Small Wars Journal

21 August SWJ Roundup


Libyan Rebels: Attack on Tripoli Under Way - VOA

Heavy Fighting Reported in Tripoli; Rebels Encircle City - NYT

Rebels Seize Zawiyah; Battles in Tripoli Neighborhoods - WP

Heavy Gunfire Erupts in Tripoli - BBC

Libyan Rebels Claim to Take 'Revolution' Inside Tripoli - CNN

Gaddafi Faces Rebel Uprising on Streets of Tripoli - TT

Rebels Storm Tripoli, with NATO Coordination - G&M

‘Zero hour’ for Gadhafi as Besieged Tripoli Rises Up - TS

Libyan Rebels Say They Are Attacking Tripoli - AP

Libyan Rebels Fight for Tripoli Airbase - Reuters

The Tide is Turning Against Moammar Kadafi - LAT

What Would a Post-Gaddafi Libya Look Like? - TT

Thousands of Trapped Migrants Desperate to Leave Tripoli - VOA

Tunis Recognizes Libyan Rebels as Country's Rep - AP

Libya's Gaddafi Scorns Rebel 'Rats', Blames France - Reuters


Israel / Palestinians

Israel Apologizes for Egyptian Soldiers' Deaths - LAT

Nations Race to Defuse Crisis Between Egypt and Israel - NYT

Egypt Angered by Israel's 'Regret' for Border Guard Deaths - VOA

Egypt: Israel’s ‘Regret’ over Killings Not  Far Enough - WP

New Egyptian Rally Against Israel - BBC

Gaza Militants Keep Up Rocket Fire on Israel - AP

More Than 50 Rockets Fired From Gaza, Israeli Killed - Reuters

Casualties on Both Sides as Israel and Gaza Trade Fire - NYT

Cross-Border Attack Tests Israel-Egypt Treaty - AP



Soldiers Grapple with Deaths During Memorial in Afghanistan - S&S

Afghan Election Officials to Expel 9 Legislators - AP

Gunmen on Motorcycles Shoot and Kill Govt Prosecutor - AP

UK Troops in Afghanistan 'Friendly-Fire' 19 Times - BBC



Mosque Bombing: One of Country's Worst Attacks - CSM

Why Karachi is Seething - CSM



Iraq Militants Say Violence Is to Avenge Bin Laden - NYT

Al-Qaida in Iraq: 100 Attacks to Avenge Bin Laden - AP

Turkish Planes Strike PKK in Iraq for Third Night - VOA



Crackdown Continues in Syria - VOA

New Syrian Protests 'Turn Deadly' - BBC

Syria Protesters Defy Bashar Assad; Troops Kill 29 - LAT

Assault on Syrian City: 'It's a Real War' - CNN

Syrian Forces Fire Heavy Machineguns in Homs - Reuters



Iran Sentences 2 US Hikers to 8 Years in Prison - VOA

Iran Sentences 2 Americans to 8 Years in Prison - LAT

Iran Said to Sentence 2 Hikers to 8 Years in Jail - NYT

American Hikers Fattal and Bauer Get Stiff Sentences - CSM

Iran 'Jails US Hikers for Spying' - BBC

Two American Men Sentenced in Iran - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Yemen Opposition Figures Quit National Council - Reuters

Migrants in United Arab Emirates Get Stuck in Web of Debt - NYT

Bahrain Government Fires Hundreds of Employees - CSM

Tunisian Forces Clash with Gunmen - CNN

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


US Department of Defense

Service Members Urge Panetta to Follow Through on Mission - AFPS

Tomorrow’s Fight Trusts NCOs with More Power - AT


United States

War’s Echoes Distant on Home Front - WP

Violent Crimes Vex the Peace Corps - WP

Laser Advances in Nuclear Fuel Stir Terror Fear - NYT


United Kingdom

Blair Gives Warning over UK Riots - BBC

UK Police: Rioters Shot at Unarmed Officers - AP

Almost 3,300 Riot Crimes Reported - BBC

Red Arrows Grounded After Crash - BBC

Red Arrows Pilot Killed Avoiding Homes - TT

Red Arrows Plane Incident Under Investigation - CNN



Hundreds Die in South Sudan Raids - BBC

At Least 58 Killed in South Sudan Tribal Clashes - Reuters

Nigeria to Develop Boko Haram Strategy - CSM

Somali Pirates Seize Tanker Off Oman - AP

Rare Unity at Funeral for Zimbabwean Hero Solomon Mujuru - VOA

Zimbabweans Mourn General, Top Power Broker - AP



Do More Troops Mean Less Crime in Latin America? - CSM

Drug Smuggling Between US and Mexico a Two-Way Street - NYT

Mexico: 5 Decapitated Bodies Found in Acapulco - AP

Mexico Investigates Alleged Selling of Girls - CNN

Mexico Football Match Abandoned After Gunfire - BBC

US Aid a Factor in Colombian Scandals - WP

Colombian Drug Plane Intercepted - BBC

Cuba Rejects Continued Inclusion on US Terror List - AP


Asia Pacific

Biden Assures China on US Debt - BBC

Biden: China and US Share Duties - AP

Biden Tells China Not to Count Out US Strength - Reuters

China's Uighur Petitioners Face Abuse in Beijing – LAT

Vietnamese Police Crush Anti-China Protest - AP

North Korean Leader Visiting Russia - VOA

With North Korea in Need, Kim Jong-il Goes to Russia - NYT

North Korea’s Kim Arrives in Russia - WP

North Korean Leader Welcomed by Russian Officials - AP

Suu Kyi Meets Burmese president - BBC

Burma's Democracy Leader Encouraged by Meeting With President - VOA



Russia: Lessons from the USSR Coup Attempt - WP


South Asia

Antigraft Activists in India Intensify Drive for Reform - NYT

Pressure Mounts on Indian Anti-Graft Activist to Tone Down - Reuters