Small Wars Journal

18 October SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


Failed Attack on US Base Rattles an Afghan Valley - NYT

Military Fielding Small Robots in Afghanistan to Protect Troops - USAT

Stryker Brigade Commander Nearly Lost His Job - TNT

Karzai Seeks NATO Report on Night Raid Deaths - AP

Suicide Attack Targets North Afghanistan Intel Chief - VOA

Restored Citadel is Symbol of Hope in Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



US Pegs Haqqani as Most Lethal Foe - WT

Taliban Must Give Up Arms Before Talks - Reuters

In Raymond Davis Case, Justice for Some - WP

Pakistan Soldiers Killed in Militant Ambush in Khyber - BBC

14 Militants, 9 Pakistani Soldiers Dead in Battle - AP

Pakistani Boy's 'Taliban Escape' - BBC

Is Chaotic Karachi the City of the Future? - FP opinion



Iran Accuses US of Trying To Sow Regional Discord - NYT

Iran ‘Set Back’ on its Nuclear Program - WP

Khamenei Sets Stage for a Less Democratic Future - CSM

Iran Plans to Investigate Assassination Plot Allegations - VOA

Iran Ready to ‘Investigate’ US Charges - WP

Ahmadinejad Denies Iran Plot Against Saudi Envoy - AP

Saudis Want Alleged Plot Brought to UN Council - AP

Reports of Human Rights Abuses in Iran on Rise - Reuters

Will Obama Attack Iran? - WT editorial

Bombing in DC - WP opinion



Panetta Hopeful of Iraqi Deal on US Troops - AP

Talks Continue On Post-2011 Troop Presence in Iraq - AFPS

US Forces in Iraq Prepare for Transition - AFPS

Bomb Near Baghdad Liquor Store Kills 7 People - AP

Iraq, the Forgotten War - NYT opinion



More than 40 Killed in Syria - WP

Syrian Tank Forces Kill 25 in Opposition Hotbed Homs - Reuters

'Renewed Deadly Clashes in Homs' - BBC

Syrian Regime Accused of Targeting Doctors - AP



US Debated Cyberwarfare in Attack Plan on Libya - NYT

Libya's NTC Forces Take Most of Gadhafi Stronghold - VOA

Libyan Forces Seize Most of Bani Walid - AP

NTC Forces Celebrate Capture of Bani Walid - Reuters

Libyan Forces 'Seize Bani Walid' - BBC

Libyans Struggle to Control Information Flow - AP

Britain Warns Africa Not to Shelter Libya Fugitives - Reuters

Clinton Thanks Malta for Help During Libya Crisis - AP



Violence in Capital Escalates as Clashes Enter Third Day - NYT

Clashes Kill 8 in Yemeni Capital - VOA

Heavy Fighting in Yemeni Capital - BBC

Yemen's Capital Sanaa Sees Worst Fighting in Weeks - AP

Family Speaks Out after al-Awlaki’s Son is Killed - WP


Israel / Palestinians

Hamas Feeling Pressure Amid Changes in Middle East - LAT

Hamas Frees Israeli Soldier as Prisoner Swap Begins - NYT

Israel-Palestinian Prisoner Swap Underway - LAT

Israel, Hamas Begin Prisoner Swap‎ - WP

Israeli Captive Handed over to Mediators - LAT

Shalit Freed as Prisoner Exchange Begins - BBC

Hamas Militants Release Captured Israeli Soldier - AP

Hamas Releases Israeli Soldier in Prisoner Swap - Reuters

Israeli Court Backs Shalit Deal - BBC

Prisoner Swap Between Israel, Hamas Moves Ahead - AP

Israeli Families Attempt to Block Palestinian Prisoner Swap - VOA

Quartet to Hold Separate Talks With Mideast Parties - Reuters

East Jerusalem Jewish Housing Plan Clears Hurdle - AP

The Moral Dilemma of Prisoner Exchanges - JP editorial

(Almost) Everyone Loses in Prisoner Exchange - TNI opinion

US Must Reevaluate Aid to Israel - WP opinion



Islamists Try to Seize Mantle of Revolution - NYT

Another Revolutionary Spark in Egypt? - WP

American Held in Egypt as Israeli Spy Could Be Freed - NYT

Egypt-Israel Ties Are Stronger Than They Appear - VOA

Mubarak Sons Have Swiss Millions - BBC

Death of Officer Key to Egypt Prison Breaks - AP

Egypt Must Look Past the Military - TN editorial

The Egyptian Military's 'Pseudo-Coup' - GPS opinion

The New Egyptian Underground - PM opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Court Mulls Trial in Absentia for Hariri Case - AP

