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19 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Troops Leave Iraq, Ending Almost 9 Years of War - VOA

Last Convoy of American Troops Leaves Iraq - NYT

Last US Troops Withdraw from Iraq - BBC

‘No Sadness’ as US Troops Leave Iraq - S&S

Last Troops Exit Iraq in Subdued End to 9-Year War - AP

Iraqi-Turned-US Soldier Bids Farewell - WP

Iraqis Celebrate US Exit, But Worry for Future - AP

Court Martial Set for Remaining Marine Charged in Killings - S&S

Taking Leave of Iraq - LAT editorial

An Elusive Victory in Iraq - LAT opinion

States of Conflict: A Final Update - NYT opinion


North Korea

Kim Jong Il Dead at Age 69 - VOA

N. Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Dies - BBC

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il Dies - NYT

Enigmatic Leader Kim Jong Il Dies at 69 - WP

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dies - LAT

North Korea Says Kim Jong-il Dead at 69 - WT

Kim Jong-il Dies: N. Korean Leader has Heart Attack on Train - TT

North Korea: Kim Jong Il Dead, Son Is 'Successor' - AP

N. Korean Leader Kim Jong-Il Dead, Son Hailed as Heir - Reuters

World Reacts To Kim Jong Il Death - VOA

Kim’s Death Inspires Worries, Anxiety - NYT

N. Korea's Neighbors Prepare for Unexpected After Kim's Death - Reuters

Kim's Death Viewed With Wary Optimism - AP

A Ruler Who Turned North Korea Into a Nuclear State - NYT

Death May be a Turning Point for the North - LAT

Kim Jong Il: Dynastic Leader With Nuclear Ambition - AP

Kim Jong-Il: Reclusive Leader in a Hermit Country - Reuters

Kim Death Complicates Obama's N.Korea Nuclear Quandary - Reuters

US Poised to Announce Significant Food Aid to N. Korea - WP



US Military, Taliban Use Twitter to Wage War - WP

NATO Says It Will Continue Afghan Night Raids - AP

States of Conflict: A Final Update - NYT opinion



Pakistani Crisis Prompts Leader to Race Home - NYT

Pakistan's President Returns Home - BBC

Zardari Returns to Pakistan Amid Memo Saga - Reuters

Pakistan's Supreme Court Probes Coup Memo - AP

The Pakistanis Have a Point - NYT opinion

States of Conflict: A Final Update - NYT opinion



Arab Officials: Syria's Assad to Sign Peace Plan Soon - VOA

Syria to Sign Arab Peace Initiative - Reuters

Gulf Leaders to Meet, Hoping Syria Will Sign Deal - Reuters



Deadly Unrest Continues in Cairo - BBC

US Worried by Egypt Clashes Now in Fourth Day - Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood Criticizes Egypt's Military Crackdown - WP

Egypt News Media Clash Over Cause of Violence - NYT

Egypt's Military, Activists Vie for Public Support - AP

Egypt's Wary Christians - LAT editorial


Israel / Palestinians

Israel Releases 550 Palestinian Prisoners - VOA

Israel Frees Palestinians in 2nd Stage of Exchange - NYT

Israel Frees Last Swap Prisoners - BBC

Israel Completes Prisoner Exchange - WP

Plans for More than 1,000 New Housing Units on Disputed Land - LAT



Iranian TV Airs Video It Claims Is of US Spy - NYT

Iran TV Shows Suspected US Spy 'Confessing' - AP

Iran TV Shows 'US Spy Confession' - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Dempsey: DOD to Stay Engaged, Vigilant in Middle East - AFPS

Dempsey, Saudi Partners Discuss Iraq, Regional Challenges - AFPS



Computer Security Subject of Manning Pretrial - WP

Defense in WikiLeaks Case Claims Lax Computer Security - S&S

Manning’s Gender Identity Issues Raised in WikiLeaks Case - WP

Bias Rejected in Wikileaks Case - BBC

Testimony in Manning's Case Shows Breadth of Evidence - LAT

Private Linked to Sensitive Data - AP


US Department of Defense

Secretary Expects Cuts in Marines and the Navy - NYT

Air Force Drone Operators Report High Levels of Stress - NYT


United States

Help for Homeless Veterans - NYT editorial

A Wrong Turn in Terror Fight - LAT editorial

For Obama, Time to Unveil the Vision Thing - WP opinion

End of America’s Era - WP opinion

Flags for Civilians - NYT opinion



War Really Is Going Out of Style - NYT opinion



Congo Opposition Leader Declares Himself Legitimate President - VOA

Congo Opposition Leader Declares Himself Winner - AP

Nigeria Arrests 'Islamist Leader' - BBC

Nigeria Police Arrest 14 After Deadly Shootout With Sect - Reuters

Man in Soldier Uniform Kills Somali Journalist - AP

Shortchanging Somalia - LAT editorial



Cartels Use Legitimate Trade to Launder Money, US, Mexico Say - LAT

Mexico: Safe Travels South of the Border - WP

Venezuela’s Chavez Keeps Trying to Lure Anti-US Allies - WT

Brazil Easing Amazon’s Land-use Rules - WP


Asia Pacific

Chinese Rebel Villagers Hunker Down With Rocks and Rice - Reuters

China Villagers in Police Standoff Plan Big March - AP

Death Toll from Philippines Storm Passes 650 - VOA

Death Toll from Philippine Storm Rises Past 700 - LAT

Flash Floods Ravage Filipino Cities - AP


Central Asia

Violence Spreads to a Second Town in Kazakhstan - NYT

Kazakh Police Chief Defends Use of Live Rounds - AP



More Protests in Russia Over Alleged Election Fraud - VOA

Thousands Rally in Russia Over Fraud-Tainted Vote - AP

Medvedev Urges Reform of Russia Political System - NYT

Putin 'Would Lose Honest Presidential Election' - TT

Ukraine-EU Summit Clouded by Tymoshenko's Jailing - AP

Kosovar Leader Speaks Softly, Carries Big Hope - WT

Vaclav Havel, Playwright and Former Czech President, Dead at 75 - VOA

Former Czech President Havel Dies - WP

Czechs’ Dissident Conscience, Turned President - NYT

Czechs, World Leaders Mourn Vaclav Havel - AP

Turkey's Human Rights Challenges - LAT opinion


South Asia

India Has No Shortage of Aspiring Hangmen - LAT