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24 August SWJ Roundup

Why links only? - Because we desire to avoid this.


Insurgents Rouse Fear Before Afghan Elections - Washington Post

Afghan Officials Challenge U.S. on Aid Contract Abuses - Washington Post

Graft Dispute in Afghanistan is Test for U.S. - New York Times

Afghan Poll A Chance For Change, Or More Of The Same - Reuters

Weighing Threats and Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan - New York Times

Petraeus: Progress Made, But Challenges to Continue - AFPS

Caldwell Provides Afghan Training Update - AFPS

'Training' Equals 'Transition' in Afghanistan, General Says - AFPS

U.S. General Cites Goals to Train Afghan Forces - New York Times

Afghanistan Security Force More than a Year Away - Associated Press

Afghan Security Force Training Faces Big Hurdles - Reuters

General: We're Training 3 Afghans to Get 1 Soldier - CNN News

Afghanistan Finally Gets Needed Resources, Biden Says - AFPS

Operations in Afghanistan Result in Insurgents Killed, Captured - AFPS

U.S. Troops Fire Shots to Disperse Afghan Protesters - Associated Press


Zardari Recognizes Flood's Potential to Destabilize Nation - Washington Post

U.S. Continues Flood Relief Aid for Pakistan - American Forces Press Service

Red Cross Ramps Up Humanitarian Operation in Pakistan - Voice of America

Mattis to Assess U.S. Aid to Pakistan - American Forces Press Service

U.S. Aid Buys Little Goodwill - Washington Post

Bomb Attacks Kill 36 in Flood-Weary Pakistan - Voice of America

34 Killed in Pakistan Bombings - Los Angeles Times


U.S. Military Completes Troop Drawdown - Voice of America

Military Says U.S. Troops in Iraq Below 50,000 - Associated Press

Iraqi Forces Kill 2, Arrest 22 With Suspected Terror Ties - AFPS


Iranian Ex-prosecutor May Face Trial in Deaths - Washington Post


Spokesman Denies Pentagon Role in WikiLeaks Founder Charge - AFPS

Plotting Doubted in WikiLeaks Case - New York Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Arms Dealer Faces New Charges - New York Times

United States

For Obama, a Chance to Regain Some Political Momentum - Washington Post

Blackwater Founder Gives Statements in Fraud Suit - Associated Press

The Myth of an anti-Muslim Backlash - Los Angeles Times opinion


Spain Claims 2 Victories in Relations With Africa - New York Times

Mauritania: Al-Qaida Group Frees 2 Spanish Hostages - Voice of America

Rwandan Rebels Raped at Least 179 Women in Congo - New York Times

Rain Eases Somalia's Humanitarian Crisis - Voice of America

13 Die in Somali Fighting; Militia Declares 'War' - Associated Press

Somali Gunmen Kill 15 Lawmakers - Reuters

Suicide Bomber Attacks Somali Hotel - Associated Press

South Africa Army in Control of State Hospitals During Strike - Voice of America

Americas and Caribbean

FARC Rebels Seek 'Political Solution' to Colombia Conflict - Washington Times

Colombian Rebels Reiterate Willingness to Talk - Associated Press

Colombia Rebels Propose Talks With Regional Bloc - Reuters

Mexico Soldier Says Slain U.S. Man Fired at Army - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

North Korea Reinstates Market-Oriented Official - New York Times

Carter to Visit North Korea to Win Release of American - Washington Post

N. Korea Deploying Troops, Weapons Near Pyongyang - Associated Press

8 Dead As Philippine Hostage Crisis Ends - Voice of America

Gunman and 8 Hostages Dead in the Philippines - New York Times

Central Asia

25 Islamic Militants Escape Tajik Prison - Voice of America

5 Guards Killed in Tajikistan Prison Break - New York Times


Germany Plans Major Restructuring of Military - New York Times

Middle East

Palestinians Threaten to Pull Out of Peace Talks - Voice of America

End of Settlement Freeze Could Derail Mideast Talks - Washington Times

Talks 'Doable,' Says Palestinian Official - New York Times

Mideast Peace Talks to Look Forward To? - Washington Post opinion

U.N. Nuke Watchdog Chief to Meet Israeli Ministers - Associated Press

Official: Somali-American to Go on Trial in Yemen - Associated Press

Saudi Court Rules: Paralyze Man Who Crippled Another - Washington Times

South Asia

Nepal's Parliament Fails in 5th Try to Select Prime Minister - New York Times