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23 August SWJ Roundup

Why links only? - Because we desire to avoid this.


Taliban Intensify Attacks Against Afghan Police - New York Times

al-Qaeda Fighters Take Limited Role in Insurgency - Washington Post

Pakistanis Say Taliban Arrest Was Meant to Hurt Peace Bid - New York Times

Taliban Strength Means More Stonings, Floggings - Los Angeles Times

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - Washington Post

Next U.S. Target: The Birthplace of the Taliban - Associated Press

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times

4 U.S. Troops Killed in Eastern Afghanistan - Associated Press

21 Killed in Series of Afghanistan Attacks - Los Angeles Times

Young Lovers Killed by Stoning in Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times

Afghan President Firm on End of Private Security Contractors - Voice of America

Karzai Defends Contractor Phaseout - New York Times

Afghan Pres Defends Move to Disband Security Firms - Associated Press

Karzai Urges U.S. Taxpayers to End Security Contractors - Reuters

Karzai Says He Intervened to Secure Release of Aide - Washington Post

Air Base Expansion Plans Reflect Long-term Investment - Washington Post


Floods Force Thousands From Homes in Pakistan - New York Times

Thousands Stay in Pakistan Floods to Protect Homes - Associated Press

Video of Mob Killings Sparks Anguish in Pakistan - Associated Press

Officials: U.S. Drones Kill 6 in Northwest Pakistan - Associated Press

Pakistan: Friend or Foe? - Washington Post opinion

Pakistan's Madrassas Need Reform - Washington Times opinion


As Mission Shifts in Iraq, Risks Linger for Obama - New York Times

As U.S. Scales Back Attacks and Political Deadlock Persist - Washington Post

Odierno: U.S. Combat Mission in Iraq 'Unlikely' After Sept. 1 - AFPS

Odierno: Iran Funding Extremists in Iraq - Voice of America

Odierno: Iraq Troops Fit for Duty - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Troops in Could do Battle, But Very Unlikely - Los Angeles Times

General: Iraqis Will be Ready for U.S. Withdrawal in 2011 - Washington Times

U.S. Could Lend Assistance to Iraq After 2011 - USA Today

U.S. Troops Unlikely to Resume Combat Duties in Iraq - Associated Press

7 Advise and Assist Bdes, from BCTs, Still in Iraq - Army Times

Odierno: U.S. Ready to Resume Iraq Combat Role if Needed - Reuters

U.S. Unlikely to Resume Iraq Combat Role - United Press International

U.S. Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended Barring Disaster - Bloomberg

