

Berber Rebels in West Face Long Odds Against Qaddafi - New York Times

Rap Music Inspires Libyan Rebels to Defeat Gadhafi - Associated Press

Lockerbie Shuns Limelight as Libya Unravels - Associated Press

Lost in Libya - Los Angeles Times editorial

In Libya, 'Mission Creep' Sets In - Los Angeles Times opinion


Protests Continue in Yemen After Saleh Accepts Exit Plan - VOA

Protesters Distrust Deal for Leader to Quit - New York Times

President Ali Abdullah Saleh Defiant Over Exit - BBC News

Opponents of Yemen's President Divided Over Deal - Associated Press

Protesters Vow Escalation as Saleh Promises to Quit - Reuters


Egypt Secular Parties in Race for Credibility - Reuters

Mubarak to be Moved to Cairo Military Hospital - BBC News

Move Mubarak to Prison Hospital, Prosecutor Says - Reuters


Moroccan Cities See New Political Protests - Associated Press

Thousands of Protesters Demand 'A New Morocco' - Reuters


U.S. Military Officials Want to Keep 10,000 Troops - Associated Press

Iraqis Rally Against Extending U.S. Troops Presence - Reuters

Iraqi Cleric's Followers Demand U.S. Troops Leave - Reuters

Bomb Explodes Outside Catholic Church in Baghdad - BBC News

7 Wounded in Easter Bombing Outside Baghdad Church - Associated Press

Christians Mark a Restrained Easter - Christian Science Monitor

Iraqi Christians Resilient on Easter - Reuters

Iraq Fires Up New Power Plant in Baghdad - Reuters


Iranian Leader Asserts Power Over President - New York Times

Iran on Edge as Ally Syria Fights for Survival - Associated Press

Iran, Iraq Sign Agreements on Iranian Opposition - Associated Press

Education of an Iranian Revolutionary - Wall Street Journal opinion


Iraqi Shi'ites Want Saudis to Withdraw From Bahrain - Reuters

Shiite Mosques Demolished in Bahrain Crackdown - Associated Press

Bahrain Crown Prince Declines Royal Wedding Invite - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

Israeli Is Killed by Palestinian Police in West Bank - New York Times

West Bank: Israeli Killed in Joseph's Tomb Shooting - BBC News

Obama and the Peace Process - New York Times editorial

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Arab Spring Turns Violent, Democracy's Challenges - Wall Street Journal

Gadhafi Forces Shell Misrata; Further Unrest in Yemen, Syria - VOA

U.S. Lawmakers: More Pressure on Gadhafi, Encourage Syrian Opposition - VOA

Obama's Middle East Head Spin - The Daily Beast opinion

Lies and Videotape - New York Times opinion

Reforms Arab Monarchies Cannot Avoid - Washington Post opinion

The Arab World's Next Battle - The Guardian opinion

What the Arab Springs Means to America - Foreign Policy opinion


Are Drones a Technological Tipping Point in Warfare? - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

The Mission for the New Defense Chief - National Journal

The New Army Chief's Challenges - Army Times

Female Soldiers Say They're Up For Battle - Associated Press

Undersecretary, Chairman Visit Deployed Troops - AFPS

2 Navy Officers Relieved of Command - Stars and Stripes

United States

U.S. Coast Guard Cites Transocean Lapses in Gulf Spill - Reuters

The Peacenik Hypocrites - Washington Times editorial

What the World Sees in America - Wall Street Journal opinion


At Least 55 Killed in South Sudan Fighting - Voice of America

South Sudan Clashes Between Army and Militia Kill 57 - BBC News

Clashes in Southern Sudan Leave Scores Dead - Associated Press

Sudan: Darfur Referendum Set for July 1 - Reuters

Election Fuels Deadly Clashes in Nigeria - New York Times

Nigeria Radical Muslim Sect Vows to Keep Fighting - Associated Press

Nigeria Election Violence 'Left More than 500 Dead' - BBC News

Group: At Least 500 Dead in Nigeria Election Riots - Associated Press

Ethiopia Declines to Respond to U.S. Rights Charges - Voice of America

Strongman's Fate Indicator for Ivory Coast Future - Associated Press

Somalia Postpones Vote to 2012 Amid Security Crisis - Reuters

War of Attrition in Zimbabwe - Irish Times opinion


Mexico Deaths Stir Fears Drug Gangs Control State - San Francisco Chronicle

Mexico: Police, Bus Companies Failed to Act - Los Angeles Times

Body Parts Found in Upscale Mexico City District - Associated Press

Mexican Brothers Face Death in Malaysia Drug Trial - Associated Press

Leftist Leads Poll on Peru's Presidential Runoff - Associated Press

Raul Castro's Domain is Same Old Cuba - Washington Post editorial

Asia Pacific

China Detains Dozens of Underground Church Members - Voice of America

China Detains Church Members at Easter Services - New York Times

China Detains Protestant Shouwang Devotees - BBC News

Cambodia and Thailand Clash, Killing at Least 10 - New York Times

Thai-Cambodian Border Fighting Enters 3rd Day - Washington Times

U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon Calls for Thailand-Cambodia Ceasefire - BBC News

Jimmy Carter, Other Former Leaders to Visit N. Korea - Associated Press

Carter Says Hopes to Meet North Korea Leader and Son - Reuters


France and Italy Bid to Defuse African Migration Row - Reuters

Serbia's Opposition Leader Ends Hunger Strike - Associated Press

Man Who Tried to Hijack Italian Plane Overpowered - Reuters

South Asia

Mourners Gather for Indian Guru - BBC News

Thousands in India Line Up to See Sai Baba's Body - Associated Press