Small Wars Journal

22 November SWJ Roundup

Weekend and Monday's News and Opinions


U.S. Officials Confident on 2014 Date to End Combat in Afghanistan - VOA

NATO Adopts Transition Plan for Afghan War - Washington Post

NATO Sets 2014 Target for Afghan Pullout - Los Angeles Times

NATO, U.N. Pledge to Back Afghan Security Lead by 2014 - AFPS

Karzai and NATO Agree on Afghanistan Exit Strategy - BBC News

With Afghan Control by 2014, Obama Sees Combat End - Associated Press

Taliban Rejects NATO Withdrawal Timetable - Voice of America

Taliban Scorns NATO Plan - Los Angeles Times

Taliban Vows to Force NATO Out Before 2014 - Associated Press

Taliban: Afghan Withdrawal Timeline "Irrational" - Reuters

Gates Addresses Role in Afghanistan After Security Transition - AFPS

On TV, an Afghan Unit Tackles the Taliban - New York Times

NATO, Afghan Troops Kill 5 Insurgents in Attacks - Associated Press

Helmand Refugees Disheartened at U.S. Presence - Washington Post

Survey: Most Afghans in South Unaware of 2001 Terrorist Attacks on U.S. - VOA

Afghans Losing Patience in War - Associated Press

NATO Aide: Children Safer In Afghan Cities Than New York City - Reuters

Kabul' Safer for Children Than Many Western Cities' - BBC News

Caught on Tape, a Snippet of Afghan Voting Fraud - New York Times

Afghan Fraud Panel Disqualifies 19 Candidates - Associated Press

Afghan Election Watchdog Disqualifies 21 Winners - Reuters

Between Firefights, Jokes and Sweat, Tales and Tedium - New York Times

Afghans Want Country Back, Americans Should Listen - Washington Post opinion


Pakistan Cautiously Backs NATO's Afghan Plans - Reuters

U.S. Seeks Expansion of Drone Operations in Pakistan - Voice of America

U.S. Wants to Widen Area Where it Can Operate Drones - Washington Post

Pakistan Rejects U.S. Drone Expansion - Los Angeles Times

Foreign Militants, Taliban Figure Die in U.S. Strike - Associated Press

Suspected U.S. Drone Attack Kills 6 in Pakistan - Voice of America

Suspected U.S. Missiles Kill 6 in NW Pakistan - Associated Press

After Major Offensive, Pakistan Still Faces Serious Obstacles - Washington Post


Iraqi Leaders Delay New Government - New York Times

New Iraqi Parliament Session Focuses on Procedure - Associated Press

Can a Flawed Political Agreement be Implemented? - Los Angeles Times

A Killing Set Honor Above Love - New York Times

Welfare Funding Runs Out in Iraq - Associated Press

What We Must Do for Iraq Now - New York Times opinion


Computer Worm Can Deal Double Blow to Nuclear Program - New York Times

Court Date Postponed for American Hikers Held in Iran - Los Angeles Times

Iran Sets February Trial Date for 3 Americans - Associated Press

German Paper Rejects Spy Claim About Its Reporters - Associated Press

Ahmadinejad Urges Girls to Marry at 16 - Associated Press


NATO Sees Long-Term Role After Afghan Combat - New York Times

Strategic Concept Will Guide Alliance for Next Decade - AFPS

Obama Praises Acceptance of NATO's New Strategic Concept - AFPS