Odierno: Iraq Failure Could See Combat Role Resume - Agence France-Presse

Fatality in Iraq Is First After Deadline - New York Times

U.S. Solider Killed in Rocket Attack in Iraq - Associated Press

U.S. Pullout From Iraq A Mountainous Challenge - Reuters

Iraq Acknowledges Briton's Killer Escaped - Associated Press

Mission Accomplished? - Los Angeles Times editorial

5 Myths About Leaving Iraq - Washington Post opinion


Iran Launches Controversial Bushehr Nuclear Plant - Voice of America

Iran Opens Its First Nuclear Power Plant - New York Times

Iran Starts Nuclear Reactor, Says Intent Peaceful - Associated Press

Israel Says Iranian Reactor Use 'Totally Unacceptable' - YNet

Russia Helps Iran Fuel Up First Nuclear Power Plant - Voice of America

Russia Helps Iran Load Fuel Into its First Nuclear Plant - Washington Post

Iran Unveils Domestically-Built Drone - Voice of America

Iran Unveils Unmanned Aerial Bomber - Los Angeles Times

Iran Inaugurates Nation's First Unmanned Bomber - Associated Press

Iranian President Offers Friendship to the U.S. - Associated Press


Islamic World Needs its Own Nelson Mandelas - New York Times opinion


Prosecutors Eye WikiLeaks Charges - Wall Street Journal

WikiLeaks in Sweden for Whistleblower Laws - Associated Press

Sweden Withdraws Arrest Warrant for Embattled WikiLeaks Founder - VOA

Sweden Defends Reversal of Warrant for Assange - New York Times

United States

Balancing Act for Imam in Mosque Furor - New York Times

Islamic Center Attracts Protesters on Both Sides - New York Times

Mosque Planner Says Opposition 'Beyond Islamophobia' - Wall Street Journal

N.Y. Mosque Uproar Worries Muslims Worldwide - Los Angeles Times

NY Mosque Imam: Attention From Project Is Positive - Associated Press

Other Plans for Mosques Face Vehement Opposition - Washington Post

NYC Mosque: Taking Bin Laden's Side - New York Times opinion

Choose to Move the Mosque - Washington Post opinion


Australian Prime Minister Says Election Too Close to Call - Washington Post

After Close Australia Vote, Parties Seek Coalition - New York Times

Australia PM Seeks Coalition Rule - BBC News


Kenya: Somali Neighborhood Incubator for Jihad - Washington Post

Somalia Rebels Looking Increasingly Like Taliban - Associated Press

Somalia Blast Kills Fighters From Pakistan, India - Associated Press

Foreign Militants Killed Preparing Bombs In Somalia - Reuters

Tensions Simmer in Spanish Enclave in North Africa - Associated Press

Qaeda's N.African Wing Frees 2 Spanish Hostages - Reuters

Rwandan Rebels Raped at Least 150 Women in Congo - New York Times

Guinea Prime Minister Denies Bias Ahead of Vote - Associated Press

Restrictions on the News Media Cause Alarm in South Africa - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

Colombia: Debate Starts on Uribe's Legacy - Washington Times

Venezuela, More Deadly Than Iraq, Wonders Why - New York Times

Mexico Gunbattle Closes U.S. Highway - Associated Press

Headless, Mutilated Bodies Hung From Mexico Bridge - Reuters

Haiti: Wyclef Jean Says He'll Challenge Election Ruling - New York Times

Jamaica Opposition Calls for Probe Into Drug Lord Case - Associated Press

Spain Says U.S. to Take Cuban Political Prisoners - Associated Press

Guyana Military to Help Police in High-Crime Areas - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Severe Flooding Hits Northeast China - New York Times

South Korea Free Trade Pact Back on U.S. Agenda - Washington Post

Western Schools Sprout in S. Korea - New York Times

Official: Seoul Not Considering Food Aid to N. Korea - Associated Press


U.S., Russia Face Off Over Alleged Arms Trafficker - Washington Post

Extradition Frays Thai-Russian Relations - Washington Times

Russian Forces Kill Suspect in Moscow Bombings - Associated Press

Russian Police Detain Opposition Leaders - Associated Press

Kremlin Critic Nemtsov Detained At Russia Rally - Reuters

Middle East

Palestinians: Israel Must Stop Building for Talks to Work - Voice of America

Israeli PM: Peace 'Difficult but Possible' - Associated Press

Dejected Palestinians See No Hope In Peace Talks - Reuters

Israel's Netanyahu Sees Difficult Talks Ahead - Reuters

Analysis: Talks to Test Netanyahu's Will for Peace - Associated Press

Back to the Middle East Table - Washington Post editorial

Israeli PM Stakes Out Positions for Peace Talks - Associated Press

Israel's Barak Names New Army Chief to End Scandal - Reuters

U.S. Weighs Tough Choice Over Aid for Lebanon - New York Times

Lebanese Ship Postpones Aid Mission Set for Gaza - New York Times

Yemen Forces Kill 7 Militants After Qaeda Attacks - Reuters

In New Posters, Mubarak's Son for Egypt President? - Associated Press

Shiites Say Bahrain Crackdown Sets Back Relations - Associated Press

Amnesty Says Saudi May Paralyze Man as Punishment - Reuters

South Asia

India Opposition Raises Fresh Objection to Nuclear Bill - Reuters