Small Wars Journal

24 March SWJ Roundup

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Allies Target Gadhafi's Ground Forces - Wall Street Journal

Allies Pressuring Qaddafi Forces Around Rebel Cities - New York Times

Libyan Rebels Coordinating with West on Air Assault - Los Angeles Times

Coalition Targeting Means to Attack Libyan Rebels - USA Today

A 72-hour Dash to Freeze Libyan Assets - Washington Post

Ground Battle for Libya Stalls in East - Voice of America

Allied Airstrikes Fail to Halt Gaddafi's Attacks - Washington Post

Libya: Gaddafi's Tripoli Compound Attacked - Daily Telegraph

Libya Rebels Fail to Seize Air Strike Gains - BBC News

Gadhafi Forces Roll Back as Rebels Try to Organize - Associated Press

Gaddafi Tanks Move in Again on Besieged Libyan City - Reuters

Rebels Say 16 Dead in Misrata, Hospital Attacked - Reuters

U.S.: No Organized Al Qaeda Presence in Opposition - Los Angeles Times

Risky Divisions in Libya's Key Tribal Stronghold - Reuters

Many Rural Libyans Look to Kadafi - Los Angeles Times

'Civilians Spared' by Libya Raids - BBC News

Gaddafi's Air Force 'Unable to Fight' - BBC News

Obama Bets on a Limited Engagement - Wall Street Journal

Gates: U.S. Might Cede No-Fly Control by Saturday - Associated Press

Libya Operation is a Hot Potato for Allies - Los Angeles Times

'Gadhafi Is Facing a Coalition of the Unwilling' - Der Spiegel

Coalition Quibbling on Libya Continues - Washington Times

NATO Still Split on Taking Over Libya Operation - Reuters

Pentagon Tallies Coalition Actions in Libya - AFPS

Canada Carries Out Attacks in Libya - Associated Press

London to Host Political Meeting on Libya - Associated Press

Libya Coalition Steering Group Open to All - Reuters

NATO Ships Patrol Sea as Gadafi Forces Roll Back - Associated Press

U.S. Role in Libya Costs Hundreds of Millions so Far - Associated Press

Libya: No Need for International Aid - Voice of America

U.N. 'Extremely Concerned' About Libya Civilians - Associated Press

Ships Were in Position for Odyssey Dawn, Roughead Says - AFPS

Shady Dealings Helped Qaddafi Build Fortune and Regime - New York Times

Libya: It Depends on the Meaning of "Succeed" - The Economist editorial

What's the Strategy in Libya? - Washington Post opinion

Obama's Wilsonian Madness - American Interest opinion

The President Has Handled Libya Just Right - Politico opinion

A Conservative's Guide to Responding to Libya - Salon opinion

Why Many Conservatives Are Against Libyan War - NRO opinion

President Obama Has Unmasked Himself - Chicago Tribune opinion

Libya: A U.S. War by Any Other Name? - RealClearPolitics opinion

America Has To Drum Gaddafi From Power - New Yorker opinion

Why Libya and Not Darfur, Yemen or Syria? - Denver Post opinion

The Only Thing Worse Than Going to War is Losing - Haaretz opinion


U.S. Says Egypt Vote Shouldn't Be Rushed - Wall Street Journal

Gates Makes Unannounced Visit to Cairo - Voice of America

Gates Reassures Egypt on Libya War - Washington Post

Egypt Lifts Curbs on Politics in Post-Mubarak Era - Reuters

Rights Group Demands Investigation of Torture Claims - VOA

Egypt Security Men Accused of Killing Protesters - Associated Press


Will Rising Tensions in Yemen Lead to Quick Solution or Chaos? - VOA

Yemen's Embattled Leader Takes Emergency Powers - Associated Press

Yemen's Saleh Offers Elections as Pressure Mounts - Reuters

U.S. Sees Few Good Options if Saleh Goes - Washington Times

U.S. Treads Fine Line as Ally in Yemen Could Fall - Associated Press

U.K. Embassy Staff Withdrawn for Safety - BBC News


E.U. Envoy Defends Bahrain Police - BBC News

Saudi Arabia

Saudi News Site: Police Hold Some 100 Protesters - Associated Press


Six Protesters Killed in Syria - New York Times

Death Toll Rises to 15 in Southern Syria Violence - Voice of America

Syria Unrest: Troops 'Kill 10 Protesters in Deraa' - BBC News

15 Dead in New Clashes in Southern Syria City - Associated Press


Ready or Not, Iraq Ascends to Take Helm of Arab Bloc - New York Times

Iraq Unveils Ambitious Plan to Boost Oil Output - Wall Street Journal

Seattle Soldier Killed in Iraq - Seattle Times


U.S. Hoping for Special U.N. Investigator on Iran - Associated Press


Official: 7 Estonian Cyclists Kidnapped in Lebanon - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

