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18 November SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


In Kandahar City, Trying to Make the Most of a Recent Calm - VOA

“Without US Force Afghanistan Headed For Civil War” - WP

US Senators Challenge Karzai’s Assumptions - WP

Three Million Afghans Face Hunger as Winter Looms - Reuters

Two British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Blast - BBC

Afghan Official: Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Children - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

US-Afghan Partnership Serves Both Nations’ Interests - WP editorial



In Pakistan, a Deep Civil-Military Divide - WP

Pakistan Envoy to US Called Back Over Coup Memo - LAT

Pakistan's US Envoy in Memo Row - BBC

Pakistani Ambassador to US Caught in Controversy - AP

Pakistan Blocks 'Obscene' Texts - BBC



UN Watchdog Wants Visit to Iran's Nuclear Facilities - VOA

UN Seeks Iran Visit Amid Nuclear Fears - BBC

Nuclear Watchdog Seeks Consensus on Iran - NYT

UN Resolution to Sharply Criticize Iran - WP

Iran: IAEA Chief Threatens Iranian Lives - AP

Iran Nuclear Program: 5 Key Sites - CSM

New US Bomb Gives Iran Something to Think About - LAT

Barak Reassures Israel Over 'Empathy' for Iran Atom Bid - Reuters



Armed Groups Are on Rise in Syria, as Are Civil War Fears - NYT

Syria Military Defectors Taking Active Role in Revolt - LAT

At Least 5 More Civilian Deaths Reported in Syria Unrest - VOA

New Call for UN Action on Syria - BBC

France Calls for Tough Sanctions on Syria - TT

Syrian Troops Shell Villages, Arab Deadline Looms - Reuters

Syrian Official Agrees 'in Principle' to Observers - AP

Syria Conflict 'Similar to Civil War', Russia Says - BBC

US Probing Use of Surveillance Technology in Syria - WP

Syrian Websites Hosted in Canada, US - AP



Commander Cites ‘Positive Impact’ From Iraq Mission - AFPS

Iraq Executes Tunisian Over Shiite Shrine Attack - AP



Egypt: Violence in Nile City Sparks Worry about Military Tactics - McClatchy

Thousands Protest in Egypt's Tahrir Against Army Rule - Reuters

Egyptians Protest Against More Powers to Military - AP

Egyptians Fear Return of Mubarak Allies - WP

Nude Blogger Riles Egyptians Of All Stripes - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

US Military Goes Online to Rebut Extremists’ Messages - NYT

Jordan Tribesmen Set Fire to State Building, Cars - AP

Kuwait Tightens Security After Protest in Parliament - NYT

Hamas-Appointed Court Fines Gaza Banks - NYT

Israeli Foreign Minister Seeks to Cut Ties with Mossad - WT

Group in US Hoped for Big Payday in Offer to Help Qaddafi - NYT

Libya Open for Business but Obstacles Ahead - Reuters

Some Fear for Rights in Tunisia - USAT

Terrorist War, Islamist Peace - WT editorial

Israel Beware: China Arms Hezbollah - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

White House Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Over Detainee Rules - WP

