Small Wars Journal

21 September SWJ Roundup


Defense Officials Predict Slow Afghan Progress - Wall Street Journal

Opposition Sees Gains After Afghan Voting - New York Times

Voter Fraud Claims Abound After Afghan Elections - Los Angeles Times

Fraud Must be Investigated, Afghan Vote Observers Say - Washington Times

Attacks Down, Voting Up in Afghan Elections - American Forces Press Service

Intimidation, Fraud Mar Afghan Vote - Voice of America

Karzai Hails Afghan Election as 'Serious' Flaws Found - Bloomberg

Officials Laud Afghans for Election Roles - American Forces Press Service

Afghan Officials Say Too Early to Judge Election - Associated Press

Afghan Warlords Hedge Bets, Contest Elections - Associated Press

Forces Protect Afghans During Elections - American Forces Press Service

British Forces Leave Afghanistan's Deadly Sangin District - Voice of America

U.K. Troops Leave Afghan Flashpoint - BBC News

Britain Hands Over to U.S. in Deadly Afghan District - New York Times

9 NATO Soldiers Die in Afghan Crash - Washington Post

9 NATO Members Killed in Afghan Copter Crash - New York Times

9 Deaths Make 2010 Toll Worst of Afghan War - Los Angeles Times

NATO Members Killed in Afghan Crash - Associated Press

Helicopter Crash Makes 2010 Worst Year Of Afghan War - Reuters

Contractor Helps Troops Gain Conversation Skills - Washington Post

Reinventing Afghan Real Estate - Washington Post

In Afghanistan, Boys Are Prized and Girls Live the Part - New York Times


Pakistan Aid Approaches 8 Million Pounds - American Forces Press Service


Children of al-Qaeda Pay for Sins of their Fathers - Washington Post

Blast Kills 2 Iraqi Soldiers in Country's North - Associated Press


At U.N. Obama to tell Iran Door Open to Engagement - Reuters

Iran Hits At U.N. Nuclear Watchdog - Reuters

Special Report: Tracking Iran's Nuclear Money Trail to Turkey - Reuters

Iran's Paramilitary Force Gets New Missile - Associated Press

Shourd Feels only 'One-third Free' after Iran Prison Release - Los Angeles Times

Trekkers and Other Troubles in Iran - Washington Times editorial

Al Qaeda

Bin Laden Said to be Mulling Cease-fire - WTOP News

Pakistani Identified as al Qaeda Top Brass - Washington Times

U.S. Department of Defense

Army's Future Looks a Lot Like the Present - Washington Times

Senate Hearing Set on JFCOM Closure - Washington Post

McDonnell Invited to JFCOM Meeting at Pentagon - Virginian-Pilot

Key Meetings Next Week on Joint Forces Command - Daily Press

More Details About Arlington Cemetary Errors - Washington Post

The Wars' Continuing Toll - New York Times editorial

Defense Authorization Bill: D-Day for U.S. Military - Washington Times opinion

United States

Sen. Graham: U.S. is 'Punting' on National Security Issues - Washington Post

FBI Probes Were Improper, Justice Says - Washington Post

Internal Report Raps FBI's Probes of Advocacy Groups - Washington Times

FBI Spying Not Fueled by Politics, Report Says - New York Times

U.S. Muslim Leaders Call for Week of 'Dialogue' With Other Faiths - VOA

United Kingdom

Britain's Liberal Democrats Adjust to Power, and Critics - New York Times

United Nations

U.N. Chief Urges World Leaders to Meet Millennium Goals - Voice of America

U.N. Foresees Dramatic Cuts in World Poverty - Washington Post

Millennium Development Goals Appear Out of Reach in Africa - Los Angeles Times

U.N. Millennium Goals 'Can be Met' - BBC News

U.N. Says Rich Must Not Cut Aid to Poor to Balance Budgets - Reuters

France Steps Up Pledge to Combat World Poverty - Associated Press


Report: Poor Countries Face Education Crisis - Associated Press

Developing Nations to Get Clean-Burning Stoves - New York Times


South Sudan Independence Vote Stokes Concerns - Los Angeles Times

Sudan Slow to Act on Referendum, Official Says - Washington Times

Frontrunners for Nigerian Presidency Focus on Economy, Security - VOA

Branson Charity Seeks to Aid Zimbabwe - New York Times

Zimbabwe Constitution Meetings Halted by Violence - Associated Press

