Small Wars Journal

20 March SWJ Roundup

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami

Up to the Minute Updates... - Stars and Stripes

Nuclear Official Urges Japan to be More Forthcoming - Washington Post

Power Hopes Rise at Japan Plant - BBC News

Power Partially Restored at Stricken Nuclear Plant - Los Angeles Times

Japan Nuclear Rescue Advances, but Radiation Seeps - Reuters

Japan Cites Radiation in Milk, Spinach Near Plant - Stars and Stripes

Tainted Food Up to 90 Miles From Nuclear Sites - New York Times

Search for Food Numbs Japan's Nuclear Anxiety - Washington Post

Earthquake Survivors Battle Disease and Hunger - Daily Telegraph

Help From the U.S. for Afflicted Sister Cities - New York Times

Putin Offers to Help Japan by Boosting E.U. Gas Supply - Reuters

First U.S. Military Evacuation Flight Leaves Japan - Stars and Stripes

NHK Live Video Coverage - Washington Post

Snapshot: Japan's Nuclear Crisis - Reuters

Factbox: Japan Disaster in Figures - Reuters


Afghan Official Says Security Up Ahead of Holiday - Associated Press

2 ISAF Members Killed in Shooting Incident - Stars and Stripes

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - Associated Press

'Enough!' the Arabs Say, but Will It Be Enough? - Associated Press


France Fires First Shots Against Libya - Washington Post

France Takes Reins on Libya, Sarkozy Triumphs - Los Angeles Times

French Plane Fires First Shot in Libya Intervention - Reuters

U.S. Missiles Strike Libyan Air Defense Targets - New York Times

Allied Forces Attack Libya - Wall Street Journal

U.S., Allies Strike Libyan Air Defenses - Los Angeles Times

'Odyssey Dawn' Starts: U.S.Fires Cruise Missiles - Washington Times

Military Strikes: 20 Targets, Claims of 48 Dead - Sydney Morning Herald

U.S., U.K. Tomahawks 'First Phase' to Open Airspace - Bloomberg

Coalition Begins Attacks on Air Defense Systems - Stars and Stripes

Coalition Launches Libya Attacks - BBC News

Allies Launch Libya Force as Gadhafi Hits Rebels - Associated Press

West Pounds Libya, Kadhafi Vows Retaliation - Agence France-Presse

Libya: British Forces Attack Gaddafi - Daily Telegraph

Cameron: British Forces in Action Over Libya - Reuters

U.S. Says Five-Nation Coalition Launched Libya Strikes - Reuters

U.S. Says Missile Strikes on Libya Only 'First Phase' - Reuters

Europe Pressure, Arab Support Helped Turn U.S. - Wall Street Journal

As War Widens, Obama Stays in Background - Los Angeles Times

Obama, Clinton Stress U.S. Supporting Role in Libya - Reuters

U.S. Actions May Speak Louder than Words - Washington Post

Why is U.S. Backing Force in Libya, Not Bahrain, Yemen? - BBC News

Military Buildup for Libya Mounts at Italian Bases - Associated Press

Gadhafi: U.N. Resolution on Libya 'Invalid' - Voice of America

Sarkozy Announces Action Against Kadafi - Los Angeles Times

Benghazi Hit by Artillery, Rocket Fire - Washington Post

Allied Planes Fly Over Libya as Gaddafi Hits Benghazi - Reuters

Gadhafi's Forces Attack Rebels in Benghazi - Washington Times

Benghazi Fights for its Life as Gaddafi Attacks - Daily Telegraph

Rebels Say Repulse Gaddafi Attack on Benghazi - Reuters

At Qaddafi Compound, a Human Shield - New York Times

Moammar Kadafi's Thinning Human Shield - Los Angeles Times

ICRC Calls on All Sides in Libya to Spare Civilians - Reuters

Gates Delays Russia Trip to Monitor Libyan Crisis - Associated Press

Clinton: Fears of Libyan 'Unspeakable Atrocities' - Associated Press

Libya U.N. Resolution 1973: Text Analysed - BBC News

Libya Assault: U.N.'s Calculated Gamble - BBC News

Map: Tracking Events in Libya - Washington Post

Libya Uprising in Maps - BBC News

The Libya Tightrope - Los Angeles Times editorial

No-Fly Zone in Libya. Will it Work? - The Economist editorial

What is the Strategic Objective? - Investor's Business Daily editorial

Qaddafi Must Go - Weekly Standard opinion

Obama's Shift Toward Military Action in Libya - Washington Post opinion

Behind Obama's Turnaround on Libya - Foreign Policy opinion

What's Our Plan in Libya? - New York Post opinion