Israel Mulls Response to Bomb - Washington Times

Deadly Blast Strikes Outside Jerusalem's Central Bus Station - New York Times

Jerusalem Bomb Kills One, Wounds Dozens - Washington Post

Bomb Blast Rocks Central Jerusalem - Voice of America

Bomb Rocks Jerusalem Bus Stop, Killing Woman - Associated Press

Jerusalem Bomb: Netanyahu in Security Pledge - BBC News

Rockets From Gaza Hit Deep Into Southern Israel - New York Times

Israel Passes Laws that Critics Say are Anti-Arab - Associated Press

Mideast / North Africa Unrest

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

How the U.S. Can Nurture the Arab Spring - Washington Post opinion


NATO, Afghan Forces Hold Advantage, Petraeus Says - AFPS

Petraeus: Progress in Afghanistan is Fragile - Associated Press

Task Force Calls for Immediate Afghan Talks - Voice of America

Report: Time is Now for Talks to End Afghan War - Associated Press

Stop Afghan School Attacks, Karzai Tells Taliban - BBC News

Taliban Shut Down Helmand Phones - BBC News

Soldier Admits Killing 3 Afghan Civilians - New York Times

U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty to Murders of 3 Afghans - Associated Press


Zardari Opens Pakistan's Parliament - Foreign Policy

Rockets, Bomb Kill 5 in Pakistan - Associated Press

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Japan Nuclear Crisis Still a Serious Concern - Reuters

Tokyo Says Radiation in Water Puts Infants at Risk - New York Times

Tokyo Water Unfit for Infants - Washington Post

Fishing Industry Major Casualty of Nuclear Crisis - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Officials Tour Scenes of Destruction in Japan - Stars and Stripes

U.S. Department of Defense

Defense Cuts a Tough Sell in Bid to Curb Deficit - Washington Times

Anthrax Panel Inquiry Finds Case Against Ivins Persuasive - New York Times

Report Faults Army in 2001 Anthrax Mailings - Los Angeles Times

Panel: Security Check Missed Clues in Anthrax Case - Associated Press

United States

White House Eyes More Cuts to Nuclear Arsenal - Washington Times

Nuclear Power Loses Support in New Poll - New York Times

Obama's Post-America World - Washington Times opinion


Canadian Opposition 'to Topple Conservative Government' - BBC News

Opposition Says They'll Topple Canadian PM Friday - Associated Press

United Nations

Frictions Seen Easing in Troubled U.N. Rights Body - Reuters


Report: 27.5 Million Uprooted by Violence - Associated Press


Images Show Build-up of Northern Forces in Sudan's Abyei Region - VOA

Sudan to Unleash Cyber Jihadists - BBC News

Ugandan Police Unit Accused of Torture and Killings - New York Times

HRW: Ugandan Police Use Torture - BBC News

Somalia Pirates Increase Loot, Violence - Washington Times

Somalia Hostages: Pirates 'Show Danes to Reporter' - BBC News


Analysis: Obama Met a More Assertive Neighborhood - Associated Press

Analysis: War Trumps Peace and a President's Trip - Associated Press

Drug Wars Push Deeper Into Central America - New York Times

Mexico, Ecuador Bust Transnational Drug Operation - Associated Press

Toledo Favored to Repeat as Peru's President - Associated Press

Cuba Frees Final Two Dissidents - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Panic May Slow Nuclear Energy in China - New York Times


'Serious' Cyber Attack on E.U. Bodies Before Summit - BBC News

Germany in New Strains With Its Allies - New York Times

Britain Sticks to Austerity Despite Slowing Growth - New York Times

Portugal Parliament Likely to Rebuff More Austerity - New York Times

Portugal PM Resigns as Parliament Rejects Austerity - Reuters

U.S. Troops Banned from Wearing Uniforms Off Base - Stars and Stripes

Forging Ahead on Nuclear Energy in Turkey - New York Times

South Asia

Indian Prime Minister on Defensive over WikiLeaks - Associated Press

India Investigates 'Maoist Villages Rampage' by Police - BBC News

Gates, Buffet Bring Philanthropic Campaign to India - Voice of America