Suicide Bomber Attacks Somali Presidential Palace - Reuters

Suicide Attack on Somalia's Gov't Foiled - Associated Press

Seized Somali Media Network 'Must Serve Islam' - BBC News

French Troops Hunt Niger Hostages - BBC News

French Soldiers Hunt for Abducted Workers in Niger - Associated Press

South Africa's Zuma Sttacks ANC Divisions - BBC News

Americas and Caribbean

Brazil Becoming a Player in the Global Economy - Washington Post

Scandal Puts Bumps in Path of Brazil Leader's Protégée - New York Times

Border Tensions Are Seen at Governors' Conference - New York Times

Mexico Paper, a Drug War Victim, Calls for a Voice - New York Times

Desperate Plea from a Mexican Newspaper - Los Angeles Times

Juarez Newspaper Vows to Keep Reporting Amid Violence - Washington Post

Mexico Newspaper Pleads to Cartels - BBC News

Mexico Makes Veiled Criticism of Border Newspaper - Associated Press

Senior FARC Rebel Leader 'Killed' in Colombia - BBC News

Veteran Rebel Leader Killed In Colombia Raid - Reuters

Colombia: 3 Share $500K for Tips on Bombed Rebels - Associated Press

Chavez Turns on The Charm For Venezuela Vote - Reuters

Venezuela Guards Power Grid to Buffer Elections - Associated Press

Venezuela Sends 2 Drug Suspects to United States - Associated Press

Not-Guilty Pleas by Pair, Passing Secrets to Venezuela - Associated Press

Nicaragua Presidential Race Shaping Up to be a Bruiser - Los Angeles Times

Asia Pacific

North Korea Set for Leadership Summit - BBC News

North Korea to Hold Key Party Convention Next Week - Associated Press

North Korea Ruling Party to Hold Leadership Meeting - Reuters

North Korea Set for Leadership Summit - BBC News

Scenarios: What Delayed North Korea Ruling Party Meeting? - Reuters

Boat Collision Sparks Anger, Breakdown in China-Japan Talks - Washington Post

Japan Urges Calm in Islands Row with China - BBC News

Japan Wants Nationalism Avoided In China Sea Row - Reuters

Officials Blamed in Manila Hijack - BBC News

Philippines Weighs Charges Over Hostage Standoff - Associated Press

Fears of 'Christianization' in Indonesia - New York Times

Death of 9-Year-Old Puts Focus on Thai Gang Wars - Associated Press

Central Asia

Tajikistan Says Militants Were Behind Attack on Troops - New York Times

23 Soldiers Killed in Tajikistan Ambush - Associated Press

Radical Islam Challenges Central Asian Leaders - Reuters


France Raises Terror Security, New Threat Reported - Associated Press

War Crimes Prosecutor Presses Serbia on Mladic - Voice of America

Prosecutor: Mladic Arrest Vital For War Crimes Courts - Reuters

Sweden PM Calls for Calm After Historic Election - Voice of America

Political Earthquake Shakes Up Sweden - New York Times

German Opposition Seeks Nuclear Referendum - New York Times

Macedonia: Moderate Muslims Seek Help Against Sect - Associated Press

Middle East

Saudi King Meets Top U.S., Canadian Counter-terror Officials - AFP

Mubarak to Berlin And Rome to Discuss Mideast - Reuters

Turkey's Gul Backs Mideast Nuclear-Free Zone - Associated Press

Peres And Abbas Met Monday In New York - Reuters

Israel's Peres: Turkish Conditions for Meeting Unacceptable - Associated Press

Israelis Float Settlement Deal Involving Spy - New York Times

Peace Now Flight Highlights West Bank Settlements - New York Times

Israeli Minister: Palestinians Need to Compromise - Associated Press

PM Wants Israeli Troops at Palestinian Border - Associated Press

Israeli Arab Accused of Spying Freed in Plea Deal - Associated Press

Israel Angry At Russian Plan to Sell Syria Missiles - Reuters

Lebanon: Doom, Gloom and an Economic Boom - Voice of America

Thousands of Yemenis Flee Battle With al-Qaida - Associated Press

Thousands Flee Qaeda Clashes In South Yemen - Reuters

Bahrain Revokes Citizenship of Top Shiite Cleric - Associated Press

South Asia

Delegation of Indian Lawmakers Visits Indian Kashmir - Voice of America

Indian MPs Meet Kashmir Leaders - BBC News

India Lawmakers Meet Detained Kashmir Separatists - Reuters

Sri Lanka War Panel 'Missing' Evidence - BBC News