War with Libya? What the U.N. Resolution Means - Time opinion

The Best Military Option for Libya - The Daily Beast opinion

On Libya, Suspicious Minds - New York Times opinion

Return of the Global Policeman - Globe and Mail opinion


Large Turnout for Egypt's Constitutional Referendum - BBC News

Euphoric, Egyptians Vote on Future - New York Times

Egyptians Revel in Free Vote on Constitution - Reuters

Mass Vote Turnout Marred by ElBaradei Attack - Agence France-Presse

Crowd Hurls Rocks at Egyptian Reformist ElBaradei - Associated Press

Egypt Crowd Attack ElBaradei at Voting Station - Reuters


Algeria's President Promises Political Reform - Reuters


Yemen Imposes State of Emergency - Washington Post

In Yemen, Opposition Encourages Protesters - New York Times

Yemen Seethes as Death Toll Climbs to 52 - Agence France-Presse

Evidence Professional Yemen Snipers Shot to Kill - Daily Telegraph

Yemen's U.S.-backed Leader Fails to Stop Uprising - Associated Press


Democratic Hopes Give Way to Sectarian Concerns - Washington Post

Bahrain Eases Curfew as Fourth Protester Dies - Reuters


Syrian Forces Seal City After Clashes Kill 5 - Associated Press

Syria Unrest: Tear Gas Fired at Deraa Funeral - BBC News

Syrian Mourners Call for Revolt, Forces Fire Tear Gas - Reuters


Iraq's New Generation Finds its Voice - Washington Post

Iraqis Denounce Saudi King Over Bahrain Unrest - Associated Press


Clinton Warns Iran Over Meddling in Persian Gulf - Associated Press

Son Says He Met Karroubi in His Home in Iran - Associated Press

Israel / Palestinians

Hamas Fires Mortars at Southern Israel - Los Angeles Times

Hamas Fires Dozens of Rockets at Israel - Associated Press

Israeli Tanks Respond to Mortar Fire From Hamas - New York Times

Israeli Shells Hit Gaza After Militant Mortar Attack - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Upgrades Give Soldiers Better, Deadlier Weapons - Army Times

Lockheed Martin's First LCS Develops Cracks - Bloomberg

New Bill Would Increase Combat Pay - Navy Times

United States

Obama Still Backs Nuclear Power - Washington Post

Why Yasir Qadhi Wants to Talk About Jihad - New York Times

Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher Dies - Washington Post

Warren Christopher, Ex-Secretary of State, Dies - New York Times

Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher Dies - Associated Press

Former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher Dies - BBC News

Protesters Arrested at Anti-war Rally in D.C. - Associated Press

Obama, the World's MC - Washington Post opinion

No Way to Give Peace a Chance - Washington Post opinion


Ivory Coast's Crisis Creates Embassy Quandary - Associated Press

Senegal Arrests 15 Before Anti-Government Protest - Associated Press

Senegal Says It Thwarts Coup Bid, Hundreds Protest - Reuters


Amid Crises, Obama Lands in South America - New York Times

Barack Obama Arrives in Brazil on Latin America Trip - BBC News

Obama Gives Limited Backing for Brazil's U.N. Ambition - Reuters

U.S. Envoy Quits Over Cables on Mexico - New York Times

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Resigns - Washington Post

U.S. Law Enforcement Role in Mexico Drug War Surges - Associated Press

Masked Men Open Fire in Acapulco Bar, Killing 10 - Associated Press

Hugo Chavez Condemns Military Strikes in Libya - Associated Press

Peru's Cabinet Chief Quits, Cites Personal Reasons - Associated Press

Haitians Face Crucial Choice in Presidential Run-off - Agence France-Presse

Haiti to Pick New President in Uncertain Climate - Associated Press

Aristide Not on the Ballot, but on All Minds in Haiti - New York Times

Aristide Not on Haiti Ballot but on Voters' Minds - Reuters

Can an Election Heal Haiti? - Los Angeles Times editorial

Asia Pacific

Dalai Lama Says He's Firm in Decision to Resign - Associated Press


Russian Prosecutors Circle Around Moscow's Ex-Mayor - New York Times

Several Thousand Rally Against Serbia Government - Associated Press

South Asia

Palin Warns of China's Rise in Visit to India - Associated Press