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23 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Scales Back Diplomacy in Iraq, Fiscal and Security Concerns - NYT

Maliki Takes Hard Line on Troop Withdrawal - WSJ

Years in Iraq Change US Military’s Understanding of War - WP

Maliki: Immunity Key Issue in US Withdrawal - VOA

Iraq's Message to US: Go Home - LAT

PM: Iraq Still Seeking US Trainers - Reuters

Iraqis Split Over US Troop Withdrawal - VOA

Conflicted Iraqis Face Future Without US Troops  - AP

Violence Could Escalate after US Troops Leave Iraq - LAT

Clinton Says US Will Still Stand by Iraq - AP

US Urged to Protect Iranian Exiles in Iraq - WP

Correspondents Reflect on the War in Iraq - NYT

Obama Right to Let Iraq Have Its Way - TA opinion

An American Retreat - WS opinion

Intelligence, Policy, and the War in Iraq - FPRI opinion



Karzai: Afghanistan to Back Pakistan in US-Pak War - AP

Karzai: Afghanistan to Back Pakistan if War With US - Reuters

Spy Agency in Kabul Denies Claim of Abuse - NYT



Jubilant Fighters Return to Cradle of Libya’s Revolt - NYT

Almost 7,000 Held Without Charge in Libya - WP

Libya to Declare 'Liberation,' Timetable for Elections - LAT

Libya Leaders Set to Declare Liberation  - CNN

Libya Prepares for Life after Gaddafi - TG

Libya's Future on the Line - WSJ

Gaddafi's Death Puts Focus on Libya's Future - TT

Gadhafi Death Marks End of NATO Mission - VOA

Libya's Liberation Announcement Set For Sunday - VOA

New Light Shed on Gaddafi Death - BBC

Libyan PM 'Wanted Gaddafi Alive' - BBC

Clues to Gaddafi's Death Concealed From Public View - Reuters

Human Rights Groups Demand Investigation of Qaddafi’s Death - FOX

In His Last Days, Qaddafi Wearied of Fugitive’s Life - NYT

New Videos Help Piece Together Qaddafis' Last Minutes - NYT

Can Libya Really Work? - G&M opinion

Libya Can Become the Jewel of Africa - TT opinion



Tunisian Citizens Ready to Vote - VOA

Landmark Tunisia Vote Under Way - BBC

Tunisia Votes in First Free Elections - AP

Tunisians Begin Voting in First 'Arab Spring' Vote - Reuters

Home to 1st Arab Spring Revolt Scene of First Vote - WP

Tunisia Vote Stands as Test - WSJ

Tunisia Ready for 'Arab Spring' Election - CNN

Tunisia Vote Could Shape Religion in Public Life - LAT

Tunisia: Arab Spring Faces First Democratic Test - TT

Tunisians Go to Polls Haunted by Ghosts of Old Regime - TG

Tunisian Islamists to Do Well in First 'Arab Spring' Vote - Reuters

Financing Questions Shadow Tunisian Vote - NYT

Enthusiasm Builds for Tunisia's 1st Free Elections - AP

Top Contenders in Tunisia’s Election - WP

Tunisian Parties Taking Part in Elections - AP

Tunisia Vote First Test of Arab Spring - FA opinion

Tunisia's Quiet but Critical Vote - CNN opinion



Syria Using American Software to Censor Internet - WP

Iran Criticizes Killings in Syria - BBC

5 Killed in Syrian Raids - AP



5 Dead as Clashes Erupt in Yemen's Capital - VOA

From Mosque to MASH Unit in Yemeni Crisis Zone - NYT

Heavy Fighting in Yemen After UN Resolution - Reuters

No Official Comment Yet on Yemen Strike - WP


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince is Dead - VOA

Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz of Saudi Arabia Dies - NYT

Heir to Saudi Throne Dies - BBC

Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Dies, Reforms in Doubt - AP

Saudi Succession Talks Abound - WP

Prince’s Death Fuels Debate About Who Will Succeed - TG

US: Death of Saudi Crown Prince Won't Hurt Ties - LAT

Saudi Arabia's King to Hold Historic Vote - TT


Middle East / North Africa

Mideast Power Brokers Call for 'Marshall Plan' After Unrest - Reuters

Arab Strongman: With Gadhafi Death, Era Passes - AP

American Who Killed for Iran in 1980 Resurfaces - NYT

Gaza Abductor Says Israeli Soldier Treated Well - AP

The Two Sides of the Arab Spring - TG editorial

Mosque and State - LAT opinion


United States

FBI Finds Gangs Expanding, Even to US Military - ABC

Mass. Man Goes to Trial on US Terror Charges - AP

Muslim Groups Back Occupy Wall Street Protesters - VOA

Lawmakers Open to Changes in Military Benefits - AP

Peddling Fear on Terrorism - NYT editorial

Civilian Courts Right Place for Terrorism Trials - LAT editorial



When Celebrities Perform for the World’s Tyrants - WP opinion



Many in Sub-Saharan Africa Mourn Qaddafi’s Death - NYT

E. African Nations Back Kenyan Offensive in Somalia - VOA

Kenya: Region Backs Operation Against Somali Militants - BBC

Kenya Says Somalia Rebels on the Run - Reuters

US Warns of Terror Threat in Kenya - FOX

US: 'Imminent' Terror Threat in Kenya - CNN

US Embassy Warns of Imminent Threat in Kenya - Reuters

Nigerian Sect Shoots, Kills State-Run TV Cameraman - AP

Sudan: The Man Who Stayed Behind - NYT opinion

Talking Their Way Out of a Population Crisis - NYT opinion



Is Mexico 'Under Siege'? - LAT editorial

Colombia: 10 More Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack - AP

Venezuela Doctors Reject Hugo Chavez Dying Claim - BBC

Venezuela: Anti-Chavez TV Channel Says Will Challenge Fine - AP

Argentines Prepare to Go to Polls - BBC

Argentine President Looking at Landslide Victory - AP


Asia Pacific

Panetta Makes First Asia Trip as Defense Chief - AP

US Territory Offers to Lease Land to China - AFP

Optimism in Check as US, North Korea Set to Talk - Reuters

US, N. Korea to Resume Search for Remains of American Troops - S&S

N. Korea and US Agree on New Search for US War Dead - BBC

Thailand Floods: Crisis 'to Last Four to Six Weeks' - BBC

Thailand Death Toll Hits 356, Floods Could Last Till December - LAT

Thai Flood Situation May Ease Early Next Month - AP


Central Asia

Clinton Chides Tajikistan, Uzbekistan - WP



Russia Retaliates Against US, Bans American Officials - WP

'Progress' at Eurozone Debt Talks - BBC

EU Leaders Seek to Shore Up Euro - BBC

Bank’s Collapse in Europe Points to Global Risks - NYT

Spain: Thousands Rally in Bilbao for Basque Autonomy - VOA

New Fears of Germany’s Might - WP

German Police Arrest 2 Suspected Spies - AP

Turkish Forces 'Kill 49 Kurdish Rebels' - BBC

Turkey Says It Killed 49 in Battling Kurd Rebels - NYT

Scotland: Independence 'Roadmap' Unveiled - BBC

Separatist Scottish Leader Ponders Compromise - AP


South Asia

285 Indian Girls Shed 'Unwanted' Names - AP