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18 September SWJ Roundup


Obama Envisions No Major Changes in Afghan Strategy - Washington Post

White House Expects Successful Vote Despite Problems - Voice of America

Afghans Line Up at Polls Despite Threats, Attacks - Washington Post

Afghan Vote Marked by Light Turnout and Attacks - New York Times

Afghans Vote Under Heavy Security - Los Angeles Times

Afghans Vote Amid Taliban Attacks - BBC News

Afghans Vote for Parliament Amid Threats, Attacks - Associated Press

Rockets, Attacks Strike as Afghan Poll Opens - Reuters

Afghan Votes Come Cheap, and Often in Bulk - New York Times

U.S. Special Envoy Says Afghan Elections Likely 'Flawed' - Voice of America

Tensions High Ahead of Afghan Vote - Voice of America

Afghans Head to Polls as Taliban Threats Mount - Associated Press

Taliban Claim Kidnappings Tied to Afghan Vote - New York Times

Kidnappings Heighten Fears Ahead of Afghan Vote - Washngton Post

Afghanistan Hit By Kidnappings on Eve Of Vote - Reuters

In Marja, Violence and Intimidation Depress Vote - New York Times

Election Eve in Marja - New York Times

How Afghanistan's Parliamentary Poll Might Play Out - Reuters

Q&A: Afghan Elections - BBC News

Q&A - How Does Afghanistan's Parliamentary Election Work? - Reuters

The Unraveling of Kabul Bank - Washington Post

U.S. Radio Takes on Taliban in Afghan Propaganda War - Associated Press

Intelligence, Tips Drive Operations in Afghanistan - AFPS

Fighting Afghan Corruption - Washington Post editorial


U.N. Appeals for $2 Billion for Pakistan Flood Victims - Voice of America

U.N. Launches $2 Billion Pakistan Appeal - Associated Press

U.N. Seeks $2 Billion Aid For Pakistan Flood Relief - Reuters

Pakistani's Death in London Sets Off Unrest - New York Times

Gangs Riot in Pakistani City After London Slaying - Associated Press

Karachi Shuts Down After Politician Killed In London - Reuters


Special Ops and the 'End of Combat' in Iraq - New York Times


Iranian And Syrian Presidents Meet In Damascus - Reuters

Oman: No Plans to Free 2 Other Americans in Iran - Associated Press

Clinton Seeks Iran Humanitarian Gesture on Hikers - Reuters

United Nations

U.S. Says Multilateral Engagement a Priority at U.N. General Assembly - VOA

U.S. Department of Defense

Robert Gates: Secretary of Stand-up - Washington Post

United States

U.S. Appeals Court: How Do You Quit al-Qaeda? - Washington Post

Secrets in Plain Sight in Censored Book's Reprint - New York Times

Couple Accused of Passing Nuclear Arms Secrets - New York Times

U.S. Scientist Charged With Peddling Nuclear Secrets - Reuters

The Administration's Press Censorship - New York Times editorial

United Kingdom

British Police Hold 6 on Terror Charges as Pope Visits - New York Times

6 Arrested in London Over Suspected Threat to the Pope - Washington Post

Pope Calm After 6 Nabbed in Suspected Terror Plot - Associated Press


Rwandan President Lashes Out at U.N. Over Leaked Report - Voice of America

Violence Spirals Out of Control in East Congo - Associated Press

Mauritania Strikes at Militants on Mali Border - BBC News

A.U. Peacekeepers Expand Bases in Somali Capital - Associated Press

Kenya Says World Neglecting Somalia Security Threat - Reuters

South Sudan Leader Warns Of Violence if Vote Delayed - Reuters

U.N. Rights Envoy Denounces Repression In Sudan - Reuters

France Suspects al-Qaida Link in Niger Kidnapping - Associated Press

France Urges Danger Zone Exit After Niger Kidnap - Reuters

Ugandan Police Arrest 2 Kenyan Rights Activists - Associated Press

Deadly Sailing Season Begins in Gulf of Aden - Voice of America

Chad Hit by Worst Floods in Four Decades - Voice of America

Hard Hit Africa Leads Fall In New HIV Infections - Reuters

Americas and Caribbean

Mexico: Photojournalist Killed in Ciudad Juarez - Washington Post

Gunmen Kill 7 in Bar in Mexican Border City - Associated Press

Chavez Insists Venezuela Won't Accept U.S. Diplomat - Associated Press

Breakthrough May Slightly Speed Up Rescue of Chilean Miners - New York Times

First Rescue Drill Reaches Trapped Chile Miners - Reuters

Cuba's Urgent Bid to Save Economy - Los Angeles Times

Cuba to Free Four More Political Prisoners - Reuters

Asia Pacific

Convoy Carries South Korean Rice Donations to the North - New York Times

Beijing Increases Security Due to Dispute With Japan - Voice of America

China Stokes Japan Diplomatic Row - BBC News

A Protest Against Japan, Made in China - Los Angeles Times

Christians in Indonesia Defy Police, Past Attacks - Associated Press

Burma Excludes Thousands From Voting in Elections - Voice of America

Mr. Geithner and China - New York Times editorial


France Defends Possible Warship Sale to Russia - Reuters

Chechen Is Detained, Then Freed, In Poland - New York Times

Polish Court Frees Chechen Leader - BBC News

Germany Denies Plan to Expel Roma - Voice of America

Danish Police: Blast Suspect Prepared Letter Bomb - Associated Press

E.U. Sees New Momentum In Serbia's Membership Bid - Reuters

Middle East

Obama Preparing to Seek Approval on Saudi Arms Sale - New York Times

Clinton Turns Controversial Statements Into Asset in Talks - Washington Post

World Bank: Palestinians Managing Reforms Well - Associated Press

South Asia

Indian Army Patrols Kashmir; 3 Protesters Killed - Associated Press

Sri Lankan Ex-Army Chief Convicted of Fraud - Associated Press

60 Feared Killed in Blast in Sri Lanka - Associated Press