Military of Two Minds Over 'Super Committee' Success - S&S

Agreement Elusive on Women in Combat - WT

Wreath-Laying at JFK Gravesite Marks 50th Anniversary of Green Beret - S&S

Special Forces Equals Green Berets. Got It? - AP


United States

Congress OKs Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown - LAT

Boehner: War Drawdown Savings Can't Go to Jobs - AP

White House Threatens Veto Over Detainee Policy - AP

Occupy Movement Marks Two Months of Protests - VOA

Occupy Protesters Arrested in NY, Protests Pop Up Across Nation - WP

200 Are Arrested as OWS Protesters Clash With the Police - NYT

Mass Arrests at Occupy Wall Street Protests - BBC

Occupy Protesters Try to Keep Momentum - USAT

Administration Showing Leniency in Immigration Cases - LAT

House GOP Challenge Border Patrol Agent’s Sentence - WT

White House Shooter Charged with Trying to Assassinate Obama - VOA

In Shooting at White House, Attempted Assassination Charge - NYT

Suspect is Charged with Trying to Kill Obama - WP

Shooting Suspect Called Obama 'the anti-Christ' - USAT

Passage of Vet Jobs Bill Doesn't Mean Immediate Changes - VOA

Embassy Row - WT

When Will the Drone War End? - WP opinion

Arming Against Cyber Attacks - WP opinion

Should Candidates Have to Pass a Civics Test? - NYT opinion



Obama: Australian, US Troops Backbone of Alliance - AFPS

Obama Rallies Aussie Troops - WP

Obama Addresses Troops at Final Stop in Australia - NYT

ASEAN Leaders React to Planned US Marine Base in Australia - VOA



Canadian Expo Showcases Non-Lethal Weapons - AFPS



Kenya Seeks US Help with Somalia Offensive - LAT

Who’s Bombing Somalia? French, US Trade Blame - AP

AU Considers Sending Ethiopian Troops to Somalia - NYT

Kenya Offers to Boost AU Force in Somalia - BBC

Kenya Sees Military Operation in Somalia as Necessity - LAT

Official: Kenyan Soldiers Arrive at Somalia Border - AP

Concern in Kenya Over Cost of Somalia Operation - AP

Nigeria Moving to Confront Boko Haram Terrorism - VOA

Oil Ties Will Prevent Sudan War, Despite Posturing - Reuters

Sudan Turns to Oil, China, and Food Exports - CSM

Refugees at South Sudan's Yida Camp Sick, Hungry - VOA

South Sudan Rulers Must Trim 'Huge' Government - Reuters

Former Rwandan Mayor Found Guilty of Genocide Charges - VOA

Rwandan Is Convicted in 1994 Killings - NYT

Obama’s Kenyan Move - WT editorial



Mexican President Names New Interior Minister - LAT

Mexico Names Intelligence Chief to Interior Post - AP

Mexico Rights Bodies Allege Abuses by Ex-Top Cop - AP

Mexico Apologizes for Activist 1974 Disappearance - AP

FARC Forever? - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific

Obama Says US Will Maintain Pacific Presence - AFPS

Obama Says Asia-Pacific is 'Top US Priority' - BBC

China Bristles as Obama Woos ASEAN Nations - TT

US Ambassador Urges China Not to Interfere in Business - Reuters

China's Wen Warns 'Outside Forces' on Sea Dispute - Reuters

China Vows Closer Military Ties With North Korea - AP

Taiwan-China Peace Accord Unlikely - VOA

ASEAN Leaders Meet; Security and Burma at Forefront - VOA

Burma to Chair ASEAN Bloc in 2014 - BBC

Military-Dominated Burma to Chair ASEAN in 2014 - AP

Secretary of State Clinton to Visit Burma - LAT

Clinton to be First US Secretary of State to Visit Burma in 50 Years - WP

Clinton to Visit Burma as Dissident Leader Rejoins Politics - NYT

Obama Sending Clinton to Repressive Burma - AP

Obama Opens Door to New US Ties With Burma - Reuters

Suu Kyi's Party to Contest Burma By-Elections - Reuters

Philippines Issues Arrest Warrant for Ex-President - AP

US Sending $10M in Flood Aid, Hundreds of Troops to Thailand - S&S

Cambodia: No Trial for Khmer Rouge Minister - BBC



European Rift on Central Bank’s Role in Debt Relief - NYT

Italian PM Wins Confidence Vote - BBC

Greece Protesters Rally in Athens - BBC

Greeks Protest as France, Spain Squeezed - Reuters

Russia Reconquers Eastern Europe via Business  - CSM

Russian Military Chief Warns of Nuclear War Risks - AP

Serbia to Implement Deals with Kosovo - AP

Norway Terror Suspect Rejects al-Qaida Link - AP

US Fugitive 'to Stay in Portugal' - BBC

The Technocratic Nightmare - NYT opinion


South Asia

Corruption Bill Tops India Parliament Agenda - Reuters

Imprisoned Sri Lanka War Hero Gets 3-Year Sentence - AP