NATO-Russia Relations at 'Turning Point' - Voice of America

Russia to Aid NATO on Anti-missile Network in Europe - Washington Post

Russia 'to Work with NATO on Missile Defence Shield' - BBC News

Summit Helps 'Reset' U.S.-Russia Relations, Obama Says - AFPS


Yemen: Qaeda Branch Aimed for Broad Damage at Low Cost - New York Times

Al-Qaeda Affiliate Threatens More Small-scale Bomb Attacks - Washington Post

Would-be Plane Bombers Post Attack Details - Associated Press

Al Qaeda Eyes Small U.S. Attacks At "Bargain" Prices - Reuters

Germany Seeks Suspects in Islamic Terrorist Plots - New York Times

Obama's Assassination List - Washington Times editorial

U.S. Not Prepared for Mumbai-like Attacks - San Francisco Chronicle opinion

U.S. Airport Security

TSA Grants Airline Pilots an Exception to Screenings - New York Times

Officials Feel Furor of Airport Pat-downs - Washington Times

TSA Has Met the Enemy, and They are Us - Associated Press

To Find the Needles, Reduce the Haystack - Los Angeles Times editorial

TSA's Security Charade - Washington Times editorial

The T.S. of A Takes Control - Washington Post opinion


High-seas Piracy Drama Plays Out in U.S. Courtroom - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Piracy Trial Nears End in Virginia - Associated Press

10 Alleged Somali Pirates Being Tried in Germany - Associated Press

British Mercenaries Hired to Take On Somali Pirates - Daily Telegraph


International Warrant Issued for WikiLeaks Founder - Voice of America

International Criminal Court

For ICC, Frustration and Missteps in Its First Trial - New York Times

Congolese Ex-rebel Jean-Pierre Bemba to Face ICC Trial - BBC News

Committee to Protect Journalists

Persecuted Journalists to Receive Awards for Their Work - VOA

U.S. Department of Defense

Does America Need to Cut Defense Spending? - Washington Post

School of the Americas: A Protest Dwindles, if Not Its Passion - New York Times

USMC Whistleblower: Clearance Removal is Retaliation - Washington Post

'Don't Ask' Report to be Released a Day Early - Washington Post

Pentagon Trying to Get Ban Lifted This Year - Associated Press

Pentagon to Issue Report on Gays In Military Nov 30 - Reuters

Marines as the Biggest Backer of DADT - Washington Post opinion

United States

For Obama, a Little Help From His Friends - New York Times

Europe Concerned About a Possible Failure of New START - Washington Post

Clinton Says START Treaty is 'Beyond Politics' - Voice of America

Gates Warns Anew of Fallout if Russia Treaty Fails - Associated Press

START: The Democrats' Treaty Slump - New York Times

Europeans, Russia Urge U.S. Senate to Ratify START Treaty - Voice of America

Ex-Eastern Bloc Nations Tell U.S. Senate to Ratify New START - Washington Post

Gates Urges Ratification of U.S.-Russia Arms Treaty - AFPS

START: Indefensible - Los Angeles Times opinion

Close Watch on Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq - New York Times

