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22 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US General Suggests Longer Term Military Presence in Afghanistan - VOA

Odierno Visits Soldiers in Afghanistan - AFPS

Allen Checks Troop Outposts on Afghan Border - AFPS

Roadside Bomb Kills Five NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan -NYT

5 Polish Troops Killed by Bomb in East Afghanistan - AP

Army Charges Eight in Death of Fellow Soldier - AFPS

Army Charges Eight in Death of Fellow Soldier - S&S

Exiting Afghanistan - WP opinion

A Long Goodbye to Afghanistan - LAT opinion



NATO Official Says Mistakes Led to Border Attack - AP



Explosions Rock Baghdad Amid Iraqi Political Crisis - NYT

Deadly Explosions Strike Baghdad - BBC

Wave of Bombings Across Iraqi Capital Kills 23 - AP

Iraqi PM Tells Kurdistan to Return VP - WP

Iraqi VP Tells VOA Charges Against Him Politically Motivated - VOA

Iraq Sets Deadline for Iranian Exiles to Leave - AP

Iraq’s Latest Battle - NYT editorial



Arab League Team Ready for Syria - BBC

Syrian Opposition Urges UN to Act After 'Massacre' - VOA

Activists: Syrian Troops Surround Village, Kill 100 - AP

Surge in Syrian Killings Is Reported Before Visit - NYT

Arab Team Prepares Syria Mission After Deadly Assault - Reuters

White House: Syrian Regime Is Doomed - VOA

Gunmen Kidnap 5 Iranian Engineers in Syria - AP



Egypt Scoffs 'Foreign Interference' After Clinton Comments - VOA

Egypt's PM Calls for Dialogue to Resolve Crisis - AP

Cairo Calmer as Egyptian Election Resumes - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Israel Accuses 4 Countries of Meddling in Its Affairs - NYT

Israel Says European UN States' Criticism Is Wrong - Reuters

Hamas Thaws After Arab Spring - WP

Abbas Meets Woman Who Aided 2001 Murder of Israeli - AP

Israeli Arabs Enter Jewish Classrooms - AP


Middle East / North Africa

UAE Strips 6 of Citizenship Over Security Concerns - AP

Libya: Gaddafi Son 'Has Not Seen Lawyer' - BBC



Manning Defense Rests its Case after Calling Two Witnesses - BS

Manning’s Defense Rests in Hearing - WP

Witnesses in WikiLeaks Case Describe Lax Security - LAT


US Department of Defense

Air Force Seeks Outside Advice on Penalties for Mishandled Remains - S&S


United States

More Drones Fly US-Mexico Border - WP



DR Congo Police 'Kill Civilians' - BBC

Rights Body: Congo Security Forces Kill 24 - AP

South Sudanese 'Press-Ganged' by Rebels in Khartoum - BBC

2 Rwandans Sentenced to Life for Genocide - VOA

UK Sends Horn of Africa Food Aid - BBC

Somali Lawmakers Draw Blood in Latest Fistfight - VOA

Italian Tanker is Free from Somali Pirates - AP



Peace Corps to Scale Back in Central America - NYT

US Nixes Peace Corps Class for Guatemala, Salvador - AP

Mexico Disbands Veracruz-Boca del Rio Police Force - BBC

Colombia Troops Jailed for Murder - BBC

Argentina Police Raid Clarin Group Cablevision Channel - BBC

South American States Ban Falklands Vessels from Ports - BBC


Asia Pacific

Kim Jong-il Death: Seoul 'Showing No Hostility' - BBC

Some Grief Over Death of North Korea Leader False -LAT

Pentagon Sees Smooth Change so far in North Korea - AP

Chinese Officials Offer Concessions to End Village Protest - VOA

Demonstrators Who Took Over Chinese Village Halt Protest - NYT

Japan: Decommissioning Damaged Reactors Could Take 40 Years - NYT

Thai Prime Minister Meets Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma - VOA

A New Kim. A New Chance? - NYT opinion



Russia: Medvedev Urges Bold Political Reforms - BBC

Opposition Leader Navalny Freed from Russian Jail - WP

Freed From Jail, Russian Blogger Drives Anti-Kremlin Movement - NYT

Russia: Medvedev Warns Against Upsetting Stability - AP

Putin Ally Elected Speaker of Russia's Duma - VOA

In Russia, Lost Generation of Science - WP

Serb Charged With Arms Smuggling in Kosovo Conflict - NYT

Bosnian Farmers to Lose Lifeline to Political Paralysis - Reuters

Foes of Hungary’s Government Fear ‘Demolition of Democracy’ - NYT

France Debates Armenia 'Genocide' - BBC

Thousands Pay Last Respects to Former Czech Leader - VOA

Brutality in Belarus - WP opinion


South Asia

Scaling Caste Walls With Capitalism’s Ladders in India - NYT