Lebanon Tribunal Asks for Hariri Trial in Absentia - Reuters

Jordan’s King Shakes Up His Government - NYT

Jordan’s King Appoints Judge as PM - BBC

Saudi King Abdullah a Cautious Reformer - Reuters

Saudi King Surgery 'Successful' - BBC

Broadcast of a Film Roils Tunisia Before Elections - NYT

Roadside Bomb Kills Woman in Algeria - AP

The Intolerant Arab Spring - Newsweek opinion

An Ominous Message from Tunisia - WPCW opinion



Assange Calls Wikileak Defection Reports False - AP


US Department of Defense

This is No Time to Cut Defense - FP opinion

Hard Choices for Ground Forces - DN opinion


United States

‘Fast & Furious’: Botched Operation Spawned Fatal Results - WT

Questions Linger over Why CIA Operative is at NYPD - AP

Weapons Stolen from Los Angeles SWAT Training Site - AP

Hacker Group Threatens Industrial Computer Systems - WT

Online Shopping, Banking at Risk from Increased Hacking - WT

Supreme Court to Decide on Stolen Valor Act - LAT

High Court to Rule on Stolen Valor Act - AP

Republicans and Foreign Policy - NYT editorial

Who Mailed the Anthrax Letters? - NYT editorial

Calculating the Costs of War - WT opinion

America: With God on Our Side - LAT opinion



No Combat Role for US Advisers in Uganda, Official Says - NYT

Fanfare Masks Doubts on US Anti-Rebel Push in Africa - Reuters

Ugandan Troops Had Wanted LRA Leader in Its Sights - AP

Uganda Police Tear Gas Protesters in Capital - AP

Kenyan, Somali Troops Hunt Rebels, Residents Try to Flee - Reuters

Somalia: Al-Shabab Threatens Response to Kenya Incursion - VOA

Somali Militants Threaten Kenya Over Cross-Border Troops - NYT

Somali Militants Threaten Kenya - BBC

Kenya Arrests Two Britons at Somali Border - Reuters

Somali Militants Send Displaced Families Back to Famine Zones - VOA

Ex-Warlord Backs Liberia Leader - BBC

Liberia President Optimistic Over Runoff Vote - AP

Ex-Gaddafi Tuareg Fighters Boost Mali Rebels - BBC

Cameroon Opposition Calls For Protests if Vote Stands - VOA

Fighting a Terror Kingpin in Africa - CNN opinion

Uganda: Obama Wears a White Hat - LAT opinion

Now to Uganda - WP opinion



Mexican Drug Cartels Recruiting Texas Children - Reuters

Mexico: Violent Ciudad Juarez Extends a Welcome - AP

Mexico Says 61 Men Held Captive Were Migrants - AP

Venezuela Blocks Chavez Rival's Presidential Bid - Reuters

Venezuela Court Puts in Doubt Opposition Presidential Bid - AP

New Corruption Scandal in Brazil - BBC

Chile Military Drafts Thousands, Blames Students - AP

Void Votes Dominate Bolivia Poll - BBC


Asia Pacific

Still Strong, Economy In China Cools Slightly - NYT

Chinese Succession Opens Door for Military - AP

China Police Fire on Tibetans, Nun Burns to Death - Reuters

US Summit on North-South Korea Relations Opens - AP

Pentagon to Resume N. Korea Talks after 6-year Break - AP

UN Humanitarian Chief Arrives in N. Korea - AP

Japan to Move Forward with Plans to Relocate Marines - S&S

Thailand: Bangkok Flood Defenses Hold Firm - NYT

USS George Washington Preps for Aid Mission to Thailand - S&S

US Wants all Burma Political Prisoners Freed - WT

US Urges End to Abuses of Burma Minorities - AP

Philippine Police Seek Witnesses in Priest Killing - AP



Germany Lowers Expectations for EU Summit - NYT

Greek Workers Strike Against Austerity Measures - VOA

Ukraine’s President Taking Hard Line Against His Rival - NYT

Peace Conference Urges Basque Group ETA to Renounce Violence - VOA

Basque ETA Urged to Give Up Arms - BBC

World Leaders Urge ETA to Declare End to Conflict - Reuters

US, Italian Defense Leaders Reaffirm Partnership - AFPS

Italy Interior Minister Under Fire Over Riots - Reuters

Putin Lays Out Case for Kremlin Return - Reuters

Putin Says Russia Wants Friendly Ties With West - Reuters

Putin Calls Himself Hardest-Working Russian Leader - AP

Russia Denies New Facility in Serbia is for Spying - AP

Head of French Spy Agency Handed Initial Charges - AP

Europe's Last Stand Needs Overwhelming Firepower - Bloomberg editorial


South Asia

India: Gujarat Police Officer Sanjiv Bhatt Freed on Bail - BBC