A Dummy-Bomb Maker in an Unaccustomed Spotlight - New York Times

Clues to Stubborn Secret in CIA's Backyard - New York Times

Obama's Foreign Policy Needs an Update - Washington Post opinion


Sudan's Rival Factions Trade Voter Intimidation Charges - Voice of America

South Sudan Denies Voter Intimidation Charge Ahead of Referendum - VOA

Sudan's NCP Threatens to Reject Referendum Result - Reuters

Sudanese Accused of Trying to 'Extort' U.S. - Washington Times

Somalia: Mogadishu Mayor Sets Out to Rebuild the City - Washington Post

23 People Killed in Somalia Weekend Fighting - Associated Press

Nigerian Army Arrests Suspected Delta Kidnap Gang - BBC News

Soldiers in Madagascar End Barracks Mutiny - Voice of America

Army Storms Rebel Outpost in Madagascar - Reuters

Madagascar PM Says Mutiny Ends Without Bloodshed - Associated Press

Zambia Balances Chinese Investment, Workers' Resentment - New York Times

Official Campaigning Underway for Ivory Coast's Presidential Run-Off - VOA

Burkina Faso Goes to the Polls for Presidential Election - Voice of America

Congolese Ex-rebel Jean-Pierre Bemba to Face ICC Trial - BBC News

Detonator at Namibian Airport Was a Test Device - New York Times

Suspect Baggage in Namibia Was U.S. Test Mockup - Bloomberg

Namibia Suspicious Package Was a Security Test - Associated Press

Americas and Caribbean

Critics Say Mexican Revolution's Goals Are Elusive - Associated Press

Lawmakers Block Mexico's Crucial Drug War Reforms - Reuters

Mexico: 2 Bodies Hung From Bridge, Man Beheaded in Tijuana - Associated Press

Gunmen Kill Former Mexico Governor - Associated Press

Gunmen Slay Former Mexico State Governor - Reuters

Mexico Busts Gang Targeting Climate Summit - Reuters

Chavez: U.S. Wanted Drug Suspect to Smear Venezuela - Associated Press

Gates Visit Underscores Strong Relationship With Chile - AFPS

Gates Notes Value of Chile's Disaster Response Capabilities - AFPS

Mired in Crises, Haiti Struggles to Focus on Election - New York Times

Health Care Officials in Haiti say Cholera Easily Treated - Voice of America

Haiti Cholera Outbreak Response 'Inadequate', Says MSF - BBC News

Cholera's Second Fever: An Urge to Blame - New York Times

Cholera Fighting Efforts Restart In Haiti's North - Reuters

Asia Pacific

U.S. Official: North Korea Continues to Destabilize Region - Voice of America

Arms Bid Seen in New N. Korea Plant - New York Times

North Korea Enrichment Plant No Surprise to U.S. - Los Angeles Times

Mullen Calls North Korea's Actions 'Very Dangerous' - AFPS

Pentagon: New Facility Speeds N. Korean Nuke Ability - Associated Press

Security Firm Says North Korea Building Reactor - Voice of America

North Koreans Unveil Vast New Plant for Nuclear Use - New York Times

U.S. Alert: North Korean Uranium Enrichment Program - Washington Post

North Korea Nuclear Plant 'Confirms U.S. Suspicions' - BBC News

U.S.: N. Korea's Nuke Claim Provocative, Not Surprise - Associated Press

U.S. Envoy: Another North Korea Provocation, But No Crisis - Reuters

U.S. Envoy In Asia Amid New North Korea Nuclear Concern - Reuters

Top U.S. Envoy on North Korea to Visit Asia - Associated Press

North Korea: Beijing Holds the Key - Daily Telegraph editorial

Revisiting Policy Toward North Korea - Washington Post opinion

Japan Minister of Justice Quits Over Remarks - New York Times

Japan's Justice Minister Yanagida Quits Over Gaffe - BBC News

China's Billions Reap Rewards in Cambodia - Washington Post

Thailand Confronts Its Issues With Abortion - New York Times


No Sign of Imminent Militant Attack on German Reichstag - Associated Press

France Rejects 'Bin Laden Talks' to Free Hostages - BBC News

France Lashes Out at al-Qaida Message on Hostages - Associated Press

Ireland Asks for Aid From Europe, Minister Says - New York Times

Ireland Gains Support for an Emergency Bailout - Washington Post

Irish Prime Minister Says Budget Plans Are Already in Place - New York Times

The Hunt for Jobs Sends the Irish Abroad, Again - New York Times

French Fear 'Brain Drain' to the U.S. - New York Times

Elections Confirm Popularity of Polish Government - Associated Press

Russia's Dictatorship of Law - New York Times editorial

Middle East

Opposition Mounts to US Plan for Israeli Settlement Freeze - Voice of America

Middle East Peace and Midterm Maneuvers - New York Times

Abbas Insists on Halt to Settlements in East Jerusalem - New York Times

Abbas Rules Out Talks Without Full Settlement Freeze - BBC News

Abbas Insists on Jerusalem in Settlement Freeze - Associated Press

Abbas: No Talks Without East Jerusalem Building Freeze - Reuters

Israel Troops Get Suspended Sentence on Gaza Abuse - Reuters

Lebanon: Evidence Links Hezbollah to Hariri Death - Washington Post

Saudi King's Fragile Health Raises Succession Questions - Los Angeles Times

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Reports More Arrests - Voice of America

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Says More Than 1,000 Arrested - BBC News

Rights Group Cautions Egypt on Election Harassment - Associated Press

South Asia

Unlikely Person at the Heart of India's Scandal - New York Times

India Calls All-party Meet Over Telecoms 'Scam' - BBC News